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  1. Emma Emma says:

    here's the thingThe world and the plot of this series are fantasticBut the characters break my heart and not in the way you want them toThe absolute character assassination of Hester Shaw really ruins this series for me In the first book and for most of the second book you can understand Hester she's still not particularly likeable for the people around her but the things she says and does make sense given her life In Predator's Gold she did something awful but you could understand her messed up reasoning and most importantly in the first two books she has redeeming ualities But in this book it gets worse every time Reeve has the opportunity to show us Hester isn't a two dimensional killing machine that lacks any empathy for anyone other than Tom he decides instead to show us that's exactly what she is I don't know maybe in A Darkling Plain it's all fixed somehow and you can see he's done this to her for a reason but right now it just seems like he's taken this complex character and turned her into something awful As someone who loved Hester I want to keep loving her but Reeve makes that absolutely impossible maybe that's his intention but if that's the case then I can't say it's a reading experience I'm into I don't really want to read about characters I loved become people you can't defend tbh As for Tom while he's not as bad as Hester I've found him really hard to like since Predator's Gold I don't know I guess I just can't forgive his behaviour in that book and while he's not as bad in this one it really irks me that he can't stop commenting on how pretty other women are and how ugly his wife is like we get it Hester's ugly don't u think it's a pretty shitty thing to keep saying about someone you apparently love though As for his love for Hester for the past two books I feel like we only ever see Tom claim to love Hester but never do or think anything that actually validates that you see Hester with her boarderline dangerous love for Tom tbh it's than boarderline but and then Tom who doesn't even seem to return any feelings at all? It's just occasionally he'll say something about loving her in passing? idk it's weirdWren is okay I found her irritating in the beginning but I think you're supposed to she got a lot better but I wouldn't like die for her or anything lolAs I said the world and the plot are very good and are what are keeping me reading But I am forever a characters over plot person and reading this series is just making me sad because I don't want to watch this happen to characters I used to love I like Theo though I thought he was a good addition Also why is Shrike lowkey my favourite character lol

  2. Matthew Matthew says:

    I am really enjoying this series Steampunk has not always been my favorite genre I think it looks cool in the fan art and cosplay I see online but I often struggle to connect with the stories and style of writing That has been very far from the case with the Hungry City Chronicles Also I think this series keeps getting better as the story moves alongI really like what the author has done with the multiple characters and storylines They all exist independently of each other but they also intertwine very organically And to go with this the descriptions and the action are awesome I can easily create a movie of it in my head while I am readingAnd speaking of the characters – I am loving all the different characters and their complexity There is some amazing character development in such a short story While some of the people are caricatures – thinking of Pennyroyal here – they fit in perfectly to the development And I cannot say too much without spoiling but for one of the characters there is a swing to the Dark Side the likes of which has not been seen since Anakin SkywalkerAs you can probably tell I highly recommend this series Don’t start with this book though Go back to the beginning and start there – it is an uphill adventure from the very beginning in the most fantastic of ways

  3. Sara Saif Sara Saif says:

    The first and perhaps the biggest shock was when I realized that the book is set 16 YEARS after the last one Tom and Hester in their thirties have a fifteen year old daughter named Wren Anchorage has long since settled on dry land and have been content with a simple life thereNow I’ve said this before but this series has a very odd and unusual style of narration the tone if you would It’s dystopia the first two were YA but this one was a mix since the main characters were 15 30 years old All dystopian books YA ones mostly have this mood It’s very specific Grim dark and brooding with splashes of humor and romance You start reading one and instantly recognize it But these books are strange in this aspect The writing feels juvenile the things happening sometimes do seem childish or funny the very opposite of grim dark and brooding But just when you let yourself not take it seriously it gets vicious and boy does it go there This stark contrast that exists in the tone of the book this union of two opposites is what surprised me every time while I read these three booksIt’s like being lured into a false sense of security You never see it coming it’s so sudden From this “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a fake explorer in possession of a good fortune must be in search of a wife and Pennyroyal had got himself lumbered with Boo Boo Heckmondwyke”To this “The first bullet rebounded from the Autolycus with a clang; the next two hissed away over the lake; the fourth hit Gargle between the eyes Something thick and wet splattered Wren’s face and clothes”The story forms a neat little circle with the other previous books where everything connects and does so in a believable way The characters of the story are pardon the cliché layered and complex The old ones so than the new ones I’ll take Hester first She was a surprise in this one through and through I didn’t expect it but it made perfect senseHester and Tom got married after she told him of her pregnancy presumably The scarred girl spent the first fifteen years of her life alone miserable and surviving on thoughts of revenge She had no one to love and no one who loved her Until she met Tom I never detected even a hint of true unblemished affection from Tom for Hester While she put herself on the line for him again and again and made him her entire world it looked like he did it for lack of choice I was team Hester a hundred percent in the first two books because Tom just wasn’t loyal enoughIn this book after Wren goes away Hester’s cold side resurfaces again She was never truly at peace Freya thinks at one time and that was true Why? Because that asshole Tom never gave her a sense of security in all the years he spent with her She wasn’t convinced thought that he was with her because he had to not because he wanted to and if he had another option he would have taken it THAT was how insecure she felt Then she had her daughter and was happy for the first time thinking that there will finally be someone who truly loved her for who she was no matter how ugly her face was Wren grew up to be a total brat and started disliking her mother like other people did Those two people were the only ones Hester ever loved and all she got in return was this It’s enough to drive anyone over the edgeAnd so we see Hester in Infernal Devices as she finally gets a chance to try to prove her “usefulness” to her family by rescuing her daughter She is ruthless in the book and kills without preamble or mercy I felt sorry for her hated her felt sorry for her hated her and felt sorry for her again The second biggest shock was her not dying because by God she had it coming In the end her decision was the one that made senseWhich brings me to ol’ boy Tom He is a sniveling jerk who you don’t hate but certainly dislike a lot Not because he does terrible things By all means he’s the nicest character in the book It’s his treatment of Hester and behavior around her that boils my blood He makes her feel like she’s not enough that’s hell to go through and when she leaves he runs after her This has happened twice with a difference of 16 years in between And I’ve never heard him express his love for Hester Instead he always thinks how great it’d be if someone else was with him She saves his life he cowers behind her Two decades of being together should have at least given him some perspective on how his wife feels and how she thinks He’s just so STUPIDI loved seeing Shrike and Anna Fang again His turmoil was another fun dynamic to explore Out of the new characters I loved Oenone Zero the most and Wren the ungrateful wretch the least The plot was like shards of metal flying after an explosion seuence played in reverse Going everywhere but became whole at the endThe thing that stood out most to me in this book was Hester’s struggle At first I didn’t like the fast forward into the future but in the grand scheme of things it was the right choice

