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Spellbreaker A world of enchanted injustice needs a disenchanting woman in the newest fantasy series by the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Paper MagicianThe orphaned Elsie Camden learned as a girl that there were two kinds of wizards in the world those who pay for the power to cast spells and those like her born with the ability to break them But as an unlicensed magic user her gift is a crime Commissioned by an underground group known as the Cowls Elsie uses her spellbreaking to push back against the aristocrats and help the common man She always did love the tale of Robin HoodElite magic user Bacchus Kelsey is one elusive spell away from his mastership when he catches Elsie breaking an enchantment To protect her secret Elsie strikes a bargain She’ll help Bacchus fix unruly spells around his estate if he doesn’t turn her in Working together Elsie’s trust in—and fondness for—the handsome stranger grows So does her trepidation about the rise in the murders of wizards and the theft of the spellbooks their bodies leave behindFor a rogue spellbreaker like Elsie there’s so much to learn about her powers her family the intriguing Bacchus and the untold dangers shadowing every step of a journey she’s destined to complete But will she uncover the mystery before it’s too late to save everything she loves

  • Kindle Edition
  • 300 pages
  • Spellbreaker
  • Charlie N. Holmberg
  • English
  • 08 March 2016

10 thoughts on “Spellbreaker

  1. Charlie Holmberg Charlie Holmberg says:

    In a world where magic is owned by the rich and spellbooks spawn from wizards’ corpses one woman has the power to unravel it all if she doesn’t get caughtIf you love Victorian stories magic or cozy mysteries this book is for youPreorder on bitly2vVK8s5

  2. Cathy Cathy says:

    Fans of Charlie Holmberg will absolutely love this It felt very similar to Paper Magician while being something entirely uniue I could not put it down Except when I had to take care of my children How rude of themThe magic is intriguing the characters so well developed and the plot pulls you right inHow Charlie continues to write amazing book after amazing book is mind boggling I'm sure glad she does though The only downside iswaiting for book two 😭

  3. Amanda Amanda says:

    Thanks so much to the author for sending me an advance copy of Spellbreaker Charlie has been a favorite author since I read her Paper Magician series What I loved about that series is her ability to create uniue magic systems yet write in a way that’s easy to understand Though her worlds aren’t complex fantasy they’re still fun and full of adventureSpellbreaker continues that though the magic system in this book starts out a little vague In this world there are two types of wizards – the wealthy who make spells and those born with the ability to break them Elsie Camden is a spellbreaker and she can sense the invisible runes of spells and pull them apart like loosening a knot She’s spent much of her life secretly breaking spells for a discreet group that makes her feel as though her work is benefiting the less fortunateThough the book got off to a bit of a slow start explaining the backstory once Elsie encounters Bacchus Kelsey – recently returned to England to receive his promotion to mastership in spellmaking – the intrigue really picks up As they work together to fix spells at an estate the two learn to trust and appreciate each other And it’s because of this new friendship that Elsie discovers the deception occurring in her life Overall I really enjoyed Spellbreaker Like the Paper Magician series it was a fun light read with well written characters and interesting magic system It did take a while for me to understand the magic and at the end of the book it’s still not uite clear to me But I’m sure will be explained in book two And once the action picked up the book was really hard to put down Several twists in the end set up nicely for the next book Elsie was a lovely character who has such a heart for the less fortunate due to her tragic past and Bacchus is a perfect contrast to her background It was interesting to see how well their opposing stories wove together as the two became friendsWish I had the next book now But I loved this enough that I’d be happy reading it again in the meantime Spellbreaker will be available on September 8 2020

  4. Kari Kari says:

    A truly remarkable book I would go as far as to say this is Charlie's next Paper Magician series and one fans myself included will want from for years to comeEllie is a unregistered Spellbreaker working for a secret society of Robin Hood type vigilantesBacchus is in England to gain his Master title in Physical Aspectorship Physical magicWhen their world's collide a greater mystery is unveiled Who can you trust?

  5. Babel Babel says:

    Cozy mystery magic spells and uirky romance Oh my This is perfect for fans of The Paper Magician I am one of them of course D With an atmosphere touched by Jane Austen this Victorian mystery is crafted with wit and charm in eual measure Elsie Camden is a smart resourceful orphan working for a stonemason while dabbing in espionage and illegal wizardry Can you imagine an alternative England where magic is almost monopolized by the aristocracy mainly in male hands and excruciatingly monitored?Here is this Robin Hood's helper all prim and proper using her clandestine magic to disenchant a world full of injustice and poverty Mysteries abound on all scales be they a cursed crop or a murderer after master spells It's utterly engaging I loved the blend of costumbrist society and uaint villages with a woman in pursuit of her roots social justice and female identity set in a plutocracy of magic where spells are hoarded for the privileged but are still employed in such practical ways This world of nineteenth century England echoes with etiuette chaperones tea and carriages yet is believably woven with a myriad of magic details I think we are predisposed to believe in an enchanted London aren’t we?I adored this tall talented vulnerable and brave heroine so intent on doing the right thing and therefore the ideal character to fall in the middle of this plot of deceit and power The male counterpart is both arresting on his own and flows beautifully into the events which may seem scattered at the beginning but emerge as a masterful tapestry in the action and magic filled endingThe resolution is satisfying enough to offer a complex villain and partial enough to open a path towards a broader scope of secrets to be unraveled in the next book I'm ready for adventure slow burn yet exciting romance and a colourful assortment of mysteries to decipher This is my opinion of a book from netgalley

