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Death of a Salaryman Wonderfully surreal and painfully real this is the story of a Japanese salaryman who loses his job at a TV corporation on his 40th birthday and slips through to a different layer of society In a shadowy world where curious characters show him the way—a traveling salesman with a passion for Elvis a pachinko pro with dreams of returning to Hawaii and a TV producer who will stop at nothing to get his big break—Kenji sets off on a roller coaster ride of misadventures Via a bizarre chain of happenstance including being struck by lightning while wielding a golf club he finds himself responsible for a bizarre TV reality game show Against all odds the salaryman dies—to be reborn as a human being Fresh original and funny this astonishing debut novel brilliantly captures the fast changing culture of Japan and its surreal underside in an engaging portrait of an ordinary man battling with the contradictory demands of contemporary life

9 thoughts on “Death of a Salaryman

  1. Sergei_kalinin Sergei_kalinin says:

    Место действия современная Япония ГГ маленький человек маркетолог в крупной телекомпании Его увольняют Новую работу не найти Дома двое детей пилящая жена вредная тёща Казалось бы вот он жизненный кризис и вот она и смерть от безысходностиНо нет Смерть тут является метафорой книга про то как клерк придумывает идею супер популярного реалити шоу становится главным продюсером этого шоу зарабатывает миллион обретает своё место в жизниКнига история успеха обычного человека просто верного своей идее и старающегося никому не делать зла Он достигает успеха как бы случайно без понтов и самомнения тихо и честно Фишка книги именно в обычности обыденности простоте ГГ Книжка очень позитивная местами есть смешные моменты особенно из внутренней кухни продюсирования реалити шоу

  2. Derek James Baldwin Derek James Baldwin says:

    Suddenly pushed out of his job for life Kenji gradually builds a new life for himself in reality TV The character of Kenji's wife was an implausibly unpleasant cardboard cutout and several of the other characters were poorly drawn and just seemed to be pushed around into various shapes to suit the plot which isn't all that cop anyway Not a bad book and Kenji is a nice chap who deserves a bit joy in his life but to describe this as astonishing or brilliant as the reviews uoted do is just wrong

  3. Aby Aby says:

    Thought food We are than our jobssalaries if one is nothingexistentially without the job then you're firedWhy it lacks a star and a half star and of my usual five realists might pounce upon the apparent westernish Japan Lack of research perhaps but it is fiction and thus forgivablefor me Another is the usual rushed ending as if the events happen without rhyme nor reason end of review attempt

  4. Ari Sharp Ari Sharp says:

    Haiku ReviewCarefully observed Portrait of an every manWho strikes it lucky

  5. Yuli Yuli says:

    After 22 years of dedicating himself to a TV corporation and exactly on his 40th birthday Kenji Yamada was fired His life changed drastically from then on No to be exact his life actually begun the moment he became unemployed Throughout his journey of searching for a new job he met people some odd who indirectly helped him become the person that he would one day become He went through a series of bad luck I was almost in tears reading this character's misfortunes but somehow managed to end up just fine If you're a salary person yourself and have been wanting to change the course of your life this might be just the book of inspiration for you If not it is still worth reading Kenji's transformation from being a normal salaryman into someone else completely different will keep you transfixed to the very end

  6. Julie Martz Julie Martz says:

    Terrible book written by someone who obviously understands nothing about Japanese culture Though it's clear that she had been to Japan evidenced by her unbalanced overly detailed descriptions of a few key places in the book I wonder if she actually ever talked to a Japanese person while she was there It's disappointing examples like this that clearly illustrate why wanna be writers should stick to what they know

  7. Rachel Rachel says:

    Intriguing journey of a salaryman and his life ionce he loses his job sime lovley characters and insight into the japaese culture

  8. Effi Lerch Effi Lerch says:

    Der Arme tut einem so leid und dann hat er endlich Glück da tut er einem och mehr leid Aber dennoch tolles Buch Verlieren mit Charme D

  9. Penbot Penbot says:

    Poorly researched novel returnCouldn't finish it too many mistakes about Japan and Japanese life

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