The English Rebel One Thousand Years of Trouble making

The English Rebel One Thousand Years of Trouble making from the Normans to the Nineties This book had a very interesting subject but it did not live up to it In part this was because the history of English rebellion is so vast that you would need dozens of books to cover it This book was great as an introduction to various instances of rebellion in English history and would be good as a first step in learning about one or some of the rebellions mentionedWhere it falls short however is trying to cram all events in at once and therefore not covering any of them in nearly the depth that they deserve The writer also uses names and places he expects you to know many he has mentioned pages before fleetingly but also a fair few that are not even mentioned in this book I wanted to know about the areas of English history I was not familiar with specifically the middle ages up to Tudor times and to be fair this is where the book was strongest and spent most of its time However it was not deep enough for me so I will mainly be using this again to check out the Further Reading section at the back so I can get a book that properly delves into this subject and individual events mentioned An entertaining and illuminating romp through the English rebellions and revolts of the last 1000 years The English Rebel by David Horspool chronicles Britain's last millennium of rebellion and monarchical overthrows Somehow Harspool makes exciting history dull and devoid of excitement Very InterestingAt times it dragged a little bit but was necessary for the backstory It was very thorough but it didn't drag It didn't just focus on the famous rebellions but touched on a lot of them I really like Horspool's idea of the English being troublemakers and that the true history of England is a story of rebellion And he tells this story really well The detail of some of the examples is brief but when you are drawing upon a thousand years worth that is unavoidable If you want to learn about England's rebels then this is an excellent starting point A really interesting if not hugely deep study that does what the title says There's a wealth of information here and to my mind some running themes that are pretty applicable to what England and Britain as a whole has been through over the last couple of years I wouldn't mind reading an updated version with extra chapters about the last sixteen odd years I think there is plenty to say about the anti war marches and the resurgence of English nationalism's ugliness that would be interesting if also very depressing A fun intelligent and readable historical overview of a millennia of English troublemaking something it seems we're very good at Necessarily brief in places but a recommended volume for those who are interested in the subject but don't necessarily have much historical knowledge The English have a rich and glorious history of making trouble for themselves One hundred and forty years before the French Revolution the English executed their king and instituted a radical revolutionary government In 1215 than 570 years before the United States ratified its Bill of Rights England's barons forced King John to accept the Magna Carta In 1926 over 15 million strikers brought the nation to its knees From the Peasants' Revolt to the suffragettes from Oliver Cromwell to Arthur Scargill this ground breaking and hugely enjoyable book describes a rich and continuous tradition of resistance rebellion and radicalism of violent and charismatic individuals with axes to grind and of social eruptions and political earthuakes that have shaped England's whole culture and character Excellent Horspool writes serious history in a completely unstuffy style showing the rebellions which other histories often leave out or marginalise

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