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  1. Imogen Imogen says:

    This book is so deliciously weird Not pro life or pro choice it shows the way children change people The characters are enchanting rough diamonds who show aspects of society we often don't see My love for Sue Townsend is still going strong

  2. Lucy Lucy says:

    Very gritty and grisly in places but totally compelling too despite not really liking any of the characters As another reviewer said though the ending felt very rushed and some ends might have been better left loose than tied unsatisfactorily in the way they were Worst thing for me with the audiobook was the utterly abysmal reading by some bloke who's apparently a broadcaster and 'voice artist' His intonation and emphasis was completely off and I'd go so far to say as even worse than Bonnie Wright in the Harry potter films

  3. Salwa Salwa says:

    4I want please Can I get since I said please PleasepleaseI want to know did Angie and Chris found the pictures taken by Gregory The one that had Catherine in it? And Storme It break my heart when no one wanted her This is my first book by Sue Townsend And it blew my mind Gotta find

  4. Brida Brida says:

    I don't know what to say about this bookIt'ssick I know what you're thinking but not sick sick just shows an ugly side of people But a side every person has nonetheless Well obviously not necessarily expressed the same way as the ugly side of the characters in this book but stillThe title is actually appropriate than I thought at first because there's a lot of unwanteddeadetc children mentioned throughout the story though they're not important characters they are a link between them allAlso a strong motif in the story are secrets Each character has their own secret which they would like to confess to someone but also can't because they don't want to cause pain so they carry this burden aloneOnce again I don't know what to say The subject is pretty serious but the book hasn't left a huge impact on me Yet I wouldn't consider it bad or uninterstingHmm

  5. Michael Burge Michael Burge says:

    An absolute knockout brilliant read Townsend takes her subject by the balls and twists and then twists some there is little relief She is unflinchingly honest and loyal to every one of her characters as they struggle within a warts and all portrait of British life This book will put your moral standpoints to the test

  6. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    One of my favourite books Departure from the comedy of A Mole though the humanity in GC is sometimes amusing rare It is disturbing and vivid and completely believable The characters were only very slightly pastiche but they were certainly of a real type Poignant and moving

  7. Olga Podobed Olga Podobed says:

    the best I've read in a long timeSo beautiful full of love made me cry a lot even about the dog what to tell the people

  8. Jocelyn Jocelyn says:

    35 stars I finished this novella in two days It is not a happy story but it is well told and compelling Sue Townsend has a great way of bringing her characters to life with excellent dialogue and numerous telling details Ghost Children takes us on a disturbing journey into poverty addiction and mentally troubled lives Some parts — those that vividly portray Crackle’s abuse of his little daughter Storme and his callous treatment of her simple minded mother — are particularly hard to read This is one of those books that will stay with me for a long time There is so much to ponder over I didn’t care for the ending finding it too abrupt But I agree with the reviewer who calls this story deliciously weird’

  9. Philip Athans Philip Athans says:

    A sad and sometimes difficult story of regret and loss and responsibility that surprised me over and over again with twists I could not see coming

  10. Sadie-jane (Say-dee-Jane) Nunis Sadie-jane (Say-dee-Jane) Nunis says:

    I prefer her humorous stuff 2019 reading challenge A Book About a Family

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Ghost Children Sue Townsend one of Britain's most loved writers and the creator of the much loved Adrian Mole series tells a compassionate and gritty story of love and loss in Ghost Children 'Gripping and disturbing Utterly absorbing' Independent Seventeen years ago Angela Carr aborted an unwanted child The child's father Christopher Moore was devastated by the loss and he retreated from the world Unable to accept what had happened between them both went their separate ways However when Christopher makes a horrifying discovery whilst out walking his dog on the heath he finds that he is compelled to confront Angela about the past As they start seeing each another again can they avoid the mistakes of the past And will their future together be eclipsed by those mistakes of yesterday A compelling fable of our times Ghost Children is a compassionate and gritty examination of love and loss from one of Britain's most loved writers Sue Townsend 'Bleak tender and deeply affecting Seldom have I rooted so hard for a set of fictional individuals' Mail on Sunday 'Leaves one gasping for ' Daily Telegraph 'Engrossing memorable and moving' Guardian 'Startling and raw' Observer Sue Townsend is Britain's favourite comic author Her hugely successful novels include eight Adrian Mole books The Public Confessions of a Middle Aged Woman Aged 55¾ Number Ten The ueen and I ueen Camilla and The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year all of which are highly acclaimed bestsellers She has also written numerous well received plays She lives in Leicester where she was born and grew up