  4. Sean Sean says:

    This sixteen years later uel suffers from the main problem of letting your characters grow up off screen when you get back to them they are no longer the people you grew to love or hate or at least know Hester the grumpy but lovable urchin from the previous books has become a hardened hateful and hate filled grown up with next to no good ualities She has also who has somehow turned into a warrior extraordinaire in the years she spent in the sleepy backwater of Anchorage in Vineland which strains my credibility in a different way Her husband has changed from the cerebral but lovable former Apprentice Historian into an ineffectual balding middle aged man In fact the only characters who resemble their previous incarnations were the Stalkers which are basically Reeve's take on Doctor Who's CybermenI'll read the last volume in the series if only to find out what happens but while I can recommend the first two books I don't see any reason to continue reading after the second book

  5. Alaina Alaina says:

    This one made me so freaking mad So mad that I held off on listening to the last book until this morning Infernal Devices is about Hester and Tom's freaking kid I was so excited and pumped for this book Just to see all her adventures now but no I was in complete and utter disappointment First Wren their kid sort of runs away Then when H and T go to save her from being a complete dumb ass she gets kidnappedThroughout the story you see them trying to save their little girl However this story took some dark twists and turns It turns out that Hester totally didn't want a kid and regrets her and shit Then Wren goes to think she doesn't have a mother any after a heated argument Like do people not understand that things are said or taken way too far when someone is upset? So many low blows came out towards the end and I have no idea what the hell the next book will bring me If Tom ends up with anyone other than Hester I will lose my shit Heads will roll guys I want them to all be a happy family again

  6. Sesana Sesana says:

    Between the end of Predator's Gold and the beginning of Infernal Devices sixteen years have passed In that time Anchorage has become a static city Hester and Tom have married and their daughter has grown into a teenager A huge risk for the author to take I was emotionally invested in Hester and Tom and wasn't ready to pass that on to their daughter Wren Luckily they still play a large part in the storylineWren did not make a good first impression on me Within the first 50 pages she's casually decided to steal an artifact she doesn't understand from the Anchorage museum and run away to join the Lost Boys A very poorly thought out decision and one that shows that she's inherited her mother's empathy shortage and her father's sometimes dim assurance that everything will always work out for the best Tom himself is or less unchanged He's grown into exactly the sort of man that I would have expected Hester on the other hand I would have thought that sixteen years of being safe and happily married to the man she loves would have softened her some It has for some reason hardened her even The author doesn't offer an explanation per se but I think he's implying that the certain knowledge that even her husband and daughter find her embarassingly ugly has eaten at her Eventually the action settles at Brighton where Pennyroyal has become mayor So much of what happens is really setup for the next book but there's still enough meat to the story to be mostly satisfying on its own There are touches of humor here than in the first two books in the series including what must be the best name for an airship ever Damn You Gravity Nice big cliffhanger and I'm anxious to see where this will go

