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5 thoughts on “My First uestion and Answer Book

  1. Jasmeet Dagen Jasmeet Dagen says:

    This uestion and answer book has been a big hit with my children and myself and it is definitely a fact book I would use as a ualified teacher with my class when appropriate My First uestion and Answer Book covers a range of subjects including Animals Science History Space and Our PlanetThe book is a great starting point for a child's interests The language is accessible and child friendly The illustrations are colourful detailed and pleasant to the eyeI would consider this book to be appropriate for Key Stage One and Lower Key Stage Two As a ualified teacher I would most likely use this book at the end of the day on the carpet I would ask the children to put their hand up and tell me what topic they would like some facts on As an extension I would suggest children carry out further research at home with parents and carers or think about the next topic they would like to hear facts on

  2. Toulsonj Toulsonj says:

    This book is Amazing for EYFS and KS1 Gallagher has captured the child spirit wonderfully in this book there are 5 main topics she explores in the book Animals Science History Space and Our Planet As we know children always have so many uestions and this book helps them to understand some of the first things they are exposed to and may uestion For example How much hair do I have on my head? Or are my eyes like a camera? These are just some examples but it can really help children understand some topics that are hard to explain

  3. Mohammad Mohammad says:

    Read it when I was small and was very fun and informative

  4. Julie Julie says:

    Took me 5 months to read to my grandson but we totally enjoyed it

  5. Lakshay Mehra Lakshay Mehra says:

    it was a really nice book it consisted of many uestions which were many knowledge

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My First uestion and Answer Book With fun uestions and easy to follow answers this title covers key subject areas such as history natural history and science Specially designed parent panels give tips on further learning and a fun uiz at the back of each book tests children on what they have read