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Trupp A Fuzzhead Tale Trupp a young Fuzzhead decides to venture into the world With a cheeky raven for a companion Trupp rambles through the city going virtually unnoticed by humans that is until they are confronted by a homeless woman who sees Trupp for who he really is Before Trupp can decide whether to stay or run away this unusual woman realizes that he could use a little help “Fans of Stellaluna Cannon’s exceptional debut book will approach her second with high expectations and those will be met” Publishers Weekly The story Trupp authored and illustrated by Janell Cannon is a beautifully written and illustrated story about finding true friendship After I read Crickwing by Janell Cannon I became interested in this author and illustrator Her books seem to have underlying social issues which is valuable to all readers Trupp is a fictional character that looks like a hybrid between a cat and a polar bear This is a tale about Trupp wanting to leave home to discover the outside world and find new adventures On the way to his new adventure he becomes friend with a clever raven The two of them discover the city and blend in with humans after the raven helps Trupp find a hilarious disguise The story takes a meaningful turn when the two characters meet a homeless woman The homeless woman teaches Trupp and the raven about friendship and companionship on a much deeper level This would be an excellent story for a read aloud with elementary level students The fictional specie to which Trupp belongs is alluring and captivating The students will surely want to know about Trupp after seeing what he looks like I think it would be creative to read this book as a read aloud and then have each student create their own fictional character The teacher might help by having visual representations of various animals and have students pick two to three animals Then the students could hybridize those animals and create a fictional character that they can then write stories about Also because this book includes the universal theme of friendship the student will surely be able to draw many personal connections to this story The teacher could start many meaningful discussions about friendship crossing many sorts of barriers and not judging others by the way they appear For example Trupp found a most valuable friendship with a homeless woman because he chose not to place judgment on her LOVE the fuzzheads love the illustrationsnot exactly sure what the story was going for Kiddo review 6yoIt was great great great 100 stars The end was the best I thought this was a very strange book It is about Trupp a fuzzhead a type of cat like animal described in the beginning Trupp decides he want to go where the people are and dresses like a human He appears to be in NYC and no one realizes that he is not a human except for a homeless woman She however ends up helping him so her role is kind of reversed This book by the author of 'Stellaluna' begins with a scientific explanation of an animal called a Fuzzhead a 6 foot cat like creature that is very rare I was excited about making the character of Trupp a Fuzzhead who wants to see what else there is in the world as real as possible Sadly this book is not one of Cannon's best The characters aren't as appealing as some of her others and it stops really abruptly I thought maybe a page had been taken out of the book but that is really how the book ends My one compliment on this book is that Trupp meets a homeless woman who helps him showing students the value of looking at everyone as important What always got to me was the conversation between Trupp and Bernice when Trupp says his clothes are a disguise so people will not notice him and Bernice replies that her own are so that people will hopefully notice her I loved this book and its illustration Though some have not warmed to it I can't wait to locate a copy of her other Fuzzhead Tale It could have been fully developed however the end did seem a bit abrupt Picture Book I'm slightly disturbed by the fuzzheads 200lbs cat creatures that are bipedal and can talk? NopeTrupp is a fuzzhead who'd like to explore beyond his family home He steals a scarecrow's clothing and meets up with a nice homeless ladyFuzzheads though Creepy

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