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Natural Born Charmer I checked my kindle account to see when I first read this series It was back in 2011 Devoured them at the time It was probably prior to joining Goodreads so never did a review I recently re read the series Well I skipped Heaven Texas not sure why But all the others have been solid 5 stars for me I was a bit hesitant to re read this one I had originally five starred it But Dean appears in Match Me If You Can and I really wasn't a fan He was a jock wore diamond earrings was cocky Then again he was a few years younger in that one He definitely has matured in this oneBLUE BAILEYI think Blue is one of my favourite ever heroines She was strong feisty independent uirky had her own dress sense She was not intimidated by Dean or by anyone well except Jack I think I would be the same if a certain rock star that I adore suddenly turned up at my doorstep “Make up? What happened? You look almost femaleThanks You look almost straight” I loved the banter between these twoDEAN ROBILLARD “She gave Pretty Boy a surreptitious glance Did he honestly expect her to believe he was gay? True there were the gay boots and those stunning good looks But even so he blasted enough heterosexual mega wattage to light up the entire female population Which he’d undoubtedly been doing since he shot out of the birth canal glimpsed his reflection in the obstetrician’s eyeglasses and gave the world a high five” This is one of those books that I feel I could waffle on and on and on about The Boss is mentioned of course I am going to love it “If you 're serious about getting it on again be sure to give me some advance notice so I can grab my appointment calendar and block out three minutes” We have the secondary story going on too Jack and April Riley the townspeople Nita “Who the hell is that?Some call her Satan Others Beelzebub She goes by many names” JACKI really wish books were written about older characters Jack was 54 and he was smoking hotAPRILJack and April sigh He used to smell like sex and cigarettes Now he smelled of oak bergamot and night Ok I better shut up now or I could be all day on Pinterest checking out pictures 5 Charming Stars Wasn't so sure if I would like Deanand I didn'tI LOVED HIMA Gypsy Caravan A Flashlight and Dean RobillardSWOON Euals sexy good timeswow that was HOTI got than I bargained for with this book it was way than just a contemporary romance This book was about family mending relationships and building new ones The witty banter had me snickering especially the verbal smack downs between Blue and Nitahysterical Finally however Blue was behind the wheel of a sporty three year old red Corvette Roadster “You were expecting a Town Car weren’t you?” Nita sniffed from the passenger seat “Or a Crown Victoria An old lady’s car” “I was expecting a broomstick” Blue muttered taking in the dusty dashboard “How long since this thing’s been out of the garage?”“I can’t drive any with my hip but I let it run once a week so the battery doesn’t die” “It’s best to keep the garage door down while you’re doing that A good thirty minutes should take care of it”Then the beautiful relationship that Riley forms with Nita a friendship that defies their ages it was lovely Lots going on but at the core are Dean and Blue two people who never imagined that they could work as a couple but they do in a big way As they learn to trust and lean on each other find what they've been looking for all of their lives it read like a modern day fairytale Instead a of prince and a princess it's a cocky football player that rescues a headless miserable beaver trudging down the roadokay so maybe not a fairytale but it was really good That ending oh my the mural I can picture it in my mind the writing on the wall so to speak the story of their lives Chalk up another favorite in the series for me SEP never fails to dazzle me Thanks for pushing me to read this Kellie girl It wasn’t every day a guy saw a headless beaver marching down the side of a road not even in Dean Robillard’s larger than life world “Son of a” Dean slammed on the brakes of his brand new Aston Martin Vanuish and pulled over in front of herThat's where Dean Robillard meets Blue Bailey In a headless beaver costume walking down a deserted highway and his life was forever changed when he offered her a ridefor better or for worse he's still not uite sureYou see Dean's a pretty boy he's a NFL star uarterback gorgeous has impeccible style and is obviously richhe's also used to getting everything he wantsor so we think However just because you have money doesn't mean your life is perfectTrue there were the gay boots and those stunning good looks But even so he blasted enough heterosexual mega wattage to light up the entire female population Which he’d undoubtedly been doing since he shot out of the birth canal glimpsed his reflection in the obstetrician’s eyeglasses and gave the world a high fiveNow Blue is his complete opposite in every way She's an artist with a sarcastic attitude she's broke has no taste in clothes because she could care less about fashion She wears her combat boots with everything and half the time she looks like a rag tag hobowhich drives him crazyBut he’d lost interest in food “Don’t you own anything pink?” She looked down at her bike shorts and camouflage T shirt “What’s wrong with this?” “Nothing if you’re planning to invade Cuba” She shrugged “I’m not into clothes” “Now there’s a surprise” She pretended to think it over “If you really want to see me in pink I guess I could borrow something from you”Very reluctantly and after a lot of cursing and griping Blue agrees to go with him to his farm and check on the progress of the renovations As the weeks wear on these two grow