  7. AH AH says:

    25 starsPhilip Reeve’s Hungry City Chronicles is one of the original and imaginative young adult series out there Infernal Devices is the third book in the series and it is set 18 years after Predator’s GoldTom and Hester are all grown up with a teenage daughter Tom is a loving husband and a doting father to Wren Hester – I’ll get to her later They live in the static city of Anchorage and their lives are dull and uneventful in contrast to the adventures of the previous book It is Wren’s yearning for adventure and excitement that gets her into trouble In one of those teenage TSTL moments Wren makes a decision that changes her world She is kidnapped and taken away from her family and ends up on the floating resort city of Brighton Tom and Hester leave their comfortable home to search for WrenI love Philip Reeve’s uirky writing style I’m always entertained by his imaginative world creative gadgets fantastic names and the huge cast of characters However this book seemed to be the weakest book in the series so far I think that rapidly aging two loved characters was the issue for me Gone was the brave and dashing Tom He was replaced by a middle aged character with chest painsHester who I loved in the first two books was absolutely vile in this book She was ruthless selfish and jealous of her daughter Hester doubts that her husband loves her; she feels that he loves his daughter She tells her daughter that she hates her and she is actually happy when her daughter was kidnappedThere is one book left in the series A Darkling Plain I’m looking forward to reading it soon

  8. Wing Kee Wing Kee says:

    There are some serious character issues with HesterWorld Simply the best part of the book and the reason I am still reading this series The world is dense it's uirky and is a thing all it's own I like how this book continues the world from Predator's Gold and we get to see of it is always a great thing the best partStory The story is fun it's face paced it's dry and uirky at the same time and heavy and broody in another same time I like the tone I like the world and the story that takes place in this world The continuation of the story with the time jump was not what I expected but also fun it reminded me of Brian Jacues' Mattimeo The action is brisk the situations dire but I did feel that it was hindered by the poor characters which has been an issue I've had with this series for a while below I think I'll read the final book just to see how this series endsCharacters Hester is a problem in fact I think the characters in general are an issue in this book Either Reeve does not like children young adults and humans in general or I'm reading his books wrong Hester has been a character which I've had issues with as her moral compass is pretty suspect and as a hero her three book arc has been unchanged and 16 years has not changed yes as humans we all have flaws and think dark thoughts but seriously I don't know how I can cheer for someone who SPOILERS wished she did not have her daughter and did what she did with Fishcake pieI forgot his name already that's just wrong and no Then there's Tom which is still a wishy washy naive idiot and him being the moral compass is okay but not the best WrenI know young teens do act like the way she does but as I said I feel Reeve doesn't like young people or humans in general and Wren is the same she's petulant and selfishand then she is also the moral compass in the end These are the main issues I've had and them being the main characters it's an issue I don't knowI'm torn these characters don't make me like the people in this book but the world is so goodI like this book cause of the world but man the characters are rough Why are we still fixating on Hester's appearanceother than Reeve thinks it's a big deal and cares so muchafter 3 booksOnward to the next book

  9. Daphne Daphne says:

    I got angry while reading this bookI loved the first book then found the second mediocre But this one just plainly got on my nerves and I'm honestly debating whether or not to continue the series First of all this book starts off with a huge time skip of 16 years A bit odd but okay We meet Tom and Hester's daughter Wren who I didn't like at first but who grew on me over the course of this bookShe wasn't the problem I had with this book neither was the plot My issue with this book were Tom and Hester themselves and mostly Hester The two characters I absolutely loved from the first book I'll be going into some spoiler territory here It just feels like they didn't change in all that time they didn't grow as people or grow mature If anything they regressed into one dimensional versions of themselves Hester especially seemed to have turned into the worst possible version of herself I almost didn't recognize her and I definitely didn't like her Which is horrible because she was one of my favorites in the first book view spoiler It just feels like the author did everything in his power to make us hate Hester She's jealous of her own daughter seems almost glad she was kidnapped said to her face that she wished she hadn't been born and leaves a ten year old orphan boy behind on purpose after Tom promised him he could come with them It was all just cruel and unnecessary and it was very frustrating to read hide spoiler

  10. belle ✨ belle ✨ says:

    25 starsSIGH That's all I can say really SIGHHHH So while the first book in this series got 5 stars the second got 3 stars and for book three I've decided to go with 2 stars and a DNF around 40% I'm honestly not even sure I'll read the fourth book nowI hate when a series goes downhillBasically this book takes place sixteen years after the end of book two and follows Hester and Tom's daughter Wren instead of Hester and Tom themselves although they do come into it later One chapter in and I already had a bad taste in my mouth Wren is obnoxious bratty makes bad decisions and is not at all fun to read about and Hester and Tom don't even seem like the same characters were all loved in Mortal EnginesI tried to persevere but it got to the point where I thoroughly disliked every single character even when I liked them in other books and didn't even want to read about them any I may try again a couple months from now because I do love the world the books are set in butwe'll see All in all I recommend you read Mortal Engines as standalone totally possible and just stop there

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Infernal Devices Nearly twenty years after the city of Anchorage settled down on the shores of the Dead Continent of America Tom and Hester are leading uiet peaceful lives Their wild adventures happened so long ago that they seem like little than stories told to children children such as their own daughter Wren who is so exuisitely bored that she'd welcome any sort of excitement So when a trio of Lost Boys asks her to steal the mysterious and deadly Tin Book of Anchorage Wren is only too happy to help But the theft goes wrong and the Lost Boys steal Wren too leaving Tom and Hester no choice They must abandon their peaceful life and rescue their daughter Their search will reunite them with enemies they thought they'd left behind forever will ask of them sacrifices that no parent can make and will cost one of them everything that matters most