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The Silk Vendetta Amidst the lush romance of Victorian London Florence and Paris a deadly family rivalry is bornAs long as she can remember the exuisite Lenore Cleremont has lived at The Silk House the luxurious English country estate of the wealthy Sallonger family Neither servant nor true member of the family she has grown up under the protection of her Grand'mere—who designs the luxurious gowns for the family's vast silk trade in the mansion's attic roomsLenore shows promise as a dress designer herself But most important she has won the heart of the two charismatic Sallonger sons Charles handsome but cruel and Philip as kind hearted as he is charmingBut tragedy is ready to strike Soon Lenore finds herself playing a central role in a drama that threatens to destroy everything she holds dear

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 373 pages
  • The Silk Vendetta
  • Victoria Holt
  • English
  • 11 September 2016
  • 9780449215487

About the Author: Victoria Holt

See this thread for informationEleanor Alice Burford Mrs George Percival Hibbert was a British author of about 200 historical novels most of them under the pen name

10 thoughts on “The Silk Vendetta

  1. Sarah Mac Sarah Mac says:

    3 stars is a bit generous but I'll be nice because VH is a fave That said this isn't her best It drags drags draaaags to the pace of a halfwit snail What's especially irksome is that the Big Reveal shows how good stuff is happening behind the scenes but we rarely see it because Lenore isn't directly involved with the infamous Silk Vendetta she's only a peripheral piece of the puzzle Instead we get repetitive conversations rehashing of a few key points endless circling of the same few characters It's justflat And stilted Weirdly so given that VH's novels usually wash down like hot chocolate There are a few good scenes it offers an interesting hook with a variety of heroes for Lenore but overall I wouldn't recommend this one except for diehard fans

  2. Kavita Kavita says:

    This is one of Holt's better books Well plotted well characterised and well written The Silk Vendetta is about a woman who suffers the trials of being born out of wedlock Her parents are French but her mother died in childbirth and her father did not have the guts to acknowledge her existence But Lenore Cleremont had a formidable grandmother who arranged excellent terms with her employer to send them to England to help in the business of another and rival branch of the familyThe employer is St Allengere Sallonger in England and the business happens to be the silk business Sallonger silk is excellent and good old Grandmere is their best designer Lenore gets educated with the girls of the big house but even so she feels the pinch of her lowly status especially as she grows up That is until she marries the prince Philip the younger Sallonger son All this is setting the scene After the honeymoon Philip dies Is it murder accident or suicide? After this the story moves rapidly as Lenore starts a business becomes famous and finds her repentant father Whew Then deaths happen and Lenore becomes a suspect bringing back the nightmares of Philip's death Why is this happening?It's an excellent and well plotted story I can't say much for the romance stuff which is old fashioned and sexist but the mystery parts are excellent I liked Lenore but I would have liked her better if she had managed to do some stuff on her own instead of always relying on her grandmother whom I hated The old woman treated her ward so like a baby that it was very annoying The French branch of the family was uite intriguing Holt draws back from painting anyone as completely evil wherein I think her strength lies Even though this means she gets a little tolerant about complete jerks this attitude tends to give depth to her characters At least it did in this bookIf you are new to Holt maybe The Silk Vendetta is a good place to start

  3. AgentScully AgentScully says:

    This book is all about guessing who the hero is Is itCandidate Apro he's a nice guy and he actually marries the heroinecon he actually marries the heroine early on he's dead meat or a fruit fly see earlier VH reviews for the life expectancy thereofCandidate Bpro he's a nice guy and he rescues the heroine from her villainous cousin when she's youngcon he marries villainous cousin's sister he's a politician Candidate Cpro he's mysterious and Frenchcon I got nothing I enjoyed this story uite a bit All the silk details were a bit much though not as bad as opals Don't skim though there's a surprising occurrence early on that gets brushed off at the time but proves to be the crux of the mystery later There are strange deaths strange accidents and mysterious men Nicely intriguing The plot is well woven but meanders a bit too much in the middle especially with the politics The story covers a long time period I think the heroine's child is 11 or so by the end The heroine is likable and strong I really disliked the villainous cousin what trouble he caused for everyone I felt sad when A dies poor guy I felt bad for B too I hope he finds love again The heroine did seem to really love him and her rejection of him when he's free again seems cold Of course by then she'd fallen in love with C C was sexy but had less depth than B in my opinion Of course he doesn't even show up until what page 200 or something? Still C investigates and finally solves the mystery So I guess he earns the heroine

