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The Medical Miscellany This fascinating collection of medically related items will inform amuse and tantalise How can you tell if a murder victim was left or right handed How many euphemisms can you think of for unmentionable parts of the body What has chicken pox got to do with chickens What is the diagnosis if you're two stops short of West Ham And when two doctors in Casualty earnestly discuss your 'UBI' and how to get rid of the 'velcro' what are they really talking about If you need a present with a difference this is your answer and it s also ideal for the loo Contents Medical alphabets 'Anatomically entitled' books films works of art Ancient cures Etymology the origin of medical terms Euphemisms Famous deaths Famous sufferers Historical allusions Medicine in legend Pieces of poetry Shakespeare on matters medical Suicide in opera Unscientific names for medical entities and much much Your unexplained beer injury they've smelt your breath The friends and relations who will not leave your sideAlso available Essential Carer's Guide ISBN 190514007X Traditional Herbal Medicines A Guide to Their Safer Use ISBN 1905140045 The Perrin Techniue ISBN 1905140126Hammersmith Press is an independent publishing house producing books for the general public and health professionals that promote better health and well being through a greater understanding of the human body and mind with a particular emphasis on the importance of nutrition and dietSome of the areas we publish in include Neuro linguistic Programming NLP Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Natural Health Weight Loss Holistic Medicine Thyroid Health Medical stories Healthy eating Traditional medicines Infertility Menopause Diabetes I usually like reading both medicine and trivia but I didn't find this book terribly interesting I think it's mainly because the book is almost all lists and I prefer stories Some parts were kind of funny but I also saw a few inaccuracies Shrug I suppose if you like medicine and list type trivia you would like this

  • The Medical Miscellany
  • Manoj Ramachandran
  • 03 October 2016
  • 9781905140053

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