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The Making of a Sonnet A Norton Anthology This illuminating anthology follows the sonnet through its various moments and makers over five and a half centuries Edward Hirsch and Eavan Boland two of our foremost poets focus on vicissitudes paying particular attention to how individual poets—from Shakespeare to Strand—have claimed these fourteen lines lengthened them shortened them elaborated on them and in turn been defined by them Three sections—The Sonnet in the Mirror The Sonnet Goes to Different Lengths and The Sonnet extraordinary durability and its reinventions The collection opens with personal introductions by the editors and in the appendix they provide Ten uestions for a Sonnet Workshop to jump start a conversation between students and teachers With than three hundred poems The Making of a Sonnet guides readers through a vigorous adventures in craft and practice right up to its extraordinary resurgence in contemporary poetry A strong anthology of the sonnet form which gets particular credit for devoting its largest section to the 20th Century The title is a bit deceptive as this is primarily an anthology but from an anthology you really couldn't ask for It covers the evolution of the sonnet century by century beginning with the 16th It of course includes all the biggies Shakespeare Hopkins Millay etc but the 20th century especially is riddled with poets unknown or only barely known to me Here's one from Mystery TrainDavid Wojhan1 Homage Light From the HallIt is Soul Brother Number One James BrownChanting It wouldn't be nothing Noth iiiinnnnngggDismembering the notes until everything hangsOn his mystical half screech notes skidding 'roundYour brain as you listen rapt thirteenTransistor and its single earphone tuckedWith you beneath the midnight covers station WKEDBig Daddy Armand The Ragin' CajunSpinning the bossest platters for you allGolden age trance when New Orleans stationsTraveling two thousand miles shaped distanceInto alchemy Beneath the door a light from the hallBathing the bedroom in its stammering glowCooke and Redding risen James Brown uaking the ApolloAnd another and older just becauseSonnet 30Edmund SpenserMy love is lyke to yse and I to fyre;How comes it then that this her cold so greatIs not dissolved through my so hot desyreBut harder growes the I her intreat?Or how comes it that my exceeding heatIs not delayd by her hart frosen coldBut that I burne much in boyling sweatAnd feele my flames augmented manifold?What miraculous thing may be toldThat fire which all things melts should harden yseAnd yse which is congeald with sencelesse coldShould kindle fyre by wonderful devyse?Such is the powre of love in gentle mindThat it can alter all the course of kynd An excellent collection organized by century Extraordinary to see the ways in which the form developed over time and also the uniue approach of each poet within the same strict form LovelyHere's a sample The Illiterate by George MeredithTouching your goodness I am like a manWho turns a letter over in his handAnd you might think this was because the handWas unfamiliar but truth is the manHas never had a letter from anyone;And now he is both afraid of what it meansAnd ashamed because he has no other meansTo find out what it says than to ask someoneHis Uncle could have left the farm to him Or his parents died before he sent them wordOr the dark girl changed and want him for belovedAfraid and letter proud he keeps it with himWhat would you call his feeling for the wordsThat keep him rich and orphaned and beloved?106 Death Be Not Proud John Donne106 Batter My Heart 143 Grasshopper and the Cricket Leigh Hunt155 Half My Life is Gone Longfellow155 The Sheaves 189 The Silken Tent Frost190 Never Again 213 View Phyllis McGinley232 The Illiterate William Meredith237 The Snow Weed Howard Moss238 Jacob's Ladder Donald Davie239 Death By Drowning Elizabeth Brewster242 Mrs Snow Donald Justice251 Llanto Philip Levine258 Conversation Among the Ruins Sylvia Plath264 Poetic K Fields267 Sonnet Robert Pinsky300 Sonnet Michelangelo305 Wreath George Herbert332 American Sonnet Billy Collins344 I Find No Peace Petrarch344 My Lady Michelangelo351 Night Scene Paul Verlaine360 Sonnet Phillippe Jaccottet For all purposes this is probably one of the largest collections of sonnets many of them devoted to modern sonnets as opposed to ones from different languages or different eras I recommend the Art of The Sonnet by Stephen Burt as a substitute the selection isnt as extensive but the choices are much better with regards to uality and conceit whereas the choices from this anthology seem much random and not as carefully thought out

  • Paperback
  • 512 pages
  • The Making of a Sonnet A Norton Anthology
  • Edward Hirsch
  • English
  • 13 July 2015
  • 9780393333534

About the Author: Edward Hirsch

Edward Hirsch is a celebrated poet and peerless advocate for poetry He was born in Chicago in 1950—his accent makes it impossible for him to hide his origins—and educated at Grinnell College and the University of Pennsylvania where he received a PhD in Folklore His devotion to poetry is lifelongHe has received numerous awards and fellowships including a MacArthur Fellowship a Guggenheim Fe

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