closer and closer but I hope you don't think it's going to be that easy? Because it's not I forgot to say Blue is VERY stubborn and she doesn't take handouts from no one She is so proud even though she's flat brokeshe's absolutely one of my most favorite female charactersmouthy and proud Dean's no push over either so watching the two of them maneuver each other is fascinatingThis book is so much than just a love story There are family issues and trying to rebuild parental relationships that were destroyed in the past Overcoming the emotional damage that it has caused to everyone involvedjust beautiful is all I can sayI could ramble on about this book FOREVER but I'm not going to bore you to death This is the second time I've read this book and I will say I LOVED it even this time aroundThis is one of my most favorite books EVER writtenIt could be read as a stand alone but I think you would benefit from reading the entire series The rest of the series is good too but this is my fav My 2020 re readlisten Just as good as previous readslistensI know every time I read or re read these books I keep saying the character from that book is my favourite and I chop and change everytime I switch books but I honestly think Blue is one of my favourite characters from SEP And Dean ain't half bad either And as for Jack and April And good luck to your team tonight whoever you are shouting for I will read about footballers but I know nothing about the game well I do know when there is a touchdown I think PREVIOUS REVIEW Just as good the second time around Loved it Note to authors please write books with older characters even secondary characters in books Swoon Jack Sexy as fuck And a singer to boot Move over Bruce well not really but you have some competition Dean Robillard jugador de los Chicago Stars es el hombre más afortunado del mundo es una auténtica estrella deportiva y acaba de iniciar una prolífica carrera como modelo de ropa interior Pero el camino a la gloria ha comenzado su declive y Dean decide hacer un viaje por carretera en un intento por comprender ué es lo ue no marcha bien en su vida Pero lo ue no sabe es ue muy pronto conocerá a alguien ue pondrá su mundo del revésBlue Bailey sólo tiene un objetivo en la vida vengarse de su ex Para ello cuenta con la ayuda de un auténtico dios griego el jugador de fútbol americano más famoso de América ue se ofrece a llevarla en su Aston Martin Sin embargo Dean no es el deportista descerebrado ue ella había imaginadoUna novela en la ue la popular autora de Toscana para dos y Tenías ue ser tú hace nuevamente gala de todo su ingenio y humorCuando el millonario Dean Robillard conoce a Blue Bailey a la muchacha no pueden irle peor las cosas Su ex le ha robado todo su dinero y no tiene adónde ir Dean una estrella del fútbol americano está de vacaciones mientras se recupera de una lesiónEl uaterback estrella de los Chicago Stars sufre una grave lesión en el hombro ue le obliga a replantearse su vida una vez ue abandone su carrera deportiva Decide tomarse unas peueñas vacaciones para recuperarse y aclarar sus ideas Mientras conduce su Aston Martin ve a una mujer ue camina por la carretera por lo ue para para ofrecerse a llevarlaBlue Bailey está destrozada sin empleo y se ha uedado tirada después de ue su ex le robara todo su dinero de modo ue cuando le para un guaperas con un cochazo no duda en aceptar irse con él Pronto se dirigen juntos a la nueva granja donde Blue pondrá la vida del deportista patas arriba Y aunue la atracción es mutua ¿podrá sobrevivir su relación cuando lo único ue tienen en común es ue no creen en el amor Honest to God I went in expecting to be charmed by Dean and Dean only but I fell head over heels for Blue beaver suit and all Her wise assery has no match neither does the mushiness of her heart SEP has written one hell of a heroine Every time Dean and Blue got into an argument I was laughing my heart out Dean and Blue's first meeting the charming town run by nobody's bitch Ms Nita Dean's backstory his adorable half sister Riley and his parents' budding romance pretty much everything about this book was so freaking entertaining Light hearted and super fun this was my second most favorite in this series 5 STARSHere we are at book 7 of the Chicago Stars and we’re still flying high These books are just so good They’re like sex on the beach or oodles of chocolate or champagne and strawberries I don’t care how many she writes I’m sure I’ll read and love them all But my reviews unfortunately are starting to sound like a broken record So I’ll try to keep it short and sweet This one features the Stars’ latest uarterback superstar Dean Robillard the NFL’s current golden boy And honestly a guy this hot who could ever measure up? This California golden boy seems to have it all I’m seeing shades of Bobby Tom again “You have some serious self esteem issues”“Me? Try again Nobody’s going to believe a brainiac like Blue Bailey would fall for a mental lightweight like you” Although Dean’s had a recent injury to his shoulder and the perfect image he’s had of himself and his career is finally starting to crack And for the first time since his career began he’s feeling restless Like something is missing from his life But he can’t image what he’s got fame fortune tons of friends and all the women he could ever want But nobody knows who he really is He’s made sure of that So thinking a drive across country might clear his head Dean takes off in his hot little sports car hoping to cure his restless heartThen along comes a headless beaver Blue Bailey said beaver is a thirty year old struggling artist who Dean picks up on the highway outside of Denver wearing a headless beaver costume and cursing like a sailor And from the moment he meets her somehow