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Kawaii Sweet World Cookbook A YouTube star teaches you to bake ridiculously cute Japanese style treats with 75 brand new easy to follow recipes for totally original and delicious cakes candies cookies cupcakes and A delightful debut cookbook Publishers Weekly Kawaii means cute in Japanese and cuteness is the main ingredient in these sweets In Kawaii Sweet World YouTube sensation Rachel Fong teaches you how to bake super easy treats that are just as fun to make as they are to eat Whether you're a cookie rookie or a piping pro you'll find tips on all the basics from whipping up the best buttercream to using a turntable to decorate but this is no ordinary baking book Why have a plain layer cake when you could have a cuddly corgi cakeThese seventy five utterly uniue recipes include chocolate cupcakes that transform into snuggly koalas cake pops that are twinkly eyed narwhals lemon cookies that turn into emojis and cream puffs that become little pink pigs With Kawaii Sweet World cookbook the fun is baked right in

10 thoughts on “Kawaii Sweet World Cookbook

  1. karen karen says:

    will this be MORE or LESS cute after it bakes? LET'S FIND OUT i took rather a lot of pictures of these because they are beyond adorable but i'm just gonna post one and go back to bed because i woke up with fever and am medium alarmed considering if i die please don't give these cookies to the biiiiiiiiirds

  2. booklovingredhead booklovingredhead says:

    Awesome cookbook So many cute and adorable kawaii desserts I’m so excited to try them

  3. Lisa Lisa says:

    Cute book but not very practical This book is not for a novice if you are looking to bake While everything is divided into sections and here are pictures with every recipe there are pages of instructions and ingredients

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Really inspiring Loved the bubble tea cake

  5. Miss Clark Miss Clark says:

    Cute designs great for projects with kids or birthdays Lots of good photographs and instructions

  6. Elizabeth Judd Taylor Elizabeth Judd Taylor says:

    Super cute bakery ideas

  7. Lisa Lisa says:

    Super cute and easy instructions

  8. Mahshid Mahshid says:

    Wonderful bookThis is a great book filled with professional recipes that have a childlike joy Thank you Rachel I also love your YouTube channel

  9. Viriam Viriam says:

    I couldn't relate well to this baking book but if you have younger kids or put on a lot of parties its probably pretty good Learn to make all kinds of animals desserts etc

  10. Jessica Jessica says:

    Super cute recipes I can’t wait to try them

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