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Deadlock Ryan Lock #2 Set in Pelican Bay High Security Prison a high concept race against time thriller featuring elite bodyguard Ryan LockHis mission should have been straightforward to keep one man alive for one weekONE PRISONERSuper intelligent and brutally violent Frank 'Reaper' Hays is a leading member of America's most powerful white supremacists prison gangONE BODYGUARDEx military bodyguard Ryan Lock has been hired to protect him His mission is to keep Reaper alive for a week until he can be brought to trialONE WEEK TO STAY ALIVEBut Lock soon realises that he faces the toughest assignment of his career just to survive

10 thoughts on “Deadlock Ryan Lock #2

  1. Mike French Mike French says:

    Another 5 from Sean Black Ryan Lock is one of toughest guys in the thriller genreHis exploits keep you riveted from start to finishIf you are a fan of Thrillersthis series is a MUST READ

  2. Squid McFinnigan Squid McFinnigan says:

    I was not expecting much to be honest when I picked up the book but by page three I had changed my mind This is a real page turner and it kept me riveted to the end The only reason I did not give it a full five stars is that I felt the ending was a little rushed If the author had just spend a few pages filling this out it would be five with a bullet

  3. Linda Lpp Linda Lpp says:

    WowFast paced Challenges galore Work to be donebut at what cost? Excellent Book #2 On to the next to see if Lock is around and up to it

  4. Ben Ben says:

    This was my first book by Sean Black I purchased it a while ago and just got round to reading it it isn't usually the sort of book i would read I kept picking it up and flicking through a couple of pages and kept putting it back on the shelf Until this time I thought no im going to read it And I'm so glad I did I could not put the book down I loved the pace of the book it all moved very uickly as sometimes with these sorts of books you can get huge dialogue sections or huge chunks of background story which I personally find very boring Loved all the twists that kept popping up especially the ones towards the end By the end I was glued to the book and literally only put the book down for toilet breaks and even then I didn't want to put it down All I can say is a big well done to Mr Black as this is only his second novel and I feel it was a big sucess on his part the writing throughout the book is rather good and it has a way of always keeping you interestedI'm pretty sure I will reading his other work Lockdown and his newest one Gridlock And I look forward to reading them

  5. itchy itchy says:

    ok so i'm guess i'm locking ongraduallyextra points for the badass antagonist view spoilerfreya who is alive and well by the way as opposed to others of her ilk i'll not be surprised if she makes an appearance further down the line hide spoiler

  6. Marc Marc says:

    Edge of your seat reading from start to finish 1010

  7. CL CL says:

    45Gripping fast paced and less padding than some other thriller writers

  8. Alan Alan says:

    It's not often that a writer can capture my attention and hold it all the way through a book but Sean Black is one such writer I have just finished Deadlock the second book in the Ryan Lock series and once again I was not left disappointed Having started reading the series a few books in I am currently on a catch up mission to read his earlier works and enjoying every page of this uest

  9. Best Crime Books & More Best Crime Books & More says:

    I read Sean Blacks first book and absolutely loved it Ryan Lock is an ex military bodyguard who has worked private security and has now set up his own company that can be called upon for any type of job He has a partner Ty Johnson who is an ex marine who Ryan met whilst in Ira Together they make a formidable team and seem unafraid to take on any type of workTheir latest task at first seems to be uite straightforward All they have to do is keep a prisoner by the name of Frank ‘Reaper’ Hays alive for a week He is a very important witness for the states prosecution against the white supremacist gang the ‘Aryan Brotherhood’ What they soon realise is that the job is a little difficult than they first realised Frank Hays is a prisoner inside Pelican Bay Super Max prison For them to protect him they need to do it from the insideThey enter Pelican Bay as supposed convicted felons that have been sentenced to twenty years The only people that are aware of the truth are the FBI and the prison warden or at least that’s what they hopeThe Aryan Brotherhood is responsible for the killing of an undercover FBI agent and his family and the FBI are determined to see the group brought to justice However Hays is not a willing participant when he realises Ryan Lock has been assigned as his cell buddy and protector It is soon very clear to both Ty and Ryan that looking after the prisoner was not their main problem in prison it was staying alive themselvesThe story itself was great as was the pace of the book I loved the fact that we are now in the midst of a character series where the reader waits to find out what happens to the characters However as much as I enjoyed the book I only found myself grappling with one element The character Chance is a woman that is involved in the plot and is very much on the side of the Aryan Brotherhood I have no issues with the fact that this woman was running around killing people but the fact that she was heavily pregnant while doing it smacked of a certain ‘disbelief’ element Aside from that the rest of the book was as good if not better than his debutThe characters Ryan and Ty are explored a little although I am looking forward to finding out a bit about both of them in the next instalment The end of the book wasn’t bad at all and the prison element of the story was first class It shocked me to read at the end of the book that the author had actually ‘done time’ at Pelican Bay in the course of his research Not only is he a brave man but an incredibly clever one The scenes in the prison were written by somebody that ‘really knew’ what it was like to be inside those walls Overall a fantastic read that has made me look forward to his next book

  10. Gareth Otton Gareth Otton says:

    One thing I have learned over the years is that most books or TV series that go on long enough will start recycling tired old storylines that seem to be in some community pool somewhere that anyone can just pull out and use over and over again One of those stale story lines especially in crime and thriller genres is the protagonist that has to fake being a criminal and go into a prison to accomplish some goal This storyline is one of the most noticeably ridiculous and annoying for a number of reasons 1 The base premise is completely unbelievableI can't think of a single reason why this plan would ever be the best option that came out of a planning session It is so obviously flawed I doubt anyone would even bring up the idea yet alone have people somehow decide to go along with it 2 Any protagonist dumb enough to go along with it deserves everything that's coming to themIt's hard to empathise with characters that make obviously bad decisions that heshe should see coming a long way off That sort of decision comes from forcing the protagonist to take actions to help the plot rather than staying true to character 3 It is so obvious what will happen that it becomes tedious to readEvery time I have encountered this tired storyline it has only ever ended one way The obviously flawed plan fails and the situation only gets ten times worse When you know this is going to happen you end up just going through the motions and waiting for the inevitable This takes any interest out of the story The good news is that this storyline did not take up the whole book Don't get me wrong it was than long enough for the main character to loose any credibility he had built in the last book but at least it wasn't dragged out What followed was a thriller story in the same vein as the previous novel in this series It's fast paced and interesting enough to keep you reading Lock still exists in a world where he is either the only one able to deal with a problem or supposed professionals deliberately act incompetent so that he can be the hero of the story but it's easy enough to look past this when the story gets going Overall this is an easy reading book and normally I would not be so critical of it It is not meant to be true to life but instead just a bit of fun My problem is that writers don't normally fall on such tired storylines until they are 5 10 books into a long running series and they are loosing steam That this happens in the 2nd book is a little worrying Overall its 4 stars for enjoyment minus 1 for that prison story line Its still good enough for me to keep reading this series but the next novel has a bit of work to do to keep my interest in the Ryan Lock books

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