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Jane Against the World 14 Some frank description of sexual matters as they relate to pregnancy and descriptions of abortion procedures It's all very clinicalNonfiction Social SciencesI somehow didn't look at the author name before I started this I just happened to download a DRC a couple of months ago and was in the mood for a little nonfiction Had I known this was by Karen Blumenthal a true ueen of YA nonfiction I would have been better prepared for how amazing this was going to be This is truly one of the best if not THE best researched YA nonfiction books I've ever read If it does not at least get an honor mention for the YASLA Nonfiction Award I may throw things because it definitely deserves some accolades I learned SO MUCH from reading this book It's unlike any other book I've read on abortion Blumenthal digs into the entire history of reproductive rights specifically focusing on the legislative side She brings to light that the moral debate around abortion wasn't really a thing at all until the late 1970s She also sheds light on the fact that abortion laws disproportionately limit the choices of poor women and women of color I mean this book is EXTENSIVE and Blumenthal has the receipts This is what research looks like The last 20% of the book is LITERALLY all bibliography and notes It was a JOY to read this book as a librarian This is absolutely a must buy for any library serving young adultsRead on the blog Richie’s Picks JANE AGAINST THE WORLD ROE V WADE AND THE FIGHT FOR REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS by Karen Blumenthal Roaring Brook February 2020 371p ISBN 978 1 62672 165 4“If men could get pregnant abortion would be a sacrament” attributed to black feminist attorney Florynce Kennedy“President Donald Trump pledged during his 2016 election campaign that he would appoint justices to the Supreme Court who would ‘automatically’ overturn Roe v Wade the landmark abortion decision Four years later Trump is seeking reelection and his two appointees Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh will determine whether that promise is kept” CNBC “Supreme Court abortion case tests Trump’s campaign promise to overture Roe v Wade” 3320“Walking toward the water With a fetus holding court in my gutMy body hijackedMy tits swollen and soreThe river has colors at sunsetThan my sock drawer ever dreamed ofI could wake up screaming sometimesBut I don’tI could step off the end of this pierBut I got sh to doAnd an appointment on TuesdayTo shed uninvited blood and tissueI’ll miss youI say to the water to the son or daughterI thought better ofI could fall in love with Jersey at sunsetBut I leave the view to the ratsAnd tiptoeBack” Ani Difranco “Tiptoe” 1995In JANE AGAINST THE WORLD Karen Blumenthal tackles the history of birth control and abortion from ancient times to Roe v Wade and then shows how the fight over these issues continues today I’ve long enjoyed reading Blumenthal’s work for young people As a career journalist she really knows how to tell a story JANE AGAINST THE WORLD provides young readers plentiful food for thought Blumenthal is balanced in her reporting although my opinion is that it is pretty damn hard to finish this book and not feel that the determination of women to control their own bodies and to have the resources necessary to do so reproductive justice is one civil rights challenge to be fought and overcomeThe author does a great job of providing important background information For example while writing about an example of the sorts of restrictions that states and municipalities try to put on abortion the author makes a point of including an informational parenthetical response to the account of a Sandra Day O’Connor dissent “Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s first abortion test came during the 1982 83 term a decade after Roe The city of Akron Ohio along with some other cities and states had passed a number of restrictions intended to make abortions difficult to get Among other things second trimester abortions had to be performed in a hospital women had to wait twenty four hours after signing consent forms before they could have the procedure and minors had to get a parent’s consent In addition a doctor was forced to tell them that ‘the unborn child is human life from the moment of conception’ that abortion was major surgery and that they faced potential complications intended to make abortion sound dangerous even though the true risks of complication were lowIn a six to three decision issued in June 1983 the court ruled that those restrictions failed to contribute to a woman’s health or make an abortion safer The waiting period increased the cost the reuired lecture interfered with the doctor patient relationship and the reuired parental consent did not allow a young woman to prove she was mature enough to make her own decision O’Connor disagreed with the decision and wrote the dissent which the two Roe v Wade dissenters Rehnuist and White joined She particularly took issue with the trimester approach calling it ‘unworkable’ because medical technology changes Viability would get earlier she predicted while abortion procedures would get easier and safer ultimately colliding with each otherToday infants born at twenty five weeks have a fair chance of survival with intensive medical care though most will have some disabilities A small percentage of infants born at twenty two weeks survive but nearly all will have disabilities Fetuses born earlier than that do not have the skin lungs or bodily systems to survive”New York was one of the first states to legalize abortion As that legislation was being debated