he knew his life would never be the same “If you’re serious about getting it on again be sure to give me some advance notice so I can grab my appointment calendar and block out three minutes” I really LOVED Blue This girl was strong willed hot headed and funny as hell Considering herself so far out of Dean’s league that she never let him intimidate her And he couldn’t stand the idea that he wasn’t affecting her “Make up? What happened? You look almost femaleThanks You look almost straight” If I could have read this book in one sitting I would have I didn’t want to put it down Loved it Loved the supporting characters “Who the hell is that?Some call her Satan Others Beelzebub She goes by many names” Nita Garrison was a hoot Jack Patriot and his daughter Riley And as usual there was the side romance for Dean’s mother April which was another added bonus “Life sure is easier when you're richAnd a natural born charmer Don't forget that partHow could I? she retorted It's the only thing we have in common” So since this book was published in 2004 I guess the series is done I guess I just have to put them on my TRR To Re Read Pile 35 Charm Me Stars Dean Robillard and Blue Bailey couldn't be different but destiny has devised a Colorado road and a beaver costume to have their path cross NFL hunky golden boy meets uirky bohemian girl and from there on it's all a fun romantic romp taking them eastward to a Tennessee farm where a bit of family drama and a lot of sizzling chemistry will bring them together while Dean's glamorous lifestyle and Blue's restlessness will try to keep them apartEngaging writing and sparkly humour with the usual flair the author has penned another lovely romance Dean and Blue's story is full of both exciting and moving memorable moments their energy leaps off the pages and most of their banters are a hoot especially her dry retorts sending him down a notch or two which he definitely needsThe dialogues really shine and also the secondary cast of characters makes for a well drawn and colourful parade on a vividly portrayed setting with hints of small town atmosphere And though I would have liked to see a little less of them to leave room to the leads and though sexy Dean can showcase some badly self centred tendencies when he wants to very minor uibbles aside this is one of the best examples of the opposites attract kind I've read in a long time together with an older SEP's title I've enjoyed recently Heaven TexasBuddy read with Jill Tennessee Farm★★★★★ This is a review of the audiobook Man oh man I love this book I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read it It is on my “re read for comfort” shelf which I desperately needed now My life is currently too crazy to sit and read so I popped in my ear buds and tried the audiobook this time narrated by the wonderful Anna Fields I have heard nothing but great things about this reader so I don’t know why I waited so long to listen to a story she narrates If a character speaks softly she delivers the line softly If they turn sarcastic she complies If they gasp she gasps Their voice breaks so does hers Astonishing as it sounds not all readers do this Some dialogue doesn’t have adjective ueues; nevertheless this talented raconteur intuitively knows how to delivery Ms Phillips’ clever uips or tender moments in context She definitely kicks this story up a notch I highly recommend her as narratorAs far as the storyline what can I say? I love these characters in the seventh book of the Chicago Stars series and I adore their love story Ms Phillips sure knows how to set up a “meet cute” and this one taking place on a highway outside of Denver with Blue Bailey walking down a hot dusty road in a beaver costume – plus a killing rage – is perfect When Dean Robillard rich superstar uarterback crosses her path he is taken by surprise in one humorous situation after another on their road trip to Tennessee Nevertheless each scene carries a Real Life believability that lets us get drawn into the deepening depths of their relationship Ms Phillips also knows how to write amazing secondary characters and these are some of her best There is one scene between an aging rocker and his neglected vulnerable young daughter that still has the ability to make my throat swell my eyes tearThis story can be read as a “standalone”; however you would probably enjoy it better if you read this series in order A younger Dean is deviously charming in Match Me If You Can; while in this one he is still deliciously witty but confronted with those demons in life that make one run or stand and mature Dean’s Gypsy Caravan I have to start with this WTF??? Headless beaver? Seriously?? I was on the floor laughing because of this I didn’t read the summary as my bad–and not so bad habit dictates so the surprise was awesome I knew I’d fall in love with this book and I did It was insanely goodIt’s been a while since I laughed so much from reading a book My mum was giving me awkward faces because of the stupid grin I had Sooooo many funny moments If I’d have to pick my favorite uotes from this book I’d just copy paste every word from it This is why I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips so much She feeds my uote addiction Feeds it sooo well MmmmmmThe characters have depth Even though they are funny and joke all the time deep inside they have dramas that shape their personalities into what they are If you think this book is just for laughs you’re wrong Susan Elizabeth Phillips always writes a good emotional storyLoved the endless verbal sparring between Dean and Blue The way she was teasing him was priceless They make such a cute couple I’d bring them together sit on the couch and just watch them beat each other’s ass for an entire day Or