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Funky Business Talent Makes Capital Dance Karl Marx was right The workers do control the means of production; 13 kilograms of brain holds the key to all our futuresSuccessful companies are different from the competition and difference comes from the way people think rather than what companies make In the new world it's talent that makes the capital dance Business as usual is uninspired and that's no longer good enough; talent doesn't want to work there; customers don't want to buy there In these times we need Funky Business

10 thoughts on “Funky Business Talent Makes Capital Dance

  1. Ilona Ilona says:

    If you are a younger reader you might hardly understand why this book was so popular back in the day Here are some examples for you which might correlate to possible experiences for you today and in the future The authors are as excited as you will be when you will have the first all included trip to a skiing resort on Mars The authors are as enthusiastic as you will be during your first hologram call probably there will be another name for this The authors are using word Funky so much because they think it's a cool word just like you did two years ago with YOLO The authors are telling obvious things in a overly pumped up tone because global internet was a new thing back in 2003 and it was and is so crazily exciting If you wonder how it feels to be a part of this just remember the first time you were about to have sex it's a mixture of confusion happiness and need to share your feelings with all of the world But instead of posting on Instagram you write a book that pretends to be about economicsI've left the book somewhere around p 105 and usually I do not do that but the book is outdated It is great to see how excited the authors are about this whole World Wide Web thing and yet for someone who was in there as well it's a bit nostalgic but as well irrelevant

  2. Bogdan Bogdan says:

    This book is not taking any step forward from the line of management and business books promoted in US For me it just another one from the series of Alvin Tofler Stephen Covey Denis Rivers and others It is just a mix of known facts but presented systemically lots of uotes and evidence supporting one main ideaI cannot say I totally agree their argumentation but perhaps it is just the fact that I come from a different culture Indeed the world has changed in the last 300 years dramatically and this has influenced everything in our lives And the sparkle that triggered this change was the protestant revolution fueling it even up to our days I am part of a traditionalist society and I do not subscribe totally to some of the trends they believe will shape in the near future the life and work placeOverall an interesting book that should not be read as if it holds the absolute truthMy copy of this book is in Romanian

  3. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    Left this one somewhere halfway through and am not planning on going back Either it was my translation or

  4. Nenad Nenad says:

    I may be a bit too hush but the book is in many ways like reading one of those believe in yourself cheap psychology booksit's pop economics Nevertheless it makes some valid points though do not expect an eye openerThe problem for me maybe was that I expected much due to the hype around the book and the authors it was a bit of a let down

  5. Kiersten Kiersten says:

    Started it didn't finish it couldn't get into it

  6. Bryce Bryce says:

    This book is about the future of business The book was written in 2002 so is a little outdated however the principles in the book still apply to the real world today If you have limited knowledge about how business is changing and transforming into the future then you’ll get some great info out of this book If you’re well versed on the the state of the future of business then a up to date book on the future of business would be beneficial

  7. Nathalie Zivkovic Nathalie Zivkovic says:

    OUTDATED AND BIASED don't waste your timeNot thought provoking at all There is no thoughtA lot of provocative name dropping for the sake of name dropping very funky way of telling HistoryOn the back cover of the bookFB is rigourously researched Business voiceNow see p 73 The bureaucratic firm is dead It is just too small for effective exploitation and too big for energetic experimentation They are confusing wishful thinking and the reality This is not research For instance Banks will never work like startups After this financial crisis we see they are still there thanks to taxpayers' money and behave bureaucratically Everyone who works for a big company is in a bureaucracyp78 when stokke launched it tripp trapp children's chair in France it discovered that families did not sit down for meals together any What a lie French mothers might be the most rigid mothers concerning meals Moreover if it were true Tripp trapp would have disappeared Some 15 years after publishing this book it seems tripp trapp still sells well whereas this book doesn't Very good scientific researchThis book is full of preremptory statements that are just the opinions of authors very fond of globalisation and new trends It's a neomaniac book that hasn't passed the test of timeAfter a hundred pages I just stopped because I felt insulted They really take the reader for an idiot

  8. Matthew Poyiadgi Matthew Poyiadgi says:

    This is the best book I read in 2007 hugley inspirational and a pleasure to read

  9. Joe Raimondo Joe Raimondo says:

    I saw Nordstrom speak at a conference very insightful Everyone needs to create temporary monopolies

  10. Alberto Alberto says:

    It's a great book for entrepreneurs but you must consider the context it was written at before the whole dot com boom so it's outdated but the core idea is valid and enthusiastic

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