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The Amateur Governess A sudden twist of fate left Catherine Wittingham penniless and alone Ignoring the advice of her friends and her own premonitions she took the position of governess in the foreboding Ravensbourne mansionBut the chilling memory of Mary Ravensbourne lurked in every shadow of the ill fated houseAnd Catherine found herself the terrified target of an unspeakable evil I've purchased this book manly because it is about a governess and because of the title The story is a bit dark set in the year of the ueen's Jubilee Catherine and her sister are left penniless once their father passed away Catherine is a strong woman who decides to work as a governess for a little girl who is pretty much ignored in her family The life is of this girl was so similar to Colin's from The Secret Garden The book is a bit gloomy; Catherine's new life is hard and sad She and the girl Amy are practically starving the house is dark and damp; they are alone Catherine's sister is an ungrateful selfish brat The mystery is not really a mystery since we know from around half of the story what is going on Mr Ravensbourne is nice but very irresponsible This was my first and only book by this author It had little bit of mystery and little bit of romance It was an engaging read despite the fact that mystery of the former MRS Ravensbourne when revealed was a little bit tame It is like in the fashion of Jane Eyre The Story revolves around Catherine and her younger sister who are left penniless after their parents death Catherine takes up a job as a companion of an old aunt of her betrothed not really engaged but her earnest admirer The aunt unfortunately likes her younger sister and gives the job to her Catherine needs a job and fast That's how she ends up in Ravensbourne to look after the young girl Mr Ravensbourne is very stern yet kind man and they both end up having a happy ending together Good story but I wish there was to the romance side It really came down to the last few pages to see if anything was going to happen

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