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The Lost Boy This book details the life of Myra Hindley who was a felon convicted for the murders of 05 children who were subseuently buried at the Moors near Manchester in England Very dark and grisly Myra's history explains how she met Ian Brady and was charmed into the idea of committing the 05 murders What I found the most disturbing though was the role of the media The press at least in the author's opinion may have been to blame for preventing Hindley from disclosing the location of Keith's burial the boy who is still missing By the time she was ready the landscape had changed The only thing that really bothered me about the writing authorship was that the title was very misleading It appears as if the book will be about finding Keith's body It does not indicate that this is actually a history of Myra one of the murderers My first Moors Murders book so difficult to judge without contextNevertheless I found it a confused read was it about the search for Keith Bennett? A study of the codpsychology of murder? A piece of extended investigative journalism? A biography of Myra Hindley? It seemed to be all of those in places sometimes within the span of a single page and at the expense of a coherent and consistent read I'll read accounts no doubt but it won't be thanks to this book Although as grisly and as evil as the moors murders were this book went right into Myras history and upbringing It details how she met Ian how their relationship progressed and the changes in her while she carried out her sentence My heart breaks for Keith Bennetts mother who never found her son and in a way was used in Myra and Ians games whilst in prison to hold on to that last lead of control They never accurately gave his location to hold control over each other the public and so that their case was never 'over' Evil The title is misleading for a start I found this to be an account for the horribleness beginning to end account of the woman of pure evil Although it made a great read it was slightly poorly written in places and could have been done to make sure there wasn't moments of nothing to read of any interest My heart goes out to every victim of this disgusting duo May they always be remembered A series of child murders that took place in Yorkshire and Lancashire in the 1960s shocked and scandalised the country The two people responsible Myra Hindley and Ian Brady were tried in a sensational case and have become notorious as the human face of evil It is a story that has captivated for forty years Four children were murdered by Hindley and Brady the body of one of their victims Keith Bennett has never been found In The Lost Boy Duncan Staff has produced the nearest to a definitive book on the subject we will ever readIn 1999 Duncan Staff made a documentary on the Moors murders for BBC2 In the course of producing this programme he as a matter of course invited Myra Hindley to put across her side of the story Much to his surprise she agreed What followed was a correspondence in which Hindley spoke candidly about some aspects of her crimes The programme aired concluding unuestioningly with a reaffirmation of her guilt After her death her estate sent Duncan Myra Hindley's unpublished papers which proved a window into the disturbed world of Hindley and Brady Drawing on this uniue resource and combined with extensive research the co operation of the families of the victims the police and expert witnesses Duncan Staff has written this authoritative investigation into these infamous crimes The Lost Boy is the compelling story of some of the twentieth century's most notorious crimes Duncan Staff has undertaken an exhaustive and sensitive exploration into all aspects of these murders and their long felt aftermath It also presents for the first time a compelling theory about the location of the final resting place of the Moors Murderers' last victim Keith Bennett An odd book Good at some issues awry with others The reliance on Brady's doctor was irritating 'Hmm she had a violent upbringing This means she was violent' etc as he was used to back up the most basic points We know that a strong woman met a psychotic man and the world wasn't ready for them It doesn't take a genius to work that out'On Of Your Own' is a far superior book Poorly researched basic facts are incorrect the date f Keith Bennett's abduction is wrong for example though he spends much if the book uoting people telling him how fantastic he is at his job Awful dull and really not worth spending any time or money on The day I dedicated to reading this would have been better spent reading literally anything else A fascinating incite to the Moors murderers their sickening antics I didn't realise Hindley wasn't involved in all killings but was an accomplice Her relationship with Brady was twisted their evilness is what bound them together Interesting read I have read a lot about The Moors Murderers in the past Nothing ever changes with them Still both sadistic and evilNow that they are both dead it makes you wonder if little Keith Bennet will ever be foundHis poor mother Whinnie went to her grave not knowing the location of her beautiful boy I just hope his brother Alan is able to locate him and lay him to rest Sadly since the murders took place the landscape has altered the peat will have moved a motorway has been been built One thing that never alters the desolate atmosphere surrounding those moorsI have driven across saddleworth 3 times in my life each time being in the height of Summer yet the sun never uite reaches those moors It’s like something is saying until he’s found the sun can never shine on these moors It’s always a very bleak and dreary atmosphere that shrouds the moor locking in the secret it refuses to give up This book goes a long way towards trying to understand the murders and when read with the excellent One Of Your Own by Carole Ann Lee you really are as close as you will ever get to the truth very well written I really hope one day Keith Bennett is found and laid to rest

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