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Desperate Measures Had fate brought them togetherPhilippa Roscoe needed a large sum of money and she needed it fast her father's life depended on it Wealthy French businessman Alain de Courcy needed a wife purely for business reasonsAlain was only too happy to provide Philippa with the funds she reuired In exchange he demanded marriage and not just in name only There was little Philippa could do she had to agree to his termsShe hadn't agreed to fall under Alain's charismatic spell But could Philippa keep herself from falling in love or had this marriage of convenience become a desperate act ''

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • Desperate Measures
  • Sara Craven
  • English
  • 23 February 2014
  • 9780373115037

About the Author: Sara Craven

Anne Bushell was born on October 1938 in South Devon England just before World War II and grew up in a house crammed with books She was always a voracious reader some of her all time favorites books are Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Middlemarch by George Eliot Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and The Code of the Woosters by P G Wodehous

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  1. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    Re Desperate Measures well if August 1992 was an update on the relaxed approach to love and loving in HPlandia October 1992 is back to the old skool with a vengeance Classic HP authors use their favorite tropes this month so gear up for lots of tart shaming forced kisses and outright rape Huge Warning Before Continuing On The H pretty casually rapes the h on their wedding night and then does so again off page for sometime after You could say that the h implicitly implies consent after the wedding night debacle but she clearly doesn't want to participate and is doing so under duress HPlandia seekrit h body yearnings aside it is definitely repeated rape and this may not be every one's cuppa So please skip this if you don't want to knowThis one starts with the 19 yr old h pleading with her former step mother for a loan for her very ill father's desperately needed HP Gold Standard American Cure The step mother who dumped the h's formerly wealthy father as soon as he chucked his company directorships big house and wealthy lifestyle to become a pretty successful artist and gave her an overly generous divorce settlement refuses on the ground that it would upset her current husband who happens to be the h's father's former business partnerThe h thinks it is really mean of the bovine gold digger to refuse to help especially since the h's father was generous enough to give her a really large divorce settlement when the BGD went off to start an affair with her father's former friend The h doesn't say anything tho she just asks the bovine gold digger to let her know if she thinks of a way the h can earn some uick cashThe h joking tells herself she should try high end prostitution but after checking her reflection and seeing an art student in rather artistic thrift shop clothes she realizes that occupation is probably not open to her and she is too proper to be good at it anywayThen the bovine GD calls the h up and wants her to come over right away Apparently a new proposition for the h has popped up The proposer turns out to be the H who started an affair with the wife of one of his huge conglomerate's investors and his jealous uncle is using the H's extra curricular affairs as a way to convince the board of directors that the H is unfit to run the firm and they should put the uncle in the top slot insteadThe alternative to the h marrying the H in return for the money to save her father and eventually the h assumes well into the future giving the H an heir is that the H will have to marry the uncle's rather porcine and sallow daughter The h thinks about it for a bit gets the H's assurances that he won't rush the physical intimacy and the H assures her that he will probably not trouble her too much as he plans to continue his lady buffet snacking on the sideThe h is initially pretty reluctant to take up the marriage proposal of the H tho she doesn't like the lifestyle or the clothes and doubts that she will be an adeuate hostess Her main interest is art and she and her father planned on setting up a studio together The H is very bullyingly persuasive and the h finds herself brow beat into agreeing The h is relieved to get the money for her dad and insists that he not be told about the marriage the h will break the news if the treatment works as she fears that her dad wouldn't go for it if he knew the h was essentially selling herself The wildly envious former stepmother then goes all out to get the h the proper clothes and hairstyle and the h is pretty indifferent to the whole process The h is concerned about how her father's treatment is going and once the father is on his way the h and H marry three days laterRight away the h and H get pulled into a dinner party at the H's uncle's home and one of