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The Survivors Memory Boy #2 Meh Generally I'm a fan of disaster fictionbut this one just didn't do it for me Probably good for reluctant readers andor teen under their reading level I found it odd that this book is written in the third person while the previous book is in the first person Perhaps the author did it because this book is from the points of view of both Miles and SarahIt reminded me of many Jack London stories where a soft city dweller has to learn to live in the wild becomes good at it then finds they like itInteresting and worth the read but like others I found the ending a bit abrupt and unfinished Miles Sarah and their parents Nat and Artie are in a small cabin in the woods A big volcano erupted and the earth has not yet recovered There is some food some gas some medical care but there isn't plentyThere wasn't much i liked about this book When i read this book i failed to see how the conditions they lived in was surviving It was like long term camping They always hunted for food and Sarah milked her goat For showers miles built a shack in the backyard The only thing they left behind in the suburbs was internet TVphones and electricityliving without those things isn't surviving It seemed to focus on family issues and social issues than surviving There wasn't much character development throughout this book except for Sarah in the end There are two major themes i found in this book The first is someone in the family almost revealing they are outsiders of the town and somehow convince the person they are not The second theme i noticed is some chore or job had to be done and the book went into detail about what the chore was I like the style of the book but not the story so much I would only recommend this book to people who like nature and drama It's really not apocalyptic There's still school mail service medical care etc But there is also a social strain people are supposed to stay put which this family has not done The Survivors is from both Miles and Sarah's point of view I liked that you get Miles who is flourishing under the stress and you get Sarah who hates so much about it all A good follow up but not uite as good as book one Two years ago the ash started falling like gray snow The volcanoes had erupted For Miles and his sister Sarah the real disaster started in the violent aftermath when they were forced to leave their cushy suburban home and flee to the north woods for safety Miles got them to a cabin but now winter is setting in All they have to get them through is the milk from Sarah's prized possession her goat and Miles's memory of wilderness survival skillsWhen Sarah tries to regain some normalcy by attending the local school she realizes she is no longer uite the person she used to be Now she is Goat Girl a Traveler and it's hard to pretend she isn't And when a horrific twist of fate robs Miles of his memory he discovers the heart of his true identity They knew the volcanoes would change the world Now in order to survive they must change with itWill Weaver delivers an extraordinary seuel to Memory Boy showing that several basic instincts lie deep inside us all love fear and survival My friend suggested this book to me because she found it to be very interesting After finishing this book I completely agree with her and recommend it to others It's a thrilling experience the characters go through with all the devastation and what little they had left The climax is very intense with the accident hospital visits romance and school Artie feels lost throughout the whole story because Miles had taken control over the family and their life Nat didn't like to talk about the move from their house she didn't like the food they eat or bathing in the river Sarah met many friends in school some were closer than others She wasn't happy with the move either and didn't like anything to do with living in the cabin I highly encourage you readers to read this amazing thrilling book I enjoyed this story it was simple but interesting and enjoyableI liked this book two better than book oneI liked that the family became a family and truly became together and strongerMiles of course continues to remember the old timers stories which of course that knowledge helped the family survive and become a familyMiles sister Sarah becomes less of a brat and their parents become less stupidI don’t know why it alway appears in these young adult books that the parents are so dumb as if the teenagers are the parents or smarter I truly wish authors would stop doing that and give adults in books knowledge and that parents are all idiots It really isn’t appealingHowever I enjoyed the story and the knowledge I did take away I actually prefer this book over the preuel I find that this has a lot deeper meanings and has a pretty dynamic storyline It certainly emphasizes in the importance of family role and human’s need of adaptation but I find that Weaver successfully captures that in a subtle yet clear wayIt’s very heart warming After reading Memory Boy I was interested to find out what happened to Miles and his family This seuel didn't disappoint I was happy to see good character development throughout though I would have liked a little lead up to Artie's changes The story and its ending were satisfying A really amazing book Loved the emotionalsurvival vibe throughout the book I would recommend this book to teens girls and boys Wish someone told me about Memory Boy the previous book but can't wait to read it or the next book to come

About the Author: Will Weaver

I grew up in the Midwest and had no idea I'd become a writer one day However I gradually felt a need to tell my own stories To explain in writing how I saw the worldToday I'm a full time writer with 13 novels many short stories and two movie adaptations I enjoy visiting schools and libraries and sharing what I've learned about writing–and just hanging out with teachers and their students

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