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Easy Arabic Grammar Though my mother tongue is Arabic i intend to read this book and know how people are going to learn itI do not like e books soi will try to get one ◕‿◕ Very nice book the authors have done the book really well so that a non arabic speaker can easily understand the complex arabic grammar as well as apply the techniues to build sentences I will definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn arabic from scratch While I'm still reading this book I just can't wait until I finish it to recommend it If you are trying to learn Arabic this book is essential After taking two classes private lessons and using Rosetta Stone this is the only resource I've found that really helps me to understand the rules of the language and be able to develop a solid base of Arabic to build upon I've started carrying it with me everywhere I go to review and practice and it has helped me immensely Very highly recommended Sorry this isn't a review but a uery Can someone kindly tell me the dialect of this book?Is it MSA or Egyptian? Because the two authors teach both Egyptian and MSA in the Michel Thomas seriesThanks in advance for your kind reply An exceptionally clear and accessible reference and workbook for anyone who wants to learn Arabic Easy Arabic Grammar is both a handy grammar reference and a primerworkbook for beginning to intermediate level students of Arabic Clear structural explanations and practice activities make it a perfect companion for formal language classes as well as any self teaching course

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