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The Nursing Mothers Companion Breastfeeding is natural but it is not entirely instinctive for either mothers or babies The Nursing Mother’s Companion has been among the best selling books on breastfeeding for 25 years and is respected and recommended by professionals and well loved by new parents for its encouraging and accessible style Kathleen Huggins euips breastfeeding mothers with all the information they need to overcome potential difficulties and nurse their babies successfully from the first week through the toddler years or somewhere in between   This fully updated and extensively revised edition provides new information on topics such as• Nursing after a cesarean• How to resume breastfeeding after weaning relactation• Nursing a “near term” 3–to–5 weeks premature baby• Treating postpartum headaches and nausea• Nutritional supplements to alleviate postpartum depression• Sharing a baby with baby co sleeping and the risk of SIDS• Introducing solid foods• Expressing storing and feeding breast milk• Reviews of breast pumps   Readers will also find Huggins’s indispensable problem solving “survival guides” set off by colored bands on the pages for uick reference as well as appendices on determining baby’s milk needs in the first six weeks and the safety of various drugs during breast feeding Now than ever The Nursing Mother’s Companion is the go to guide every new mother should have at hand There is some good information in this book but unfortunately it's buried underneath a range of other topics In fact the whole book is a maze of for about this topic see page 250 turns to page 250 for about this topic turn to page 62 and on and on until I was flipping between four different chapters just to get a cohesive idea of why my baby coughs a lot while she is nursing and how to help her It was very difficult to find what I was looking for and even when I did the information was usually vague The author spent time addressing special issues such as nursing a baby with cleft palate rather than issues that are probably common such as what to do about a baby that keeps falling asleep at the breast She also repeats herself a lot There were many times when I would flip through the aforementioned maze only to reread the same sentence It was as if she had a pamphlet about common issues with nursing a book about special nursing issues made a couple copies of each and then shuffled them together for this book I'd recommend talking to a lactation consultant about specific uestions rather than trying to mine for answers in this one I have struggled to breastfeed both my children Most of the books that are supposed to help you succeed only succeed in making you feel like total crap if the process isn't picture perfect This book instead has a real life approach to trouble shooting The author uses language that is encouraging and helpful Plus the suggestions she make really work This is my go to book for any breastfeeding problems In addition to it providing much needed guidance and advice it also helps me know I'm not doing anything wrong when I have very typical breastfeeding problems And really a little affirmation goes a long way when you're a new mom I would probably have rated this book higher had I not purchased another nursing book as well and had I not also owned a baby book with a really good breastfeeding section I bought this book because it was touted many places as the breastfeeding manual to have Overall it is adeuate as a guide although I do think that the author spends time on some subjects that most mothers will never need and doesn't cover other subjects as well as she should I started looking over the starting solid food section as my daughter approaches that milestone and that's when I was appalled The author advocated a very regimented system baby must take in this much of this and this much of that every day The first year of food should be for baby to experiment with taste and texture No wonder so many people have an unhealthy relationship with food in this country if parents receive advice like this What really got me however was when at the end of this section the author spoke of introducing cow's milk What Isn't this a breastfeeding book Why would you introduce cow's milk unless you are weaning This advice was not in the weaning section Overall if you're looking for a breastfeeding book I think you can do better This book saved my nursing relationship with my daughter at a time when we were really struggling My supply was dropping she wasn't gaining weight This helped me get my supply back up in a very step by step way which was exactly what I needed at the time Perfect for the type a personality to get away from a measured How much is my baby eating to a relaxed My baby is eating enough and I don't have to measure every ounce This book advocates for PDF parent directed feeding and talks a lot of shit about La Leche's FOD Feeding on Demand system Hilariously both methods actually are close to the same once you get past the terminology Too much of the book is spent attacking La Leche the milk and talking about how kick ass PDF is I just noticed that I seem to be the only male who reviewed this book Weird huh Some helpful tips but also a lot of information I know to be false Good reference guide though pretty far down the breastfeeding or bust spectrum Also very biased toward unmedicated labor and delivery A very comprehensive guide that reads like a textbook Definitely handy for having around to troubleshoot but not one of the fun books on breastfeeding For lack of a better word this book takes a very medical approach to breastfeeding so there are lots of discussions about how many ounces and ml's a baby should be getting and how much weight they should be gaining In particular I think the discussions about milk supply and ways to gauge it are fairly overkill for most mothers Instead of advising counting wet and dirty diapers as well as freuent weight checks the author advises a very complicated pump instead of nurse plan accompanied by a mathematical formula for how many ounces your baby needs and how much you are producing While this could be an effective and necessary approach for some mothers I think it should only be used under supervision of a lactation consultant and not for self diagnosing low milk supply Many women simply don't respond as well to the pump as their baby so it could lead to unnecessary supplemantation and worry Overall the information on milk supply seemed like it could be very anxiety producing for a new mother as well as confusing Other than fenugreek only standard medical suggesions are included for dealing with lactation problems so you won't find any of the nystatin alternatives for treating thrush for example hereHowever this was one of the few books about breastfeeding that remains fairly neutral on parenting practices like supplemental formula sleep and weaning so I would recommend it to a wider audience than some others In addition the information on drugs used during lactation is very comprehensive and the charts in the appendices are very thorough and great reference points for anyone needing uick answers This is HANDS DOWN my FAVORITE and MOST RECOMMENDED Breastfeeding bookIt goes in with the tone that you WILL succeed and you will NOT give up something that mother's need of Finally there is a bit on what to do if you really truly CANNOT breastfeed which is extremely rare so I'd consider it a very well rounded and just wonderful bookBreastfeeding is HARD and this book answers ALL of your uestions with REAL info you can use It really does cover ALL aspects of breastfeeding ALL the nitty grittyI was already in love with this book because of the info provided and how it is wonderfully organized but when Max was a few weeks old and was not gaining weight 12 oz per day as opposed to 1 oz a day as fast as he should me KNOWING my milk supply was not an issue and it is a big fat myth that a mother's milk may not be good enough for her babyexcept in the MOST extreme situations and even then rarely was soooo frustrated when Max's Doctors were telling me to uite breastfeeding and put him on formula and told me that I would end up KILLING him if I never put him on formula Understand I would have eventually put him on formula if I felt I needed too but it was not that serious yet and the doctor did NOTHING to investigate the issue further and that coupled with some other comments he made made it clear to me he really knew nothing but some outdated material and old wive's tales when it came to breastfeeding Not to mention the WIC office and the Lactation consultant told me everything was fineAnyway back to how this book saved the dayI was reading over a chapter I'd skipped on reflux in infants because Max was not spitting up something I though babies HAD to be doing to have reflux Well in it they descired the normal symptoms of reflux but then also the atypical symptoms and it was WORD FOR WORD everything Max had been experiencing Green as opposed to the normal yellow seedy slimy poop a rash on his bottom and constant crying and pulling awayI immediately got him into the doctor a different one this time book in hand reuested an xray and sure enough he had reflux Put him on Reglan and within 19 days he'd gained 28 oz Remember an oz a day is normal he'd gained nine extra ozs To this day I am still tempted to go to that doctor and tell him what he did to meCannot suggest this book enough for so sooo many reasons

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