Hardcover Í Assignment Baby MOBI Ò

Assignment Baby Gabriel Stearne might be a brilliant businessman but there's nothing on his illustrious resume about children So the unexpected delivery to the office of a baby leaves him only one place to turn his personal assistant Tess Gordon Gabriel and Tess have been hiding their fiery attraction for each other behind strictly professional behavior Now Tess has to stay in Gabriel's apartment to help him care for little Harry And between late night feeds and early wake up calls anything could happen

About the Author: Jessica Hart

After a haphazard career spent working and travelling around the world I stumbled into romance writing as a way to fund a PhD My first book A Sweeter Prejudice came out in 1991 and since then I've written a further 59 books some of which have won awards in the US and the UK I live in York a historic city in the north of England and waste the best part of my days planning trips away or on

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