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A Certain Je Ne Sais uoi Vocabulary alone isn't enough To survive in the most sophisticated and the most scathing nation on Earth you will need to understand the many peculiarities of the very peculiar French culture And for that you need A Certain Je Ne Sais uoiIf you want to fit in with the French you'll have to know how to deal with sardonic waiters; why French children hate Charlemagne; the etiuette of kissing joke telling and drinking songs what to do with a bidet the correct recipe for a salade nicoise and of course how to convey absolute shattering indifference with a single syllable BofCharles Timoney the author of Pardon My French provides a practical pleasurable guide to the charms of the Gallic people from their daily routines to their peerless gesticulations from their come ons to their put downs Read on and put the oh la la back into your French vacances Your inner gaul will thank you for it

9 thoughts on “A Certain Je Ne Sais uoi

  1. Rob Rob says:

    These kinds of books written by long term residents are always at least a little useful to those who do not live in a country but aim to or often do visit it Sometimes the daily grind brings the reflection that the short term simply has not had time to get to In this book writer Charles Timoney uses breezy humour to lighten the load while also skewing the perspective very much to British readers something which occasionally brings it a little unstuck All in all though this is an enjoyable behavioural guidebook with enough titbits and pieces of earned wisdom to make it useful on the next trip thereFor example I have to admit that while I don't tend to translate well done when applauding in French something I've seen someone do I was not aware that bien fait in fact means something like serves you right Or indeed the use of bof which I had read and never really been clear on Or the use of lézarder as a verb for loungingIn fact if the only takeaway from this book is not to order a café au lait in a bar which in truth I wouldn't do anyway being an expressnoir and at most a noisette drinker but rather a café crème then it will have served for something

  2. Marcus Syrén Marcus Syrén says:

    Fun hilarious and full of clichées about the French This helped me a lot when living in France and meeting all the cultural differences

  3. Kara Kara says:

    I love reading books with good anecdotes Good includes good sense of humor Reaching the last page of this book followed by bonus excerpts from another one I've come to possess a fair deal of stories and facts that can serve as a decent conversation opener or save a date from a dead end topic Given where I am from it is interesting to finally understand how things I see and use on a daily basis can be traced back to its origin Everything has a story behind it indeed The book gives me a better idea of French people and how they go on about their life though to be sure I need to do some cross checking or better yet experience myself And I know that there are to see and ger dazzled by other than the Eiffel Tower or Mona Lisa

  4. WR WR says:

    Another of the French themed books that I've read while here This one is written by a Brit who has stayed in France for a while married to a French lady and takes freuent digs at the French for their uirks uite funny though I found that it reads better in small chunks else the writing can get a little tedious Some useful survival type information though I'm not sure if all of what he says is true?

  5. Mélissa Mélissa says:

    A cliche and yet uite true book which I'd recommend to my foreign friends If you know French people andor France you will have a good time reading this book and making fun and them The book might be a bit too descriptive and a bit less funny at the end but still interesting

  6. Margot Note Margot Note says:

    I love books written by the English about the French

  7. Montessahall Montessahall Montessahall Montessahall says:

    This book contains pedestrian stereotypical and dated information about French cultural norms Not a useful or accurate source of information for anyone wanting to learn about French culture

  8. Annicken Annicken says:

    A genius little book portraying French life and culture from a humorous British perspective Absolutely loved it

  9. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    C'est bon

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