Betsy Bonaparte The Belle Of Balti MOBI ↠ Betsy

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Betsy Bonaparte The Belle Of Balti
  • Claude Bourguignon-Frasseto
  • English
  • 05 February 2015
  • 9780938420828

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Betsy Bonaparte The Belle Of BaltiThis is the biography of Elizabeth Patterson better known as Betsy Bonaparte whom was briefly married to the younger brother of Napoleon Even though it cannot be called a serious biography it is fit that it was written in the manner in which the contemporaries of that period had written their own memoirsin a bit of lighthearted if not downright flippant way no matter how grave the subject The author may have chosen to write in this style of the period but they could also have chosen to write in that style to express the liveliness of the heroineOverall a delightful read But some events are treated so lightly that one doubts they are even true such as their allegation that Betsy had attempted suicide at one time Although it was well know that she suffered depression bitterness and ennui this is the first time I have ever heard it suggested though I have been wrong before and would like to know as to what source they had obtained that information But their was not footnote or notation to give provide a clue on that point However the section on Betsy Bo's trial against the Bonapartes and the history of Bo's first son was one of the parts of the book that exceeded the other biographies I had read about the American BonapartesIt also brought up the point as to what might have happened if Betsy had been in Europe after the death of ueen Catherine and she and Jerome had gotten back together? An interesting prospect Balti’s high spirited independent and controversial Betsy Patterson married Napoleon’s brother Jerome in 1803 bore a son and defied the angry Emperor Originally published in France in 1988 this lively biography takes the reader into the intrigues in France and early 19th century Balti Really enjoyed this book It was really great learning about our early local history Although I really did not care for Betsy's attitude I really enjoyed learning about her life She was very fortunate to have been able to meet so many interesting people even if she was not fortunate in love It's so interesting how different our history could have been if Napolean had not forced his brother to divorce his American wife The American line of Bonapartes lead very interesting lives but they have died out I wish the book had said whether or not she has any living descendants in Europe Not terribly well written but I like local history