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The Consumption Reader Consumption affects every aspect of the contemporary world from the most intimate moments of everyday life to the great geopolitical struggles that have been set in train by the forces of globalization Consumer culture has recast the world in its own image and we are only just beginning to make sense of the enormous social political economic moral and environmental implicationsBy drawing from the arts humanities and social sciences The Consumption Reader presents the history and geography of consumer societies the social and political aspects of consumer culture and the discourses and practices of consumption It focuses in particular on the subjects objects spaces and technologies of consumer societies and provides an accessible insight into the theoretical debates that surround the interest in consumption and consumerismThis reader offers an essential selection of the best work on the Consumer Society The material is arranged to develop the student's knowledge through a logical progression but it may also be read selectively to aid understanding of key issues ideas and authors Students will appreciate its scope clarity and ease of use and the engaging surprising and thought provoking manner in which it brings together a diverse range of topics and theoretical perspectives

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