the first guests to be met is the H's OW and her husband The uncle obviously wants to start some fertilizer for gossip but the h steps in and smooths the situation over Since she had already told the H off for letting his mistress call the H and h's home she isn't too shocked that all the guests think the h is no match for the beautiful OW Tho it is a huge shock to those very same guests that the h is fully conversant in French and understood every catty remark they made They are also shocked to find that the h isn't some patsy nobody but the daughter of a famous artist so they tend to treat her with a little respect after thatSo the dinner party goes better than the H had a right to expect and in the aftermath he thinks he will reward the h with a round on his magical poking pike The h who understands the terms of the agreement to mean that she is socially supportive and gives the appearance of a devoted wife in public doesn't see the magical poke pike as any type of reward whatsoever She firmly refuses the offer of a round of the lurve mojo So the H rapes her after she slaps him as he is trying to feel her up and seduce her Things go decidedly downhill after that and tho the forced lurve pikings continue the h is not enjoying itSC does do the traitorous body of the h bit and for some reason the H seems to be convinced that if the h would just relax and let him seduce her every thing between them would be hunky dory I have to interject here tho I like SC and I have read her a very long time But I still get very very irked that SC uses the h's curiosity and forced arousal to push the line that the h is subconsciously compliant with being raped and that repeated rapes force the h to fall in love with her rapist I make allowances because this is old skool HPlandia and really girls back then weren't supposed to enjoy sex unless they absolutely had to but it isn't right and most readers are well aware of it and do NOT condone the actions of this H We tolerate the misogyny because SC writes extremely well and HP voyagers are fully aware of the vagaries of the HP universe Plus half the fun of traveling in HPlandia is having huge ranty moments about the really bad bits So the H and h settle into a mutually distant private life with the H absenting himself most of the time and the h decides to take up her art classes with one of her father's friends No one is very supportive of that because after all the H is rich and she should be spending all her time glamorizing herself to keep the H's lucrative lifestyle and swanky houses available for herself The h doesn't care tho mainly cause the lucrative life and the boring socializing and the catty women aren't really her thing anywaysThe endured piking moments between the H and h come to an end when the h overhears the H and the OW out on the balcony during a dinner party one night and she pretty bluntly tells him she will not be any type of sloppy seconds The H agrees and the h gets a lock installed on her bedroom door The h also meets the potential OM when he saves her from an almost robbery as she is coming out of art classMore time passes and the H's uncle's daughter manages to corner the h one day and tell the h all about how the OW is soon to be widowed and how everyone is going to laugh when the H divorces the h for the OW The h who is very upset and jealous over this bit of info coolly tells the porcine cousin that she really needs to shop someplace where the clothes might fit her and then starts making escape plans The h has no intention of being made a laughingstock in front of all of Paris when the H files for divorce to marry his beloved mistress The h as been casually seeing the wanna be OM after her art class She debates pushing him away when he becomes flirtatious but she really needs someone with a car So she lets the OM help her arrange a let on a cottage in the country where she and her father used to stay and she agrees to let him be her model The h's father is all cured and will soon be able to take up his painting again and the h figures the timing is perfect She can leave and get the cottage set up while working determinedly at developing her painting and the H can get his divorce for his lover and the two of them can amicably part ways The OM seems to have other idears than just being the h's friend and giving her a ride so it is fortunate that the H follows the h and OM to the cottage He had detectives following the h The H runs the OM off without an ugly scene and then decides to leave himself after the h flinches away from him and he realizes that the h is really seriously afraid of him A long line of past sins seem to finally hit him in the face as he starts to accept that the h flat out doesn't like him and doesn't want to be touched by him SC messes this up of course because the h really does want the H but still it was a nice bit of comeuppance for the H's prior arrogance cause he looks like he is going to cry when the h rejects him and makes him leave The H can't leave tho cause the OM sliced his tires and messed up his