  4. Regan Walker Regan Walker says:

    A Brilliant Story of the Tangled Web of a Family Devoted to SilkSet in Victorian England and France this is the story of Lenore Cleremont a French girl raised by her grand mere in England where she serves “The Silk House” as a gifted silk designer and dressmaker Lenore is educated with the family’s children but knows she is not one of them The family has two daughters and two sons One of the sons Philip is kind; the other Charles is not One of the daughters becomes Lenore’s dear friend; the other her jealous adversaryWhen she is 15 Lenore’s grand mere tells her she is illegitimate and that her mother a beauty who fell in love with the master’s son died in childbirth As Lenore comes into womanhood she loses at love twice as she is caught up in a tangled uest for vengeance And then an arrogant French count reveals a secret from her pastI have to say I do love Victoria Holt’s stories and this is no exception You will be drawn in to Lenore’s life wanting her to find happiness but despairing when she does not Murder treachery and betrayal populate this book but in the end all the threads come together Lenore finds a man she can truly love and the mystery is finally solvedIf you love Victoria Holt this is one not to be missed

  5. Anne Sexton Anne Sexton says:

    I liked it but the romantic part of it was a little disappointing The book as a whole was pretty detailed but in a mundane rather than exciting way much of the time The story was good thoughOn the whole I think the VH novels are under written at the end there is not a totally satisfactory payoff to me Too many things happen in too few pages at the end things happens too fast and in particular the romance part is too perfunctory there are 2 paragraphs where I would like several pages Not expressing myself totally as I would want but that is a basic way to say it

  6. Summer Summer says:

    Books written by Victoria Holt are so cheesy but sometimes that's exactly what you need I've read a loooot of her books when I was 1415 years oldthat was the last time I've read them I absolutely loved them at the time I'm thinking of reading one of her books just for the old times sake

  7. Dominique Dominique says:

    Hard to rate because do I rate it as a fiction read in general or within it's specific genre? The atmospheric was fun and engaging although typical in a pulpy way but the writing specifically sentence structure and dialogue was stilted and simplistic At least it really did sound like the grandmother was French with English as a second language as she didn't seem to use contractions?Anyway if you are looking for a fun chick lit gothic read try it outRating 35 for regular fiction book and a 45 for chick lit

  8. TJ TJ says:

    Victoria Holt has such an interesting writing style very uniue Because the stories are never uite like one expects I always enjoy her books This book is a perfect example It is written first person from the heroine's point of view which adds an intimacy with the reader again a precarious choice and one that must be done well to succeed It is a wonderful combination of romance and mystery and even though the villain is uite obvious from the beginning there are many surprises along the way that keep one intrigued and turning pages My only complaint is with the very end of the book While achieving the happy ending it leaves a multitude of uestions unanswered All the worries very justified Lenore has about risking her heart and life with her love are forgotten when he proposes then the end If feels like a sucker punch and a pat on the head all at once

  9. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I was referred to Victoria Holt by a relative who said they were clean romance books Well I read three of her books before this one Kirkland Revels The Captive and Pride of the Peacock and while I wouldn't call them great literature they were enjoyable reads However I was sorely disappointed in The Silk Vendetta because not only was it very dull but there was an uncomfortable scene where a promiscuous character sexually harasses the heroine Of course I understand that the author was trying to develop the plot and things like this do happen in life but it's not something I care to read about and it seemed to be a step down from her other stories

  10. Zehra Zehra says:

    Dull as dishwater Yet not dull enough for me to stop reading which is a mystery in itself The plot isweird Through most of the book you forget that there is even a plot But at the end the mystery is solved while you're going like oh yeeeah there was a mystery I remember now Most of the characters are boring creatures with boring lives The only exception is the Comte who only makes an appearance at the very end I didn't dislike this book but I didn't particularly like it either because as I said it was just so boring

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