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Intimate Strangers If you looked at my bookcase you'd be certain I was a huge Susan Lewis fan    In fact if you asked me I'd agree she was one of my authors but having just finished Intimate Strangers I'd say something about our relationship has changed    For sure I still enjoyed this book but it didn't have me as enthralled as some of her other titles have    I didn't feel as in awe of her writing as I have felt upon finishing some of her recent titles and I almost felt ambivalent about reading future works   All of which saddens me in a way and yet makes me appreciative of the GR community and the way I have been guided to some wonderful reading experiences and fabulous authors  But I digress     Intimate Strangers was a story of friendship and love and the damage of betrayal   In my mind Sherry Mac was the protagonist but having just read the blurb it seems Laurie Forbes was the central character    Either way these ladies enjoy a close although relatively new friendship and have just started a working relationship   Both women are journalists and they are building a story about human traffickers and doing all in their power to rescue the women and children involved     In their personal lives Laurie's fiance has called off the wedding to be with someone else and her life is spiralling out of control    Meanwhile Sherry has finally been reunited with Nick the love of her life and the man for whom she has been pining these past seven years   So things are looking good for her   Or are they?  The human trafficking part of the story involved moments of tension caused great sorrow for the plight of the victims and created feelings of disgust towards the gangbosses       The relationship part of the story simply frustrated and in some ways angered me but surprisingly didn't evoke any sympathy      There were twists in this book and I hadn't foreseen the ending but overall I would be hard pressed to rate this one higher than 3 stars  An enjoyable read but one I suspect will soon be forgotten Didn’t realise this was the final of a three part series but enjoyed it very much as a stand alone bookSusan Lewis is a great writer with a uniue imagination Great read First this book really needed to be edited and it could’ve been lot shorter than it is Writer rambles on without a break As for characters all women in the book are a bit pathetic all men almost unbearable What’s that about silent tall men so annoying I mean I was rooting for Laurie’s death and Elliot’s lose So no sympathies for any one Still it was an easy read and I actually enjoyed the description of heart break and despair I wish book was just about that But no writer has to make self indulgent white women some sort of saviours of Indian women Though they were so self indulgent they barely saved them Seriously going to India to see ‘untouchable’ in their environment wtf was thatAnd when Laurie finally stopped thinking about her for a minute and got to those women Neela called her goddess or something For fuck sakeWhy couldn’t the author just write about breakup and betrayal it is good and relatable but the attempt to bring saviour bullshit was just too much to digest I really love the way this author writes Her characters are real and the emotions palpable Spellbinding and emotional Stayed up the night to finish It was thought provoking regarding the human trafficking element and it examined the fraility of human relationships Thoroughly enjoyable Completely ridiculous plot and unbelievable characterisation basically romanticthriller trash But nevertheless it's somehow kind of engaging Investigative journalist Laurie Forbes is planning her wedding to Elliot Russell when she receives a tip off that a group of illegally smuggled women is being held somewhere in the East End of London soon to become victims of the ruthless world of sex traffickingDuring her search unexpected and devastating events begin throwing her own life into chaos so fellow journalist Sherry MacElvoy steps in to help Taking on undercover roles to get to the heart of the ruthless gang of human traffickers neither reporter can even begin to imagine what dangers they are about to face and what horrors they will witnessNeela is one of the helpless Indian girls being held in captivity Her fear is not only for herself but her six year old niece Shaila A disfiguring birthmark has so far saved Neela from the abuse of her violent captors but she knows it is only a matter of time before she is sent for and worse before Shaila is taken Her desperate bids to seek outside help are constantly thwarted until finally she and the women with her agree there is only one way out Intimate Strangers is a rich and engrossing story of intense love heartbreak terror and survival I've read a few novels by Susan Lewis I like her style of writing The Mill House currently remains my favourite by her

  • Paperback
  • 560 pages
  • Intimate Strangers
  • Susan Lewis
  • English
  • 10 June 2016
  • 9780099453291

About the Author: Susan Lewis

Librarian NoteThere is than one author in the Goodreads database with this nameBorn in 1956 in Bristol my father was a Welsh miner a poet an engineer and a thinker My mother was one of 13 children who at 20 persuaded my father to spend his bonus on an engagement ring instead of a motorbike We were a normal happy nuclear family living in a spanking new council house on the outskir