car and the parts are going to take a few days to get delivered We also find out that the H had hired people to follow the h around mainly because the H found out that the robbery was a set up and the OM was hired by the H's uncle to start rumors that the H's marriage was in trouble and both of them were sleeping with other people The H and h are forced to share the tiny cottage and the h soon finds that her painting vastly improves when she uses the H as a model for her work She figures she can expunge her fascination with him in an orgy of painting and plus the H turns out to be a pretty decent cook as well always a bonus when you are used to just getting by with beans on toast for dinner All this camaraderie and the inclusion of some chess playing after dinner that ends in a big roofie kissing moment soon leads to a closer relationship between the H and h Eventually the h takes the big leap and seduces the H while she is painting him as he poses nude and does his best to be enticing They have a big purple fuchsia passion love moment and the h is now ready to really try being married when it is all over cause she admits she loves the H By the time the h manages to gather her spent self up off the art studio floor the H and his belongings have vanished Since his car is finally repaired the h assumes that she was just complacent in her own pump and dump and decides to pack her own belongings up to leave She can't stay in the cottage cause she can't bear the memories of the H and the angst factor is very high as the h dramatically rips apart the very good sketches she did of the H and burns them in the fire Then the H wanders back in and the h is shocked She decides to do her own version of the pump and dump speech and tells the H she is done and leaving and he can contact her lawyer Then she finds the H's clothes dumped all over her room and the H is very sad as he explains that he thought they could really start their marriage now because he loves her and only wants her to be his wifeThe h is flabbergasted and admits she loves him back and now the actually pretty good explanations begin The first explanation is about the OW she threw her self at the H well before he met the h and since the H was overwhelmed by the OW's beauty they had an affair But the affair ended when the H found out that the OW was paid to seduce the H by his evil uncle The H did not understand all the gossip about him and the OW cause the OW apparently slept around all the time but the evil uncle was determined to oust the H and so the H had to propose to the hThe first time he met the h he fell in love and in SC's HPlandia the greater the love the chance for rape and the H only did it cause he was out of his head with lovesickness over the h Then he realized that he totally burnt those bridges towards a better relationship between them and eventually realized that he couldn't lurve club his way to a true loving relationship The H hasn't been sleeping with anyone else from the moment he met the h All those nights he was gone he was sleeping in the company apartment alone But he let the h think he was still seeing the OW because he was hoping it would make her jealous and inspire the fight for your man response which never works in SC's HPlandia cause her h's won't fight they run off Then the H's little ploy backfired cause the h met the OM and the H was stabbed with a thousand fiery swords cause the h preferred the OM over him The H even tried to make the h preggers cause he thought she might come to love him eventually if they had children Poor H he really had to suffer for a long time and he thought he got his big chance when the h took off and he could demonstrate his sensitive new age kinda guy ualities by flaunting his nude six pack abs and some really good cooking skillz Then the h almost threw him out again so the H threw in the towel and begged The h is thrilled she hasn't been cheated on and even thrilled when they decide to have two weeks of painting and lurve in the cottage and then go get the h's recovered father and set him up at the H's chateau and they will all live happily ever after in love for the big finaleThis is a pretty good story aside from the repeated rape Unfortunately that multiple forced sex business kinda lowered the happiness with the whole story for me I get that the H was desperate but he wasn't stupid and I don't why he thought forced seductions were going to help his cause any especially since he made absolutely NO attempts to do anything to woo the h Most sheltered girls the h's age are going to be rather hesitant to jump on the tower of power with someone they barely know and I thought the h's response was pretty close to what might actually happen I kinda hate to say this but the rape scene was well written It was easy to see where the H lost his temper and it was even easier to see where the h was trying really hard to defend her person So while it isn't excusable the H's overall remorse is believable and that makes it possible to accept the HEA in this old skool HP outing