  6. Tracy Tracy says:

    Another fun book from Charlie It was just wanted I needed to mentally escape from our current uarantine I loved Elsie although I was a bit frustrated at her being so naive to always blindly follow the instructions she was given There are many twists and turns at the end and while I had faith and knew it would end on a positive note it kept me guessing right up until the very end She did a fabulous job with the love interest and now I have to impatiently wait for the next book

  7. Mimi Abdul Mimi Abdul says:

    Charlie has always had the gift of creating an imaginary world that draws you in and envelops you so completely it almost feels real Each realm is so wonderfully uniue with the nature of magic taking such delightful unpredictable twists every time that she will still surprise you againand againand again This book started out different and took a while to warm me up perhaps owing to the uniue complexity of the nature of magic involved Then suddenly it got blazing hot and I found myself unable to stop reading right until I got to the very last page at 146am The storyline is just as what the blurb says but how Charlie spins her tale and traps you within its tangled web now THAT is magicCharlie you knocked my socks off with this story Now when do we get to read Part 2 of this stupendous Duology?

  8. Caitlin Schanaker Caitlin Schanaker says:

    I was so excited to be able to read an advanced copy of this title thanks Netgalley and Charlie Holmberg I loved the synopsis and the cover art and knew it'd be one I'd especially enjoy And it was One of the things I love about Charlie's stories is the perfect balance of predictability and delicious surprise She lets me feel like I have most if not all of the story figured out before stunning me at the end This might also be my favorite magic system she's ever created I loved reading about it and am so delighted there will be at least one book in this series Book 2 can't come soon enough

  9. Mike Mike says:

    I decided to give this author another chance even though she put a tyre swing in the 1870s in The Paper Magician The late Victorian language isn't uite idiomatic and a tradesperson's assistant coming to the front door of a manor house would be a huge social error in this period so the author is still not really getting historical fantasy uite right But the story is well enough told that I can mostly overlook this; there was nothing as glaringly anachronistic as the tyre swing and the plot and characters were capably handled and engaging The world is an interesting one where some people have magical ability but in order to harness it they must train through a guild system and go through expensive rites so apart from a few scholarship cases who rise to wealth through their abilities the people on the top of the heap are mostly the people who were already on the top of the heap Also mostly men This is a familiar scenario no less relevant today than in the 1890s even though the class system has ostensibly changed a great deal since then Thrown into the mix though is spellbreaking a talent that crops up in all sorts of people and doesn't reuire expensive training or initiations Of course spellbreakers are supposed to be registered and there are ferocious penalties for those who aren't since they have potential to undermine the whole system; but our heroine is an unregistered spellbreaker rescued from the workhouse as a child by a mysterious group she calls the Cowls because of how they dress and given covert assignments to stick it to the Man by breaking spells as the Cowls direct She sees herself as a Robin Hood figure and while she has to maintain her cover so far that's not been too much of a problem in the scheme of things She has what I think of as a superhero job supposedly demanding but actually gives her plenty of time to participate in the plot This gets explained eventually though so it's not as tropey as I thought at firstOnly now the Cowls are calling on her and then she gets caught by a spellcaster who has his own troubles and their lives become intertwined and then her view of the world and what's going on is challenged and things end up becoming very exciting indeed While there's plenty of resolution and I wouldn't call the ending a cliffhanger it does very much lead on to the seuel The very slow burn romance is between two appealing people who have believable issues that are not down to character flaws but backstory The minor characters have a bit of individuality The world is full of potential though it somehow doesn't uite feel different enough given the magic level; it's as if the author has mostly thought through the parts of the magic that are directly relevant to the plot Overall with a couple of minor reservations I enjoyed this very much and it will be on my 2020 Best of the Year list It's encouraged me to consider others of the author's books and I definitely want to read the seuel even though there were significant issues with her first book that almost put me off her permanently I received a copy via Netgalley for review

  10. S. E. Drummond S. E. Drummond says:

    Elsie Camden is a girl with a huge secret an ability to unweave the magic others perform As an unregistered spellbreaker that makes her skill illegal and dangerous An orphan she balances her days between working for an employer and playing Robin Hood for a secret organization going on missions to eliminate unjust magic But then she meets Bacchus Kelsey and that tenuous balance begins to slip dragging them both into danger and intrigue than they'd ever thought possible I really enjoyed this book Holmberg's writing has a comfortable flow to it and I was able to relax and escape into an alternate world where magic is utilized in everyday Victorian life Spells for changing colors of paint training animals to deliver mail warding doors against theft etc are everywhere but not the heart of the story At its core it is about Elsie and her struggles with childhood trauma and feelings of inferiority Bacchus also has his own storyline and challenges but his felt a tad secondary Admittedly this story took a bit to draw me in But I understand why Setting up a new magical world with all its parameters and history within a few chapters isn't by any means easy Thankfully once the story picked up a few chapters in it was an easy ride to the end I was surprised by how invested I'd become by the finale And how much I wanted to know the answers yet to be answered in the second book of this duopoly Granted this book does have a definite end point it isn't a straight cliffhangerAll in all I thoroughly enjoyed this story and can't wait to rejoin Bacchus and Else in the next one Thank you to the author publisher and to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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