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Sophia Princess Among Beasts A princess who has lost her mother and father finds herself in a terrifying world that urgently needs a ueenSophia is smart beautiful and accomplished a beloved princess devoted to the people and to reading books The kingdom is hers until she is plunged into a nightmarish realm populated by the awful beasts she read about as a childThe beasts are real And so is the great army marching on her castle The people look to Sophia for protection They will all perish unless she can unlock an ancient secret as profound as life and death itself Sophia Princess Among Beasts is a fabulous adventure and a stunning mystery Here again is proof of why James Patterson is the world's most trusted storyteller

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  1. John John says:

    This is one of those books that seemed like it might be a good idea until the author started writing itThe title derives from the way the king his knights and even the mythical figures Sophia interacts with views the lower classes of the world as beasts If you thought that was too subtle don’t worry you’ll be hit over the head with it enough times for it to sink inPrincess Sophia is the MarySue the kind gentle entitled clueless waif who eschews needlepoint and harp lessons for swordplay and strategy how else can she be the heroine if she can’t kill the bad guys? Yet she wrangles a promise on her birthday from her warrior king father to stop expanding the realm which makes everyone else see him as weak and losing his edge Even a mythical figure named Ares now thinks the king’s a punk and it’s time to march on his lands On her weekly errand of mercy to the local village Sophia’s confronted by a tall handsome dark haired youth named Raphael She also learns there’s an outbreak of plague which in all her other trips she’d somehow never heard of it and the scene where she contracts it is both unintentionally funny and sets up the ridiculousness of the rest of the story I don’t want to ruin it; you really gotta read this for yourselvesJust before the disease sets in an assassin magically literally infiltrates the castle and eviscerates the king who manages to hold on just long enough for a tearful goodbye On her first day as ueen Sophia sickens and dies as Ares’ army marches closerSuddenly she’s being transported via an ogre driven coach across the netherrealm to wherever spirits go I guess But first there’s a tender reunion with her long dead mother who makes the coach stop by ordering them to yet can’t stop the ogres ten minutes later from snatching her back How’s this even possible you ask? Why’s it even happening in the first place? What the heck’s wrong with you people?Their destination turns out to be none other than Ares’ stronghold populated by mythical creatures Sophia’s read about all her life loves books remember? and several former residents of the village including one particular tall handsome dark haired youthFor some contrived reason Ares brought Sophia here to be a bride for one of his mythical buddies Naturally any plucky princess would refuse and a few of these entities manage to get themselves killed in the wooing process by one of the competition named Reiper Sophia slides down to the village to seek out Raphael and learns that the residents have been conscripted to fight for Ares in his next battle take one guess So like any plucky princess Sophia starts teaching the locals how to fight while whispering to them about REBELLION Ares starts losing his patience and tells her to choose someone or else Reiper as it turns out is the magical assassin who killed the king and has determined Sophia should be his but Sophia thinks she should be Raphael’sWhile Sophia gets chased through the castle by another of the would be suitors the castle gets attacked by the locals who’ve decided REBELLION is a good idea Two suitors get killed Ares retreats and Reiper seemingly kills Raphael You read that right a peasant mob storms the stronghold of a god and his retinue and runs them all off You also read right the part about Raphael appearing to get whackedOddly enough the ogre driven coach shows up again and Sophia demands they take her to see her mom After some mystical mumbo jumbo Sophia returns to the land of the living none the worse for wear and just in time for the arrival of Ares’ army You know the restThis book is completely all over the place It’s a bunch of barely strung together set pieces that the Main Character wanders through until they reach the signpost at the end It’s a complete insult to your intelligence and an utter waste of time James Patterson oughta be ashamed to lend his name to something like this

  2. Laura Rash Laura Rash says:

    If you go into this expecting a normal JP book then you’ll be disappointed Almost as if you crossed Outlander and Grimms fairy tales Reads a bit as a YA but not eye roll YA A uick read that is uniue

  3. Laura Henry Laura Henry says:

    Wow this book was bad I’m a fan of some of James Patterson’s writing especially the Women’s Murder Club series However he needs to stay in his lane and get out of the fantasy genre This story makes no sense nothing is explained the ending is too cookie cutter and the main character is the most annoying person I can’t even say that I liked one character although by far the most interesting ones were the villains The writing did not fit well with the story nor did it even seem coherent Don’t waste your time this belongs in the trash not on your shelf

