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Salome i enjoyed this but then i've always been fascinated with the bad girls of the bible i'm not usually a huge fan of historical fiction but the fact that this was ancient historical fiction made it a lot interesting really not all that much is known about salome except for her lineage and role in john the baptist's death it is interesting to wonder what would drive a teenage girl to ask for an innocent man's head on a platter and this book does a good job of connecting historical detail with the emotions that must have been involved Fabulous book I loved reading this story from Salome's perspective Beautiful soul beautiful book After I read this historical novel about Salome the girl who demanded the head of John the Baptist I picked up the New Testament to read how the Biblical account compared with the novel To my surprise Salome is not mentioned by name and the accounts only two in Matthew and Luke are brief Gormley did a lot of research into the history and cultures of the time to flesh out the Blblical bare bones of this story Her Salome is a somewhat naive young girl who gradually comes to realize that her mother Herodias is not the best influence in her life and that she can make her own decisions Some chapters are told from John the Baptist's point of view which was also interesting The theme of repentence was woven into the story and meant different things to different characters including Salome I enjoyed this story very much partly because of the historical details and partly because of its raising the uestion of what constitutes repentence which gave me pause for thought The misleading cover depicts Salome as preteen girl playing dress up in the 1980's rather than a young woman living in the Roman Empire at the beginning of the Common Era so the reader might not expect this to be the story of the Salome who did the dance of seven veils for her step father a King Herod and then asked for the head of John the Baptist on a platter as a reward Her mother put her up to it the poor little foolSalome is mediocre historical fiction on an interesting subject The obvious moral lessons detract from the story as do the overly simplified characters What's missing is some kind of the tension Salome's character is perfectly flat She is caught in the web of multi layered power struggle but she just blunders from one event to the next and is ridiculously clueless for someone raised with political intrigue Although Herodias's influence is supposed to be the reason for her daughter to reuest for the Forerunner's execution Salome is not convincingly portrayed as being either manipulated by her mother or as needy for her mother's affection and favor Herodias's character is eually flat She seems to be of a Biblical Paris Hilton than the cunning scorpion that the other characters describe her as The ending is too pat Salome realizes she made a big mistake and is sorry and then she is rescued by a good and just man who overlooks the severed head presented at his half brother's birthday feast and believes her when she claims to have a good heart Interesting but somehow less complex than it should have beenSalome is infuriating as a main character because she doesn't think for herself But then I remembered she can't be much than 13 or 14 when the whole John the Baptist's head thing takes place and also she's constantly treated a pretty pawn and not encouraged to think for herself really It definitely reminds me of Shabanu and other books featuring this type of weird power dynamic of the underage girl and the greedy old manand I'm not uite sold on the whole my mother told me in the heat of the moment what to do so I did it theory But it was solid If I'd never hoped to live in a world of goodness and truth—if the priestess of Diana then Leander and Joanna hadn't shown me glimpses of it—maybe I wouldn't have minded being shut out of it Maybe the preacher's death wouldn't have trapped me in a dungeon the dungeon of my own selfHer name is Salome You may think you know her story—how her seductive Dance of the Seven Veils led to the beheading of John the Baptist But you don't know it from her side You don't know how a web of betrayal and greed and desire was spun around an innocent teenage girl How she came to doubt her own mother How she searched for a friend in an unfamiliar land And how she walked into a trap that changed the course of historyThis is Salome's story in her own words Listen and learn of strength of power of loyalty—and of death I really really enjoyed this book I was surprised that I even found it interesting because historicalbiblical novels are like the death ray to a reader like me I loved the way the writer kept the flow and the wording in step with the times I do understand that some people who are raving historians may find the story lacking in some areas but if you read it with an open mind and for the sheer enjoyment you will find yourself flipping pages so easily that you won't realize you've come to the end of the book I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Salome and her family struggles Her mother a power hungry persuasive spinster was the least likeable character for me even so than Antipas I guess the ugliness of how ways and how she used everyone around her just dug deep into me as I read like a nail in the sole of your shoe Antipas was also power hungry and self absorbed but he was expected to be as a ruler in that time Gundi Joanna and Leander were shining lights in this story I really loved how they all fit in well with Salome's indecisive naïve nature and brought Salome into adulthood by showing her the err of her ways without being blatant I loved this story and would recommend to anyone that likes to read historicalbiblical novelsand people that like to readperiod TR Horne author of Breaking Mobius and Crazy Dirty Love blogger at wwwragingbookreviewswordpresscom I didn't realize this was a young adult novel when I began reading it Even so for many who don't have a solid grasp on life in the early AD time this drew a nice picture of the viewpoint from that of a young princess Whether Salome was as naive in reality is hard to know but the author is careful to add the facts that do exist to the post script something I appreciateSalome is the daughter of Herodias one of many in the large family of King Herod Forced to do as she is told and living in luxury she is blind to how the common people live Through uniue friendships she begins to see the struggles and suffering of others and her compassion for them grows She compared her life though fortunate with those who have very little because in truth she is shackled by her family and not free to make her own choicesWhen she inadvertently and here is where we don't know the details is part of the beheading of John the Baptist her guilt leads her to find a way to do for the people imprisoned beneath her palace and those in her village The novel focuses on the family of Herod and Salome so we only get a mention of Jesus but this helps to keep the book on track and the readers to understand how the royalty felt about him The book is not religious but paints a good picture of life in Rome and Jerusalem I really loved the Red Tent and since then I have been interested in tales about women in the Bible Granted my religious education is pretty much non existant so all I knew of Salome was that she had John the Baptist's head served up on the plateand the uick version given by the Salome character in True Blood My biggest impression previous to this book came from the rather graphic picture of a pretty woman looking at a head dripping blood on a platter in my CHILDREN'S BibleSo I came in to this story with very little contextual knowledge I found the story ok but a bit evenly paced Most of the story is really about Salome wanting to win her mother back after her new marriage and desiring to become a priestess I really did not buy her sudden reuest to please her mom to have John's head As this is a typical YA novel I think I guess I cannot expect too much depth That isn't to say that there are not fabulous YA books Overall the book was a fast read read but not something that will really stick with me over time

  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Salome
  • Beatrice Gormley
  • English
  • 10 August 2016
  • 9780375839085

About the Author: Beatrice Gormley

Born in Glendale California Beatrice grew up in Southern California After graduating from Pomona College she worked in publishing near San Francisco There she met and married Robert Gormley and they moved to Massachusetts They have two daughters Since age 9 Beatrice had wanted to become a writer But it wasn't until after her children were born that she really focused on her writing In 1