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Confessions of a Carb ueen When her doctor told her she could suffer a stroke just by walking across the street Susan Blech knew drastic action was called for She was only 38 years old and the scale registered a life threatening 468 pounds Rejecting the idea of gastric bypass surgery Susan relocated to Durham North Carolina giving up all that was familiar and 70000 of her life savings to devote herself to losing weight and getting healthy on the famed Rice DietIn Confessions of a Carb ueen Susan Blech speaks candidly about topics no obese person has dared to address fat sex eating binges the lies you tell others and the lies you tell yourself She explores the psychological component of overeating and the connection between her own binge eating and the aneurysm that left her mother brain damaged and paralyzed when Susan was a toddler Her gripping story a blend of memoir advice and delicious health conscious recipes is a testament to her personal strength and willpower and will be an inspiration to all who read it

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  1. Marilyn Maya Marilyn Maya says:

    PAGE TURNER BUT LEFT A BAD TASTE IN MY MOUTHI agree it is a page turner to those of us who struggle with compulsive overeating but it is also repetitive ad nauseum about the fast food binges I think what is most disturbing is the anger and how I felt she was as abusive as she was abused in her life Her feuds with her brother her saying she was so scared at the break in but ending up being violent back to the attacker I have been attacked but never wanted to go down to their level and her dishonesty about how she made money really lost the weight etc I also found her desperation to find a husband both before and after very telling on why she might have put on weight She was waiting for a man to save her She was also so disgusted by the fat women's organization that had dances insinuating it was tawdry and the women dresed sluttywhen all she was looking for was hand holding and a Jewish prince Be real she has many sex scenes in this book and seems to be selectively honest And the omissions are telling than the on and on about the binges We really don't see how she lost the weight She is still being secretive and just giving the reader the shockers and leaving out the fact that she did not change all that much only her weight I also see her as a fadist hating fat people including herself ergo the not wanting to accept herself or other fat people and her obsession with weight lifting both before and after her weight loss I don't trust this women and her confessions sometimes ring false and though I couldn't put it down at the end like a greasy burger wish I had not eaten Why no voting buttons? We don't let customers vote on their own reviews so the voting buttons appear only when you look at reviews submitted by others Permalink

  2. Kristen Kristen says:

    Susan's honesty about herself and her comedic wit make it hard not to enjoy this book from front to back Even the book cover and design are fun and make you want to pick up and read But I wouldn't put this on my favorites or rate it a 5 star because for many parts of the book I was actually annoyed by the main character Susan I am sure describes herself in a brutally honest manner which is very commendable but there are instances where she fits into the harsh stereotype of the loud annoying fat person I was hoping to see a different side of a large person by reading the book and was surprised in instances where she openly plugs hereself into that stereotypeFor example pigging out in the car while driving recklessly and blasting Mariah Carey is not really something that I can find myself sympathizing with Another instance is when she is rude to servers in restaurantsI thought that was really obnoxiousI did however find her character very sympathetic when she talks about how difficult her sex life was and how often rejection occurred I am glad that she decided to take action and save herself through hard work and dedication The book is inspiring even for those who don't have weight problems It encourages you to look within yourself admit to your flaws and try to improve upon them

  3. Happyreader Happyreader says:

    Despite the overly cutesy title and pink cover this is a hard edged raw addiction and recovery memoir compelling enough that I read it in a single day She's not kidding when she says food is my heroin Her eating rampages have the same desparate frenzy as a drug addict jonesing for a hit Brutely honest this book puts other addiction memoirs like Million Little Pieces to shame especially since it's true and she has the pictures to prove it she does discuss how she lost her weight 2 12 years at the Duke Diet Center on a very low cal diet resulting in a 250 lb weight loss the key to her weight loss was less the diet than her waking up as the subtitle states to the lies she told others and the lies she told herself She realizes that it's not the food alone that is making her fat but how she's using food and disrespecting herself including sexually to anesthesize herself against emotional pain It's facing her life honestly that heals her rather than the diet aloneThis is a very painful story with a hopeful ending

  4. Babs Babs says:

    This book is one of the most disturbing books I have read about someone's weight loss and life journey I don't mean that in an insulting way But Ms Blech just shared so much raw emotion and so much about what seems to me a very self loathing sex life I feel like she must be a very courageous person not to have killed herself during her lowest momentsI enjoyed reading her book even tough it made me uncomfortable mostly I think because I know I have an emotional relationship to food I've never been obese I was overweight for a couple of years in between having my two children And I still have weight I would like to lose to be on the low end of my healthy range This book has kind of put the fear into me that I better watch out and stay smart or I too could find myself at 4681lbs one day Blech ;^

  5. Brittany Dolph Brittany Dolph says:

    As someone who has struggled with weight andor body image issues in the past this book held a sort of self indulgent appeal to me I was almost embarrassed to read it as such But whether your relationship with food has been reminiscent of Susan's or you and food have been on good terms your entire life it can be an inspiration for anyone It is at some times downright appalling and at others very poignant but brutally honest indeed It's pretty much a book about a very personal road to self acceptance There are also some decent recipes for those into low sodium low fat lifestyles Not literature per se but not to be taken lightly either

  6. Ann Ann says:

    i loved this book she understands food addiction and described it better than any author i've read so far she understands that some foods are triggers and so you must give them up for good if you are going to continue to live a physically and emotionally healthy life i knew this but this is not a popular view thank you susan

  7. Jackie Jackie says:

    I'm tempted to read this again just because I'm so surprised by all the positive reviews on here Maybe I read a different edition? The book I read was whiny repetitive and it seemed like every other chapter ended with the author giving a guy she met online a hand job Only finished it because I was hoping it would get better

  8. Owen Owen says:

    I'm all about reading success stories but so far this is a tough one This 400 lb woman is in a bad place I hope we get past the crappy childhood and self destructive behavior soon it is really hard to readOK the book ended positively but there was a lot of destructive behaviour to wade through first What really got to me was the way this woman so desperately wanted to have a relationship Being single was not an option for her It makes me thankful for the peace I have in being single and the faith that I have that God has a plan for me I wish I could explain that to the author

  9. Linda Marye Linda Marye says:

    The story of a morbidly obese woman's struggle with food obsessionaddiction Her story really explains the lies she tells herself It makes you think about all the excuses we use to justify yielding to temptations of all kinds Her sense of shame that leads to eating that leads to shame etc is moving She's right we do look askance at people with obvious physical differences We shouldn't be so hard on each other My daughter recommended it to me and I agree with her that you won't get it out of your head for a very long time

  10. Jennb33 Brown Jennb33 Brown says:

    I really enjoyed this book although the author wasn't just a Carb ueen she was the ueen of salt fried foods processed foods and the like I found her message genuine and important Really entertaining funny uick and it will stay with you long after the book has been shelved I didn't care much for the trim size it was of a novel than a fun reference book which is what the size alludes to But very good nonetheless

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