  4. Amber Amber says:

    When Sophia's father is murdered and she is captured by their enemies she is determined to escape and fight her captor Area who forces her to wed one of his monstrous knights Will Sophia survive? Read on and find out for yourselfThis was an awesome Fantasy adventure If you enjoy fantasy novels be sure to check this book out at your local library and wherever books are sold

  5. ari ari says:

    What did I just read?I think this actually is one of the worst books I've ever read and I really really wanted to love it I must admit I was drawn to the book because it was a I really liked how the book felt in my hands It was a hardback which I love with such beautifully floppy pages and a pretty cover Even the premise of the book seemed goodNothing in this book was explained The only reason why I finished the book so uickly was because I needed to know what was going on and thought it would all be cleared up in the end Oh how wrong I was1 Sophia's father the King forbids anyone to say anything negative in front of her I think they're actually imprisoned or executed if they break this rule Sophia is made to grow up as a dainty little princess who looks pretty and can play the harp badly these indulgences were my royal right and my royal dutyIt was my duty to look as pleasing as a paintingHowever he still lets her go out of the castle and even learn to fight The reason why he does this wasn't even explained2 I don't like the main couple I cannot forgive the lack of development into the relationship It's not like I hate insta love stories as long as there's some development after Yet we see nothing here 3 The village I uite liked how when Sophia visits the village everyone was hating on her for a reason unknown to us I thought that there would be some deep backstory that we'd eventually learn about But nothing WHAT IS THAT DEADLY DISEASE THE SEEP? WHY WASN'T IT EXPLAINED?? Sophia goes to the village every week yet hasn't ever heard about the diseaseview spoilerHow did the village beat Ares' army? They are just peasants vs mythical deadly creatures hide spoiler

  6. Corin Corin says:

    It's a cute story If you're in the mood for a little light fluff this is a fun read

  7. Mellie Antoinette Mellie Antoinette says:

    DNF’d around 40%

  8. Donna Hines Donna Hines says:

    Classified as fantasy adult YA and fiction this one has it all but only if readers are open to the idea as it's not the normal thriller you may have come to enjoyWhile it does have thrilling moments it's about the meaning behind the scenes or so it was with me as I read this new work by James PattersonIt's not everyday you read fantasy from this author yet I was transported to a magical land in which surely things don't go as plannedWhile Sophia is battling for independence as the two main villains Ares and Reiper are set to end this magical experience for allFor those who are sensitive to darkness and horror there is animal cruelty attempted rape and murder in this novelIn addition there is the connection between the living and the dead with monsters evil villains and the like as she battles a plague attention from Raphael and the ill euipped Ares to become ueenAhhh fantasy life is short lived as she succumbs to it all as Ares marches closer to the castleAfterwards she's transported to the other world where spirits go while the plot continues to thicken while reuniting with her dead motherForced marriage to one of Ares's friends is not in her cards as her heart belongs to Raphael so she fights teaching others about rebellionReiper wants non of it and kills the King only to have the castle overcome by peasant mobs who decided to rebellWhile this may bounce around it's for me the classic Patterson marker of why he is a storyteller not just a writerFollow alongfollow alongNot everything is made to make sense folks that's why it's labeled FANTASYSit back and enjoy and don't think too much into it all

  9. Ariel Andrews Ariel Andrews says:

    I am very pleasantly surprised with this book I have never read any of Pattersons books but my grandma has read them all She is a true fan and read this book in two days She had the library book for another week so she lent it to me I am really glad I picked it up It was a super easy read and drew me in from the beginning It's only 300 pages so it's pretty short but it full of suspense the entire time I fell in love with sophia and she really progresses through the book The magic and fantasy of this book was really great and surprised me that my grandma read and loved it If you love drama romance suspense and some scary this book is definitely worth the read

  10. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Really three and a half stars Half a star off for the last two chapters and the slightly confusing appearance of two characters This is an entertaining fairy tale fantasy novel with a YA feel I liked the main character Sophia and enjoyed the fast paced plot It's not Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones but it was alot of fun to read

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