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  • 14 June 2016

10 thoughts on “Angel Be Good

  1. Melyna Melyna says:

    I got this as a free book and I really had no expectations Then I read the reviews before I started the book and was really expecting something much worse It is a story with a definite A Christmas Carol theme with a little It's a Wonderful Life thrown in It is light sweet fast moving relationship development they only have one night to set scrooge Nat on the right path predictablewith the feel good about Christmas love and helping others ending It is not for everyone and that's ok It's a short sweet feel good romance for the holidays I recently read another Dickens interpretation of A Christmas Carol and I have to say this was much pleasant

  2. Rebecca (everyday reader) Rebecca (everyday reader) says:

    A play on 'A Christmas Carol' where a recently deceased woman is given a chance to help a miserly man realize his mistakes in life and change his life and others They find out that they are soulmates during their few hours together on Christmas Eve Okay read

  3. Tamara Tamara says:

    I picked this book up as a freebie Now is the time to read all the holiday feel good stuff so I thought it would be a nice change of pace This was a super fun light holiday read The story was “A Christmas Carol” revisited Daphne dies back during Vietnam She feels she has died to early so she bargains with an angel to be sent back The Angel Council agrees and send her to help Nat become a better person The trick is that he sends her to the future ie Present day She ends up helping the son of the man who she saved when she died As expected Daphne falls in love with Nat and vice versa all the while he is changing his perception of things as they look at his past and future These scenes come through differing electronics like a TV a PC monitor a copy machine platethe author did a good job of incorporating the “The Christmas Carol” from a modern day point of view Nat was very damaged goods As a child his father ignored him and he learned better not to feel than to be hurt As young adult he found that the woman he proposed to didn’t really love him for him but for his moneyso from that he learned that women and men use each other nothing Like the original “Scrooge” he thought money was the most important thing Not family not friends and not Christmas He yearly fired people on his staff at Christmas time boy he was a downer before As they looked back on different parts of his life he started to realize that he was seeing things differently than he did previously thus changing him Daphne was changing him But Daphne’s job was only temporary she was expected to move into a new body and continue her life with no recollection of Nat Us readers already know what will happen but it was nice reading it anyways Just a nice feel good book It was a little shorter than the books I am used to reading but I felt that it was well paced and if felt like I got the full story On a side note I must say the way the author spells Nat is odd to meI’m assuming its pronounced like Nate sine the guys name is Nathaniel LOL it’s really a small thing to nitpick but the spelling ran across my mind than a few times

  4. Rose Rose says:

    Since I got this for free I had absolutely no expectations and was pleasantly surprised It was a rather cute if very silly Christmas romance The pace definitely seemed a bit rushed which was necessitated by the premise of the heroine only having one night on earth But it worked well enough for what it was a nice Christmas storyI felt that the ending was a bit too abrupt It came at 76% so it was really uite a surprise I had to go back and check that the last chapter had actually said epilogue since I hadn't expected it to be the ending yet I really would have liked to see of what happened between the hero and heroine as the heroine brought up some valid concerns over the course of the story that were never addressed

  5. Mom Mom says:

    I was just getting into the book and it ended abruptly Nat fell in love with an angel Before this he was not a nice person He never cared for anyone but himself and making money He goes to his cousins and tells him he is going to help him by giving him money or a kidney Whatever he needs Maybe the walking up 6 flights to his apartment would help Huh?He turns around runs into a lady at work and likes the curves of her body Turns out to the the angel he had met and fell for She entered another person's bodyThey go from meeting to the epilogue where he is married has twins and helped Percy by giving him part of the company Odd ending

  6. Shaunesay Shaunesay says:

    This was a cute story but I have to say the couple of times when they were intimate with each other actually sort of bogged the story down for me I think it would have been just fine as a holiday read without them having sex it honestly seemed too rushed and out of place for it to have happened I think the plot of an accidental angel helping a Scrooge to get back in touch with his better side and falling in love with him along the way with an everything works out in the end wrap up stands alone just fine

  7. Margaret Margaret says:

    This book really disappointed me I am usually a sucker for sweet even sappy Christmas stories and new takes on classic stories so I thought Angel Be Good would be a perfect fit for me The book which does mix elements from Heaven Can Wait and A Christmas Carol just did not work for me The characters were not fully developed and the relatively steamy love scenes seemed to be at odds with the sweet premise of the story My final verdict would have to be cute concept but disappointing follow through and delivery

  8. Gloria Gloria says:

    another Kindle freebie Miracles still happen in modern day New York when “Scrooge” Nathaniel Danvers meets “Heaven Can Wait” Daphne who has been sent to give him one last chance at redemption ANGEL BE GOOD captures the essence of the classic Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and offers a touch of humor and romance A perfect holiday feel good read copied from published blurb can't do better than that

  9. Kitty Kitty says:

    Perhaps this author just isn't for me I just felt that the romance was unconvincing the sex was a bit gratuitous and the story was a bit predicable I wasn't really enjoying it so I gave up about half way through I usually enjoy sweet little holiday stories but this just didn't work for me

  10. Tanya Tanya says:

    I got this book as a free download It was a uick read with very straightforward story line I wish I would have known about all the intimate scenes that would be described before I got it thoughtotally way to much detail for me taste

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Angel Be Good Short Romantic ComedyFantasySensuality Level Warm sexy165 print pagesMiracles still happen in modern day New York when Scrooge Nathaniel Danvers meets Heaven Can Wait Daphne who has been sent to give him one last chance at redemption Angel Be Good captures the essence of the classic Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol and offers a touch of humor and romance This sexy romantic comedy is the perfect holiday feel good readAngel Be Good is another heartwarming and funny tale from romance's latest and ever so talented romantic comedy author Kathy Carmichael makes you laugh and makes you cry and always leaves you satisfied Trish Jensen bestselling author of Stuck With YouThis is without a doubt one of the sweetest renditions of A Christmas Carol I've ever read I thoroughly enjoyed each and every page Kathy Boswell Managing Editor The Best ReviewsAngel Be Good is a read to fill your heart with warmth and is filled with emotional scenes that have you laughing as well as bring tears to your eyes Don't miss the inspirational message hidden between the lines of this romantic comedy Carol Carter Reviewer Romance Reviews Today

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USA Today Bestselling and award winning author Kathy Carmichael writes mysteries women's fiction and romance Her romantic comedy HOT FLASH was named by the American Library Association's BOOKLIST as one of the Top 101 Romance Fiction titles of the last ten years Her first mystery novel DIARY OF A CONFESSIONS UEEN received a starred review from BOOKLISTShe lives on Florida's west coast