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Get Me Out of Here Read half of it I enjoy satire but this was absolutely dull The main character is DULL The plot is DULL The descriptions are DULL Everything about it is boring There's an American Psycho comparison on the back cover Don't be fooled this is nothing like American Psycho It tries to make light of the recession but fails utterly It's not funny or witty it's just annoyingWhy would we need An American Psycho for the 21st century anyway It came out in 1991 You're better off re reading American Psycho than picking up this dreck Interesting read It was rather hard to make myself finish it but I really appreciated the experience Stylistically it was very well done But in the end this idea would have been better suited to a short story It makes me wonder if the author doesn't appreciate the the power that a short story can hold The power of this story comes from the shock factor This wears down as the pages go by The story could have been significantly enhanced with a degree subtlety which a short story would have reuired At the bottom the character was just barely believable again this could been better in a short story The story became weaker as it went on and in the end the message was left wanting The author clearly wanted to make a statement about the arrogance and folly of the financial industry This is a message I was welcoming However the flaws in the storytelling meant that this message was lost Instead the book read as a tale of the disintegration of one man The broader meaning was lost because he failed to make the broader connection All in all this was probably the most disappointed I've been by a book in a while Europa Edition has consistently produced uality books However this must go down as one of their misses I won't be recommending this to anyone except if they wish to see what happens when a writers tries to make a novel out of a short story and fails In this ghastly portrait of the current financial crisis Matt Freeman is an utterly repellent character He's a delusional self absorbed sociopath a liar a leech a lecher and a stalker He's obsessed with fashionable designer labels fine vintages other people's weight and body odors He's using an imaginary marketing deal in North Korea to scam money from friends and family And he kills people I kept thinking I would uit reading it but it was creepily fascinating and fairly short This book is a waste of time The unreliable narrator taken to extremes This black comedy introduces Matt Freeman an arrogant opinionated narcissist and the story begins in a familiar high street opticians with Matt ranting about the limitations of different brands of glasses The gloss of Matt conceals a different story Well written and not laugh out loud funny but wry and peppered with the kind of dark wit that is keenly observed Parts of the book dragged and the continual stream of consciousnessfree indirect speech sometimes felt a tad laborious and monotonous some of it could easily have been cut back and the plot would remain unaffected however it is an enjoyable read albeit a disturbing topic with a subtle and clever narration Using these literary devices unreliable narrator beginning to end free indirect speech for the whole book without any other narrative excursions can be hard to pull off but on the whole it has been pulled off well Worth a read A british take on American Psycho? A lot subtle than thatThe first person narrative makes it ambigous as to exactly what is going going on Matt Freeman is in his thirties and a resident of the barbican He appears to be at war with the city and expectation of how to live as a yuppieWe meet him as he is trying to get a new pair of designer glasses having deliberatly broken the last pair in a bid to get the latest stylesThis sets the scene We are given an insight into his minds meanderings as the city restaurants business partners lovers old friends cabbies the transport system all conspire against himAt times deliciously funny He has a business plan to expand into North Korea and often his disappointment with the City are tempered with what Kim and Koreans would doYou have to get through the stream of consciousness noise to work out what is going on and it looks like murder is involved at some point As Matt himself doesnt really know what is going on its hard to decipher and the book adds no real answersThe thing that sticks out about the book is how often Matts musings are correctA good book I'm almost sorry I read the book but I think if one's been involved in finance as I have the book reads almost as a modern day allegory I read a number of papers that point to the fact our markets today have a psychopathic nature to themselves Finance has become perverted and become Matt Freeman Listen to Robert Schiller or read his books and you'll understand how far finance has missed the mark The author himself is as talented as a writer as his protagonist in his book is detestable Matt Freeman the lead character I think would make a perfect incarnation of modern day finance which believe Henry Sutton is really alluding tooIt really is a satirical look at the pathology that is our miserable lives in miserable times I think this book was very well written it is hard to maintain interest in such an appalling terrifying main character for so long but Sutton succeeded It's also to the book's credit that I felt personally compromised and guilt ridden after I finished a feeling I imagine is similar to binge watching Dexter or some inane reality show Weaving the brands in constantly was very effective and I liked the commentary about class and grasping for luxury goods I guess I was most interested in what this book made me feel as a reader but maybe I would have been better off mentally if I hadn't read it I am now reading Girl on the Train and finding tinges of unpleasant voyeurism there as well It wild be interesting to compare and contrast the two novels Appears to be a London credit crunch version closer to complete copy of American Psycho – featuring an obnoxious central character obsessed with brands and with the breakdown of society and function in London with the inanities of popular culture and customer service but to a psychopathic degree with a delusional view that he has some form of promotional business and who may or may not be a serial killer if he isn’t then a remarkable number of women around him appear to be murdered or go missing and if he is then the police seem incapable of following some very obvious clues A completely terrible and worthless book 'Henry Sutton has always had a knack for sueezing the national zeitgeist into tight little narratives' Geoff DyerIt's autumn 2008 and Matt Freeman is having a very bad day Stuck in Canary Wharf he's overwhelmed by shoddy merchandise hollow corporations and broken promises Later that night things only get worse when he drops in on his girlfriend Bobbie a fashion PR and reality TV show fanaticAs his London life spirals murderously out of control Matt is forced to seek out old flames and consider North Korean business ventures Sneered at by sales assistants abused by cabbies and mugged by his own dreams he searches for a final means of escape Get Me Out of Here is a novel of comic anger of success and failure commerce and culture and fundamentally belief in a busted city

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