  2. KatieV KatieV says:

    Very typical Sara Craven plot and there's nothing wrong with that if you like it view spoilerVirgin heroine is rapedblackmailed into bedforcibly seduced by the hero and then spends the majority of the book trying to lie still and think of England all while secretly wanting to let go and enjoy it She doesn't out of fear of being hurt because she loves the H and doesn't think he loves her He of course loves her but thinks she hates him and has no clue how to win her over once his magic penis doesn't work as planned hide spoiler

  3. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    I don't know how Sara Craven manages to make the same old plot fresh but she does In this case it's a MOC The hero gets respectability in the business community after rumors of his affair with a married woman The heroine gets life saving treatment for her father in the States The hero makes it clear he wants a marriage for life and he wants children So no surprise to the reader since this is SC and Boogenhagen warned me in her review the hero rapes her on her wedding night He apologizes the next day and the Hh put up a good front at a party where the hero's mistress is also in attendance The hero wants to make it up to the heroine by having good sex but the heroine is not buying itAfter the heroine sees the OW and the H together at yet another party she reuests a lock for her door and the hero gives up trying view spoiler The hero gives in on art lessons and the heroine spends her days at a studio When she is mugged and then rescued by an OM she feels like she's found a friend She starts to see the OM for coffee and is trying to figure out ways to leave the H Seems that the rumors are red hot about the H and his mistress whose husband is at death's door The heroine goes away with the OM who is supposed to be a model and cook for the heroine as she works on her art Luckily the hero shows up before the OM puts his moves on Turns out he was paid by the hero's uncle to break up their marriage just as the OW was paid to discredit the hero I liked that little twist that they were both being manipulated I also liked how SC brought about their reconciliation and new understanding of each other The hero offered to cook for her and to be the heroine's model By drawing him she finds inspiration and she sees him as he is I also liked the symbolism of the hero laid bare and vulnerable for the heroine The power structure changed hide spoiler

  4. thadine thadine says:

    Philippa Roscoe needs money for expensive medical treatment for her father Alain de Courcy wants a wife to counter rumours of his involvement with a married woman He offers to give Philippa the money she reuires in exchange for marrying himYes yes the plot is silly and clichéd but I'm not one to hold that against a category romance The problem was Philippa was an idiot She agrees to the marriage with the understanding that it will eventually be consummated and is not merely a marriage in name alone When Alain comes to her bed on their wedding night Philippa objects strenuously and he rapes her In the ensuing weeks Philippa realises that she is attracted to her husband but decides that she must never give in to that attraction Meanwhile rumours are still rife regarding Alain and the married woman he has been involved with Philippa is mugged one day and rescued by the charming Fabrice She happily hops in his car and lets him drive her home never mind that he's a complete stranger The relationship with Fabrice progresses until the fateful day that Philippa decides to run away from Alain Fabrice offers to go with her and Philippa accepts reasoning that she can now tell Alain she is leaving him for another man She has no intention of sleeping with Fabrice but assumes she can handle his amorous advances Right because she's so smart and experienced I suppose Ugh ugh ugh I spent this whole book being irritated with Philippa This was written in 1992 but reads like something written in the 70s Philippa enjoys painting and was studying at art college at the start of the book After her marriage she decides to continue studying painting Alain can't understand why she would want any hobby but learning to please him in bed Philippa's art teacher can't understand why she wants to keep painting when she has a husband rich enough to support her Huh? Really odd views to have in something written in the 90s Anyway my final verdict is simply give this book a miss There are certainly worse ones but reading this would be a waste of time

  5. MissKitty MissKitty says:

    uite corny The heroine is 19 years old and acts like the teenaged ninny that she isThe hero should have had sense being a lot older but as a supposedly experienced ladies man lover he acts like an awkward schoolboy as wellSo many conflicts and misunderstanding that could have been cleared up in 5 minutes but no 🙄

  6. RomLibrary RomLibrary says:

    Had fate brought them together?Philippa Roscoe needed a large sum of money and she needed it fast her father's life depended on it Wealthy French businessman Alain de Courcy needed a wife purely for business reasonsAlain was only too happy to provide Philippa with the funds she reuired In exchange he demanded marriage and not just in name only There was little Philippa could do she had to agree to his termsShe hadn't agreed to fall under Alain's charismatic spell But could Philippa keep herself from falling in love or had this marriage of convenience become a desperate act

  7. Annarose Annarose says:

    A story of two failing heroes A heroine who is naive and vindictive and was raped by the hero in her wedding night and a hero who was rash and wanted to compensate Overall it was written well but the two characters failed to draw my sympathy

  8. Nancy Nancy says:

    Nancy 2 stars

  9. Diamond Diamond says:

    خطوات متهورة سارة كريفن

  10. Saranyag Saranyag says:

    The second half was good First half lost it's charm due to the heroine's immature behavior

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