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Heart Shaped Box Jude Coyne es una estrella de rock retirada ue en una apartada mansión en compañía de Danny; su representante Georgia su novia mucho más joven ue él y sus dos perros Angus y BonLo único ue aún le divierte es coleccionar objetos relacionados con lo sobrenatural Por eso decide comprar en una subasta por Internet el fantasma de un hombre muertoCuando recibe una extraña caja en forma de corazón ue contiene el traje del muerto empieza la pesadilla El espectro Craddock McDermott está en todas partes detrás de la puerta de su habitación sentado en su auto mirándolo por la ventana en la pantalla de su televisorTras el suicidio de Danny Jude y su novia deciden abandonar la mansión y emprender una desesperada huida para salvar sus vidas pero resulta muy difícil escapar de un fantasma ue viene directamente del propio pasado clamando por venganza

  • Paperback
  • 406 pages
  • Heart Shaped Box
  • Joe Hill
  • Spanish
  • 03 November 2016
  • 9781598208856

About the Author: Joe Hill

Heart Shaped Box won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel His second

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  1. megs_bookrack megs_bookrack says:

    Hi Hello Yes YOUare you always looking for an original and uirky ghost story? I would like to put forth Heart Shaped Box as a contender for your consideration Uniue and just damn cool this is a must read for fans of the macabreThis gritty haunting tale had my horror loving heart swooning with how eerie it was Joe Hill is truly talented author He writes with such conviction that you find yourself believing what the narrator is telling you no matter how far fetched it may seem You can dive right into this one and never look up if you allow yourself This was creative and fast paced and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute So take a chance pick it up and be ready for a wild ride

  2. Will Byrnes Will Byrnes says:

    When aging retired rocker Judas Coyne buys a ghost on line he gets than he bargained for as the ghost which arrives by way of a used suit in a heart shaped box is no benign spirit I was most reminded of Freddie Krueger as the hostile ghost sets out to destroy Coyne and all those he holds dear I was not ecstatic early on about the premise as I believed it was insufficient to sustain a book of this length Although I have read better horror books this one turned out well enough What makes it special though is that Joe Hill just happens to be the son of none other than Stephen King The apple remains in the orchard The guy has talent and I expect there will be much product in the years to come as he follows in daddy’s footsteps Joe HillI read the book back in 2007 Hill has than realized his potential since then establishing himself as one of the premier writers of horror working today EXTRA STUFF Links to the author’s personal Tumblr and FB pagesReviews of other Joe Hill Books The Fireman NOS4A2 20th Century Ghosts

  3. La Petite Américaine Cash App: $Covid2020sucks La Petite Américaine Cash App: $Covid2020sucks says:

    The cover of this book promises that you will be haunted and startled and that the book will even visit you in your dreams Funny as I read this scary novel I couldn't help but think back to the time I read The Shining it was storming outside it was 3AM and I was too afraid to put the book down and I didn't care if I would end up wetting the bed because there was no way in hell I was going to get up and go to the bathroom Heart Shaped Box also made me think back to other King novels that had me ready to piss myself with terror Cujo Salem's Lot The Tommyknockers etc I even thought back to Red Dragon by Harris the book that I couldn't read unless my boyfriend was there When you're traumatized from what you've read you know you've found a good horror authorRight up to the last page of Heart Shaped Box I kept waiting for something scary and when that didn't happen I kept thinking that horror should be left to the masters that the reviews about this book were false advertizing and that the only true horror writer is Stephen King Then I read that the author is King's son? Wow if I were King I'd be disappointed in my kid Man this thing reads like something an 8th grader wrote for his creative writing class First of all the fact that an ageing rock star buys a ghost on the net isn't even a new idea that the story itself isn't even original what else have we got here? HehIt's not scary it's TOTALLY BORING it's predictable oh let me guess the depressed ex strippergroupie20 something goth girl who's sleeping with a 50 year old ex rock star has a secret about her stepdad could it be molestation?? NO I'M SHOCKED WHAT A GENIUS PLOT TWIST and everything ends all happy with smiles and rainbows and love and hugs and a few Care Bears I'm sure Oh BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHH I give it one star only for mentioning cool people like Nirvana Ozzy and Jackson Browne This book sucks

