El burlador de Sevilla o El convidado de piedra PDF/EPUB

El burlador de Sevilla o El convidado de piedra Ésta es la primera obra donde aparece el legendario burlador de la fe y de las mujeres Don Juan ue conjuntamente con el uijote son los héroes de la literatura clásica española más universales y populares El don Juan de Tirso ue seduce a doña Isabela haciéndose pasar por su marido inspiró posteriormente a otros autores como Molière Verdi o Zorrilla Sin embargo este don Juan original padre de todos los demás es curiosamente el menos conocido This is another I have read for my Renaissance drama class I like how Molina combined tragedy comedy and morality plays all in one play He also created an archetype when he made Don Juan Don Juan is the epitome of a man that thinks he is God's gift to women Except Don Juan is their curse Don Juan also thinks he's smarter than God and will get away with all the sins that he has committed because he is young he has plenty of time to repent and God is forgiving But God is able to take the wise in their own craftiness and He does so before the play ends With the cause of strife out of the way everyone else ends up happily ever after So as you can see from my star rating I didn't enjoy this one as much as Fuente Ovejuna And it was because of the premise of this book The sole premise of this book was about a man who tricked women into sleeping with him Oh how I hated this book because of that The man in uestion Don Juan was just a pure asshole who kept insulting women and tricking them with his friend and it was so annoying and I just hated him from the first page on And he wasn't he wasn't the only annoying person in the book the women he tricked were also very annoying and stupidI kid you not he tricks a woman on her wedding day that he is her husband Keep in mind that she can fully see him and knows who her husband is Don Juan just kept insisting that her husband didn't want her any and that he was her husband now and she actually fell for it This actually happened Overall I wouldn't recommend this Just no Renaissance Castilian is really really hard But knowing the Don Juan story was worth it because damn that thing shows up everywhereAlso yay for not needing subtitles during Don Giovanni nowUPDATE 2017 It is really enjoyable to revisit what was once a seemingly impenetrable text and find it is now a very easily digestible cheesy morality play Yay for learning and also dragging men to hell i hated this so much i hated all the characters i hated everything that happened the only thing i truly enjoyed was when the ghost from a character from earlier in the play came the fuck out of nowhere and killed don juan fuck don juan by the waytho i can see why ppl would enjoy it i just didn't I read this play in AP Spanish Literature and Culture Although it was a difficult play to read and follow with help from my teacher I grew to love the characters and be involved in the plot This is a perfect example of Spanish Baroue literature and is super fun to act out in class especially the end I liked this original version much better than Don Juan Tenorio It's actually a combination of several different legendstall tales that existed in the Spanish Golden Age Mozart's Don Giovanni is based off of this one than Zorrilla's version Written in 1630 by Friar Gabriel de Tellez Giron under the pen name of Tirso de Molinathis is a religious play based upon a controversy between those who believed in free will and those who believed that salvation was predetermined by god Fabulous The original Don Juan in all its glory Me encantó I never knew that Don Giovanni came from other sources This was definitely interesting to see a Spanish play in translation There's a lot of evil here but the characters were so uniue with a great twist

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