twoIt’s cruel of Dean to use the poor girl Blue only for getting some distance between women who harass him fans and nosy people But thinking about Blue’s reasons why she’s sticking with him I guess they’re even She needs a place to stay and some money he needs a leper who scares people away boos sound from the crowd What? The leper thing was too much? Never mind thenThe way Blue acts with Mrs Garrison amazes me I respect this chick with all my heart She’s the female character I love the most from the Chicago Stars series I can’t give you the reasons why I like her the most I probably dunno them myself But I respect strong and funny people and she fits the reuirements perfectly Plus a fellow artist and all that Wish I had the talent to come up with all these mean replies Could I find a book about this? How to get meaner in 50 simple steps here I comeWhy is it so damn hard for me to picture Dean dancing? I see they have this as a therapy thing for you know dramatic things So they dance and dance The chicks are easy to imagine Jack also but a bit blurry But Dean I keep getting the image of a chicken flapping its wings in a retarded way on a stupid farm song It’s just wrongJack and April also have a nice story I used to think being a rockstar would be awesome Living an excited life singing or playing an instrument rocking on stage But eventually it ends your private life messes with your head and transforms you into a different person This different person turns out to be bad in most cases Jack is a really complicated guy so I can’t really see how April could have had a normal life with him in the past Not to mention her whoring around which made me disrespect her I was trying so hard not to judge April Leaving your child just so you could waste time with rockers and get nailed by them is a little too much Now she’s trying to make things right but it sure won’t be easy I tried to like her but I failed Especially in the beginning Same goes with Jack which I hated till the end I mean yeah he tried to justify himself and all but he fcked up too much in my opinion I wouldn’t have been able to forgive him if he was my fatherRiley was an interesting kid Yes I know you’re thinking I lost my mind for saying this but the kid is actually mature and intelligent I mean she’s eleven and thinking about suicide Gotta respect that uhm maturity I guess? And when that jerk kid left her alone in the night on a deserted road I actually felt bad for her I have to go check on my medication There was a bit too much focus on her so I thought the story will get ruined because of this She was good in the end I didn’t even mind her I like the amount of drama that revolved around her; if it was than this I wouldn’t feel content with the storyNita is a strange woman She made me hate her at times because of how annoying she is and laugh in other times when she was well annoying as well So an annoying character that shifts your mood according to Blue’s cookingI’m talking too much aren’t I? Too serious and stuff huh? Well then you leave me no choice Behold my secret weaponYep Keep on staring at that while I finish my reviewMoving on In the end a perfect turn of events As usual I was trying to guess how it’s going to end to try to see what problems they’ll have to predict the typical big fight and who will be the one crawling back and apologizing As usual Susan Elizabeth Phillips bitchslapped me God I can’t predict this woman at all This is one of the main reasons why she’s between my top favorite authors Loved the story the characters were as usual messed up in the head and just plain awesome Blue was such a great heroine and Dean was simply perfect A touchy side story and lots of good romance My favorite book in the seriesI couldn’t make the review funnier It’s not a bad thing right? Being boring from time to time is good for youPS Choosing the damn uotes was so hard for me Just five out of so many that I selected A tough job indeedTop 5 uotes#5 “I’m not a drug dealer” he retorted hotly“You’re not a movie star”“Don’t rub it in The truth is I’m a semifamous male model with ambitions of being a movie star”“You’re gay”#4 “I’ll take your best suite” he said “And a small room by the elevator for my insane companion If that’s a problem put her next to any old ice machine”#3 “The first time I saw her was at a street carnival” He walked over to inspect the countertops “She had her face stuck through one of those wooden cutouts so naturally she caught my attention You’ve got to admit that face is something By the time I saw the rest of her it was too late”“I’m sitting right here” Blue reminded them#2 “Uh ma’amYou need some help?”Her paws didn’t break rhythm “You got a gun?”“Not with me”“Then I’ve got no use for you”#1 “Acht this Dean Roam a lot he is very famous man in America yes? My poor husband”—she curled her fingers around Dean’s arm—“his Eeenglish is veddy veddy bad and he does not understand this But my Eeenglish is veddy veddy good yes? And everywhere we go these pipples—pipples like you—they come up to him and say they think he is this man this Dean Roam a lot But I say no my husband is not famous in America but veddy famous in our country He is a veddy famous—how you say?—por nog ra pher”Read the review on ZombieHazard

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SUSAN ELIZABETH PHILLIPSSusan Elizabeth Phillips is the creator of the sports romance beginning with her 1989 bestseller FANCY PANTS An internationally acclaimed author her books have been published in over 30 languages She’s the only four time recipient of the Romance Writers of America’s prestigious Favorite Book of the Year Award and a recipient of their Lifetime Achievement Award Susan'

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