  4. Delee Delee says:

    35This is the first book written by Joe Hill that I have read and the fact that it was his debut is pretty impressive to me I picked it up for a song awhile ago never being sure if I was going to read it or not I was worried that I wasn't going to connect with Jude and Georgia I don't always have to like the people I am reading about but in a ghost story I find I really have to warm up to the main characters in order to root for their survival As it turns out they were pretty easy to like and I was in their corner cheering them on right to the very endJudas Coyne is an aging retired rock star in his 50s After a horrible childhood and losing two of his band members one to suicide the other to AIDS Jude very rarely finds joy in life He lives a somewhat reclusive existence in Piecliff New York with his girlfriend GeorgiaMarybeth a smart mouthed goth ex exotic dancer with a heart of gold and his two loyal dogs Bon and AngusHis taste for the morbid lead him to collect weird wacky and downright twisted objects a hangman's noose a witch's confession John Wayne Gacy's art and a snuff filmjust to name a few Danny Jude's assistant is always keeping an eye out for anything he thinks his boss would be interested in and sure enough while browsing online he spots one A ghost for sale The ghost of a sweet old man Craddock McDermott a self proclaimed hypnotist and loving step father to the online seller Jessica Jude is intrigued and on a whim puts in the top bid of 1000 guaranteeing him the purchase and before long an item is delivered to his door the suit of a dead man in a HEART SHAPED BOX Soon after the suit arrives things for Jude and Georgia get out of hand and they uickly realize that buying a ghost sight unseen probably wasn't such a grand idea Craddock's ghost is faaaaaar from sweet and Jessica's real motive behind the sale becomes crystal clear Revenge Is HEART SHAPED BOX perfect???but it is an entertaining gruesome sometimes terrifying read and a great beginning for the talented writer Joe Hill

  5. Annemarie Annemarie says:

    It took me than a month to bring myself to write this review and I think this alone is very telling I just cannot find the absolute slightest motivation to talk about this book because uite frankly I just hated it I don't think I have ever read a book I found boring and ridiculous The guy buys a ghost and no one is seriously fazed when bad and weird things start happening?? Everyone was so incredibly two dimensional Every effort to try to bring some suspense and excitement into the story was ruined by being either written in a very dull or over the top way Sometimes I seriously felt like I was reading a comedy and laughed out loud This is one of those books I wish I hadn't wasted my time on I bought it at a library sale for 2€ and even that amount was far too expensive for what I got in return

  6. Sr3yas Sr3yas says:

    Imagine a ghost Not just any ghost imagine a ghost with a uniue set of skills like advanced interrogation skills and deep hypnotic abilities which he acuired during his long and diverse career That's right kids The ghost in this story is Liam Neeson of Ghosts Well at least he started out to be Liam Neeson of ghosts and he will find you and he will kill you But who is going to be his victim?Meet our hero Judas Coyne a 54 year old rockstar with a very rockstar y lifestyle Unfortunately one of the young girls he dumped will be death for him Unless his dogs save him Wait what dogs?Exactly For me this one felt like half cooked tale at its best Maybe it is the combination of lackluster techno scares and slasher style finale that tipped me into the abyss of boredom I did like the character of Judas Coyne because he was something new but the rest of the characters were dull including the supposedly scary ghost The Liam Neeson of ghost's introduction was a decent affair Silent sinister and brutal but then he started talking and I understood his greatest power He will talk you to death uite literally The most of the scares are unintentionally funny like employing Internet skills and Emails to scare people and other great hits They were just silly And on the top of that Hill's plotting style gave me a feeling that he is making up the story along the wayOverall disappointing