a half century ago a key cosponsor Constance Cook spoke the truth that regardless of laws and impediments women will get abortions It’s just a matter of where they will get them how much they will cost and how safe they will be “‘There are many who say this bill is abortion on demand’ she told the assembly ‘I submit that we have abortion on demand in the state of New York right now Any woman who wants an abortion can get one And the real difference is how much money she has to spend’A woman with 2500 euivalent to 16500 today could travel for a safe abortion A woman with 25 ‘has it done here under the most abominable circumstances And if she doesn’t have the 25 she can abort herself And regretfully this is happening often than your or I like to admit’”The author concludes the book with backmatter that includes terminology a timeline and an annotated list of important casesJANE AGAINST THE WORLD is a perfect companion to the author’s 2005 LET ME PLAY THE STORY OF TITLE IX THE LAW THAT CHANGED THE FUTURE OF GIRLS IN AMERICA Both of these books climax at the same time that the Eual Rights Amendment was being passed by Congress and sent off to the states for ratification Together these two essential reads for tweens and teens present an unrivaled history of women’s rights issues in post WWII America that are just as relevant today Richie Partington MLISRichie's Picks FROM AWARD WINNING AUTHOR KAREN BLUMENTHAL COMES A DEEP AND PASSIONATE LOOK AT THR RIVETING HISTORY OF THE FIGHT FOR REPRODUCTION RIGHTS IN THE UNITED STATESTracing the path to the landmark decision in Roe v Wade and the continuing battle for women't rights Blumenthal examines in a straightforward tone the root causes of the current debate around abortion and repercussions that have affected generations of American womenThis eye opening book is the perfect tool to facilitate difficult discussions and awareness of a topic that is rarely touched on in school but affects each and every young person It's also perfect for fans of Steve Sheinkin and Deborah HeilgmanThis journalistic look at the history of abortion and the landmark case of Roe v Wade is an important and necessary book©2010 Karen Blumenthal P2020 Listening Library Wow What an incredible book I learned so much about the history of the abortion rights movement while reading this I know this is a book that I will continue to refer back to for the rest of my life It is so important that we educate ourselves on this issue and this book is an incredible tool for that It is so well researched and incredibly thorough while also being accessible and easy to understand Please pick up your own copy on February 25 of this year Probably 5 stars Well researched A must for schools Audiobook was good also I purchased this one for my 16 year old daughter but since she's in the middle of another book I gave it a uick read while I had the chance Jane Against the World is a well research and engaging non fiction narrative of the history of reproductive rights While it's a YA selection I recommend it for all ages It's great for anyone with an interest in feminist history reproductive rights history US History or constitutional law It offers a much complete story of the fight for reproductive health than most of us know or understand Excellent What a great read Should be mandatory for all high school kids It is meticulously researched without being dry honestly presented without being preachy Abortion issues are so much complicated and nuanced than politicians would have us believe Although this country has made some important strides towards euality it is naive to think that women aren’t still fighting for control over their own bodies Although this book is targeted for the YA market adult readers will find also Jane Against the World to be a well researched but concise telling of the Roe v Wade story As a reader of that certain age who remembers the main elements of Roe history the book provides not only a reminder of how lopsided the world was for women a mere generation ago but also how challenging that fight for euality was and still is Roe and contraception were major stepping stones in that progress The backstory leading up to these historic events builds with rising tension provoking the reader’s exasperation with the sluggishness of change The rendering of the characters makes the reader sympathetic to their difficult moral decisions and in the case of the Supreme Court judges we feel as if we in the room hearing them wrestle with the legal issues This history is not something we should take for granted Adults and young adults would be well served by keeping this story top of mind This was very informative as I realized I didn’t know much before Roe v Wade Thanks to MacMillanUSA for a free review copy to share with kidlitexchangeThis comprehensive nonfiction book will be great for research projects on the right to choose Covering the history of abortion in America from the 1800s to present the book features several abortion advocates including Madame Restell various clergy who were part of the Clergy Consultation Service doctors Margaret Sanger and Occasional breaks in the text titled pregnant pause add context with statistics specific laws etc Blumenthal highlights how race and class have been a part of the ineuity of access from the start as well As Planned Parenthood doctor Alan Guttmacher said abortion above all else in American medicine reeked of class privilege Money could and still can buy a safe abortion but poverty purchases butchery and death Includes a glossary a timeline a list of important Supreme Court cases a Bibliography and Notes There is no Index however which is strange I hope one will be added