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Shadowspawn This novel features offutt's best known character from the Thieves' World series in a solo book length adventure Thieves' World was the best known of the shared world anthology series that proliferated a few decades ago in which a varied assortment of authors set stories in a common setting and the same or less consistent continuity Hanse known as Shadowspawn was a thief who matured through a series of engaging adventures through the first several volumes of the series edited by Robert Asprin and Lynn Abbey and his character and circumstances changed convincingly as the time went on I thought he was one of the best characters from the series and this was a good continuation My only reservation is that he left the city of Sanctuary for much of the story and though he is preparing to return at the end it still seemed a little out of sync This book reminds me of why Offut was one of my favorite Thieves' World authors A mix of mystery romance action There is a Deus ex Machina at the end but the book is still an enjoyable read I've always found Offutt's writing to be some of the better in the Thieves' World anthologies so I wasn't surprised to find that his novel was enjoyable too It's not particularly deep but it's uick moving it has 2 or 4 fun characters it has a strong arc and it manages to convey sorcery as being pretty scary Also nice to once see a bit of the world of Thieves' World I'm a huge fan of the Thieves' World anthologies but this was er yeah 3 starsit's not terrible but dei ex machinae abound the plot twists are eh and the characters while surprisingly believable are really REALLY out of place in the series BACKWhile it was many years ago that I ventured in and around Sanctuary it's great being back Couldn't find again this book for a long time until finally there it was Now if someone wasn't scared of messing with Master Offutt's work we can get rid of annoying typoshighly recommended Was my favorite of the Thieves World spin offs I enjoyed this book but was hoping for a little action and of a connection to the other “Thieves World” booksThe cover art by Gary Russell though excellent seems to have nothing to do with this book except for the few coins seen The forward character looks like Tempus from the previous TW books Now in the fourth full length novel inspired by Thieves World Andrew J Offutt author of the Cormac Mac Art series and the Spaceways series takes his beloved character Shadowspawn beyond the walls of Sanctuary into new realms of sorcery and high adventure I really could not uite get into this book I remember these books fondly from my early twenties I still enjoyed it but I wish I could find the rest of the series in eBook form

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