  7. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    When aging rocker Judas Coyne buys a ghost on the internet he doesn't take it seriously That is until a musty old suit shows up in a heart shaped box Soon Judas begins to see the horrifying spectre of a man wearing the suit Things take a sinister turn and people start dying so Judas and his girlfriend Georgia go looking for the woman who sold him the suit the sister of his deceased ex girlfriend Can Judas stop the man in the suit from destroying his life?After NOS4A2 I thought it best to tackle some of Joe Hill's earlier books His debut novel did not disappointHeart Shaped Box is a tale of revenge from beyond the grave Craddock was a suitably creepy antagonist When your enemy can control your mind how can you stop him? The powerlessness that Judas felt for a good portion of the story made the story that much effectiveHill's writing is like his dad's back when his dad was still emulating the late Richard Matheson and John D MacDonald It flows very well and doesn't get overly flowery When a ghost is driving people mad the prose doesn't have to be purple to be enjoyableJudas and Georgia wound up being much developed than I originally thought As Judas' background was explored I understood how he got to where he was Same with Georgia aka Marybeth Joe's about as nice to his main characters as his old man Judas and Georgia went through the wringer on the way to the end of the story and there was no magic to fix their grievous injuriesSince Judas is an aging rock star I expected a lot references to music and musicians I liked that his dogs were named after members of ACDC There were a disproportionate amount of Trent Reznor references which I found odd since Judas is in his mid 50's I'll chalk that up to Nine Inch Nails being some of Joe Hill's favorite musicIt was creepy but didn't keep me up at night 4 stars

  8. Ginger Ginger says:

    Great ending to a heavy and intense bookI'm glad I read Heart Shaped Box after allI have been struggling with this book for weeksIt wasn't the book it's of what is going on with the world and Covid 19 right nowIf I had read this book last year it wouldn't have affected me as much with the heavy topics and sense of dread I had every time I picked up the bookI can agree now that mood reading is very realHeart Shaped Box has some uncomfortable topics in it so it's not for the faint of heartI'm really impressed that this was Joe Hill's first book His imagination characterization and sense of dread is out of this worldPlus this guy can write an epic and evil characterKudos Joe Hill on making me hate Craddock James McDermott with a passionDefinitely read Heart Shaped Box if you can handle horror books at the momentThis book definitely bought the horror for sure

  9. Hannah Hannah says:

    The scariest thing about Joe Hill's debut book Heart Shaped Box isn't the actual story but what lies between the front cover and the inside title page of the Harper paperback version In it over 18 reputable newspapers and acclaimed writers attempt to prop up little Stevie King Jr's Joe Hill's novel with some seriously excellent reviews Scary because all these awesome reviews lead you the reader to expect that Heart Shaped Box is the next BIG thing in horrorOnly it's notNot by a long shotIt must be tough to be an aspiring writer when your dad is Stephen King It must be even tougher when you decide to make your first published novel a horror one That's alot of pressure and unfortunately Hill fails IMO Perhaps he should have sharpened his pen with chic lit a la Nicholas Sparks but then where would he have fit in all the tats genital piercings and the snuff film? Not to mention the 2 dimensional characters who you never grow to care about or the horror that fails to materialize over 351 looooong pagesHill might have what it takes to eventually be a credible horror writer but he doesn't do himself any favors having such a glowing cadre of book reviews for a book so undeserving of them It may lead the reader to suspect daddy calling in some favors

  10. Bradley Bradley says:

    With relentlessly good characterization this debut horror novel by the now firmly established powerhouse of Joe Hill rocks one hell of a good ghost storyI have a thing for stories about aging rockers I don't know what it is They're just so pathetic and glorious and full of redemptive possibilities and gloriousness In this case he's just built such a gruesome persona over the years and he's pretty much any horror writer's dream rocker You know like Ozzy but like Rob Zombie or a bit like any 70's glam punker I digress He gets himself in trouble by buying a ghost but it's mostly a con and the ghost is out to get revenge on him specifically Throw in a ton of cool reveals and a lot of willpower realism and clear headed common sense native ONLY to the purveyors of the macabre and we've got a deliciously stewy no nonsense novel focused on getting shit done And all those character reveals did wonders for me I fell in love with these people I think it's fair to say I'll be able to pick up any of Joe's novels from now on and be pretty certain I'll have a great time I'm very happy about this I never need to read one of his blurbs again

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