Raising Gifted Kids Everything You Need to Know to Help

Raising Gifted Kids Everything You Need to Know to Help Your Exceptional Child Thrive Raising Gifted Kids Helps parents to understand and cope with the obstacles they face in raising a gifted child and help them make the choices for their son's or daughter's growth and happiness This book reveals how parents can help develop their child's potential and self esteem without pressuring them; plan their child's education; recognize and prevent problems Full description

10 thoughts on “Raising Gifted Kids Everything You Need to Know to Help Your Exceptional Child Thrive

  1. Laurel Harness Laurel Harness says:

    I really just use this as a reference during those bad times with my kids BUT the advice I read is dead on and I end up nodding my head alot because they are describing MY KIDS

  2. Christine Christine says:

    My go to book for raising our oldest child who is uite frankly intelligent than me

  3. Ida Ida says:

    nonono i don't understand the word thrive but i see it's because i did not have optimal and pretty much unattainable unless you are wealthy services I like reading these though I have two very different extremely difficult girls and knowing what i'm doing wrong has been great comfort during this journey of motherhood

  4. Jamie Jamie says:

    DNF doesn’t apply to my kids at this moment in time but i sense i will need to revisit in the future

  5. Ashley Ashley says:

    I mostly skimmed this didn't really care to read about other people's problems And since we feel like we found a better school I skipped that bit too It places a lot of emphasis on the standard I score which we haven't done so that made it harder to read The only thing I really cared to read was the part about emotional intensity and the advice she gave was basically Deal with it which I would like to learn how to do better and is the reason for checking out the book in the first place Good thing I got a whole stack from the library

  6. Sara Sara says:

    Well I have read several books about Gifted Children prior to this one This one has a slightly different take I enjoyed the different topics it covered and it helped me feel like I have been doing ok raising Ella The only reason it didnt' get stars was bc I think there were a few too many case studies The best part was when Ella saw me reading and asked why are you reading that I'm not gifted So I guess I am doing better than I thought

  7. Catherine Gillespie Catherine Gillespie says:

    Raising Gifted Kids Everything You Need to Know to Help Your Exceptional Child Thrive was not my favorite book on this topic and not only because it failed to deliver on its hyperbolic subtitle I loathe hyperbolic subtitles Mostly I disliked the tone of the book The author wrote in a condescending fashion and I often felt bludgeoned rather than instructedRead my full review here

  8. Jan Jan says:

    I found this book annoying It probably has some good points and even some helpful points but I was annoyed with the tone of voice of the author I read a group of 9 books about teaching gifted children and there are so many better choices that I would not recommend this one

  9. Marcy Marcy says:

    I thought I was going to get help with my profoundly gifted kid mainly advice and what to do with his school that isn't challenging him Instead I got anecdote after anecdote about other people's families and a bunch of pretty obvious parenting advice

  10. ~♥*Marianna*♥~ ~♥*Marianna*♥~ says:

    The stories and examples of behavior from her clients are interesting

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