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Submerged The mysteries of the English seacoast town of Blackpool linger centuries after its powerful founder died with his secrets Newcomers Molly and Michael Graham are intrigued by the sinister curiosities of their adopted home for though the picturesue waterfront shops are a haven for tourists the locals keep to themselves And most have something to hideA preservation grant brings a massive restoration project to the marina throwing the town into political turmoil As Molly wades into the fray a young woman is kidnapped a thug turns up dead and a shipwreck is discovered in the harbor The Grahams are plunged into a legacy of smugglers betrayal and murderand even deeper into the heart of Blackpool's most shocking and long buried truths Third book in the Blackpool mystery series More fun and strange goings on for Molly and Michael Graham in Blackpool England Can't wait for the fourth one which comes out in May this year A silly book that really doesn't say much or go anywhere except to the next book

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