The Shade of Hettie Daynes PDF ´ of Hettie PDF

The Shade of Hettie Daynes If you expect to see a ghost you see a ghost That's what Bethan tells herself when her brother Harry takes her to see the ghost at the old reservoir But she really can see it a pale figure floating over the water one finger pointing downwardsLocal legend says that the ghost is Hettie Daynes an ancestor of their family who vanished over a hundred years agoIf so what does she want And why is she appearing nowHarry and Bethan and their friends Rob and Alison are determined to find outA deliciously shivery ghost tale from multi award winning author Robert Swindells I got this book for christmas and I started reading it but gave up This morning I read it again and finished it in a hour and a half Its not very long but good if you like mysteries Overall I would give it 3 stars It took a while for me to get into the book A group of children report seeing a ghost and a local councillor gets worriedA slight story that didn't read as though it had been fully developed and was very slow paced as if the author had to reach a target number of pages Some of the actions of the adults were totally unbelievable even for a children's story The dialogue and characters are not very goodMy real rating for this book was 25

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