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This Edition Of Norman Davies Study Of The History Of Poland Has Been Revised And Fully Updated With Two New Chapters To Bring The Story To The End Of The Th Century The Writing Of Polish History, Like Poland Itself, Has Frequently Fallen Prey To Interested Parties Professor Norman Davies Adopts A Sceptical Stance Towards All Existing Interpretations And Attempts To Bring A Strong Dose Of Common Sense To His Theme He Consequently Presents A Comprehensive Survey Of This Frequently Maligned And Usually Misunderstood Country !!> KINDLE ❄ I Blame The Scapegoats ❁ Author John O& – 9facts.co.uk Like Poland Itself Read ✓ Beneath the Earth By John Boyne – 9facts.co.uk Has Frequently Fallen Prey To Interested Parties Professor Norman Davies Adopts A Sceptical Stance Towards All Existing Interpretations And Attempts To Bring A Strong Dose Of Common Sense To His Theme He Consequently Presents A Comprehensive Survey Of This Frequently Maligned And Usually Misunderstood Country God's Playground: A History of Poland, Vol. 1: The Origins to 1795

About the Author: Norman Davies

Professor Ivor Norman Richard Davies FBA, FRHistS is a leading English historian of Welsh descent, noted for his publications on the history of Europe, Poland, and the United Kingdom From 1971, Davies taught Polish history at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies SSEES of the University of London, where he was professor from 1985 to 1996 Currently, he is Supernumary Fellow at Wolfson College, Oxford Throughout his career, Davies has lectured in many countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Poland, and in most of the rest of Europe as well.The work which established Davies reputation in the English speaking world was God s Playground 1981 , a comprehensive overview of Polish history In Poland, the book was published officially only after the fall of communism In 2000, Davies Polish publishers Znak published a collection of his essays and articles under the title Smok wawelski nad Tamiz The Wawel Dragon on the Thames It is not available in English.In 1984, Davies published Heart of Europe, a briefer history of Poland Interestingly, the chapters are arranged in reverse chronological order In the 1990s, Davies published Europe A History 1996 and The Isles A History 1999 , about Europe and the islands of Great Britain and Ireland, respectively Each book is a narrative interlarded with numerous sidepanel discussions of microtopics In 2002, at the suggestion of the city s mayor, Bogdan Zdrojewski, Davies and his former research assistant, Roger Moorhouse, co wrote a history of Wroc aw Breslau, a Silesian city Titled Microcosm Portrait of a Central European City, the book was published simultaneously in English, Polish, German and Czech Davies also writes essays and articles for the mass media Among others, he has worked for the BBC as well as British and American magazines and newspapers, such as The Times, The New York Review of Books and The Independent In Poland, his articles appeared in the liberal Catholic weekly Tygodnik Powszechny Davies book Rising 44 The Battle for Warsaw describes the Warsaw Uprising It was followed by Europe at War 1939 1945 No Simple Victory 2006 In 2008 Davies participated in the documentary film The Soviet Story Some historians, most vocally Lucy Dawidowicz and Abraham Brumberg, object to Davies historical treatment of the Holocaust in Nazi occupied Poland They accuse him of minimizing historic antisemitism, and of promoting a view that accounts of the Holocaust in international historiography largely overlook the suffering of non Jewish Poles Davies s supporters contend that he gives due attention to the genocide and war crimes perpetrated by both Hitler and Stalin on Polish Jews and non Jews Davies himself argues that Holocaust scholars need have no fears that rational comparisons might threaten that uniqueness Quite the opposite and that one needs to re construct mentally the fuller picture in order to comprehend the true enormity of Poland s wartime cataclysm, and then to say with absolute conviction Never Again In 1986, Dawidowicz s criticism of Davies historical treatment of the Holocaust was cited as a factor in a controversy at Stanford University in which Davies was denied a tenured faculty position for alleged scientific flaws Davies sued the university for breach of contract and defamation of character, but in 1989 the court ruled that it did not have jurisdiction in an academic matter.Davies holds a number of honorary titles and memberships, including honorary doctorates from the universities of the Jagiellonian University since 2003 , Lublin, Gda sk and Warsaw since 2007 , memberships in the Polish Academy of Learning PAU and the Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europaea, and fellowships of the British Academy and the Royal Historical Society Davies received an honorary DLitt degree from his alma mater the University of Sussex Davies is also an honorary

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    I have been told by friends living in Warsaw that Norman Davies God s Playground is required reading for American diplomats employed in Poland If this is true, Bravo for the U.S Foreign service.The state of historical writing in Poland is lamentable During the 19th century when England, France and the United States were establishing their historical professions, Poland did not exist It was divide

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    Norman Davies is an outstanding historian who is one of the world s leading experts in Polish history, and the book demonstrates this It contains a wealth of detail that paints the daily life in historic times, but also analyses long term developments within the Polish nation as well as in international politics, of which Poland has so often and so dramatically been the victim This is simply the bes

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    An incredible book, even if I can t remember ever taking so long to finish one Extremely dense with information there sthan a person could ever hope to retain to memory here fact after fact What really makes this book stand out in my mind though is that Davies makes it all come together I may not remember many of the dates and details, but I feel like I have a general understanding of Polish history th

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    Ahh I ve actually made this my last book of the year God s Playground has been sitting on my bookshelf for years I can t believe that I waited so long to read it It was a long and dense read, but this book gives its reader a view of history of Poland though with a focus on the commonwealth great detail which I haven t really seen in a history book before and for that reason, I love it.

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    I wanted to rate this higher Davies produced a masterful study of Poland s pre partition history, but it may be the densest tome I ve ever picked up Imagine a book with a full chapter devoted to the Vistula grain trade Yet I stuck with it, and read every last page, even thought the going was slow Davies is a serious scholar who has dug into primary source material to produce a thorough, masterful study of Po

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    This book is DENSE If you want a thorough and I mean thorough history of Poland, this is a good bet I gave it three stars because although there s loads of information, and it is all laid out nicely and is fairly easy to digest, I have issues with Davies timeline I m still not entirely clear on how he s structured the book, or why I read this book for a Polish history class, but I think I would be fairly confus

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    There s No Land Like Poland When you think about Europe, you have seen or read numerous histories of Britain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain and even Portugal There are lots of books that deal with Eastern Europe in the modern age, with Ottoman Turkey, the USA, and many other parts of the world, but comprehensive histories of Poland are rare I realized this when I found the present volume in a Melbourne boo

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    This Davies book iscomparable to historic novel than to the serious historian work a almost no original historic sources aka chronicles and documents were used actually this book is a compilation of historic works from other authors b strange priorities sometimes a significant event e.g Thirteen Years War is almost neglected by Davies only short paragraph was dedicated , but Davies indulges in inserting long letters

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    It has never taken me so long to read anything, but this is definitely not the type to just flick through on the bus Though I was expecting your traditional history book, this one is so muchFact after fact, detailed description of reality all through But it definitely didn t feel like 570pages rather 2k

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    This is the second time I have read this The best history of Poland in English, one of the best in any language I have been told.

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