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Lift Sloan Martinez wasn’t living her best life but she was doing everything she could to get there After her parents were arrested for embezzlement she was left penniless so she borrowed a friend's car and decided to make some cash as a driver It wasn’t the safest of jobs but she didn’t have much choice It wasn’t all that bad until he got in one night Harris Hill is a workaholic with no time for women When the person pointing a can of pepper spray in his face turns out to be the woman of his dreams suddenly things change He’s obsessed with the young beauty who has stolen his heart but she’s doing everything she can to build up her walls and keep him out It’s just too bad he’s got a sledgehammer and he knows how to use it Warning This dirty delight is high speed love with turns at every corner There are car puns surprise ball gowns and an epilogue so sweet it will crack a tooth Check your location because we’re coming for you

10 thoughts on “Lift

  1. Alexa Riley Alexa Riley says:

    She's LIVE

  2. ♡Tonya♡ ♡Tonya♡ says:

    Short and sweet no cheating no pushing away no violence of a sexual nature safe neither with others after meeting ok epilogue

  3. Nova Nova says:

    This is a classic Alexa Riley uickie Sloan Martinez has spent most of her life the outsider people don’t see her they look through her even her parents Living the life of the privileged with money her world crashed and crumbled around her after her fathers illicit dealings were broadcast across the internet she thought she knew alone but that was before now no one wants to know Now she’s sleeping on her only friends sofa and paying her for way by driving strangers all over the city Then a stranger gets in her car and changes her world in one night She falls for Harris hard and fast but will he still want her once he learns her secrets and her past? Harris is a well respected business man who restores building to their former glory it’s coming to the end of his latest project and is dealing with the details when late at night he calls for a driver One look and he knows she’s the one he had edited a lifetime for She’s skittish around him and he can see the pain and secrets in her eyes He wants to make it all go away and now he’s found her he’s keeping her as his always and forever If only he can make her believe it Cute fast paced and such cute epilogues

  4. Ryan - Sweet Red Reader Ryan - Sweet Red Reader says:

    Lift truly reminded me of why I love Alexa Riley I loved Sloan from the very beginning she was down on her luck but was really working to pull herself up by her bootstraps despite her situation While I loved Harris and his OTT yet sweet alpha possessiveness I do wish we had gotten to know about him especially in regards to his relationship with Sloan's roomie Their love story was sweet in a way uniue to AR and this was a slow burn in a way I wasn't expecting but thoroughly enjoyed 35 out of 5 wine glasses

  5. Kelly Kelly says:

    Another uick sweet safe read from Alexa RileyLoved Harris He is an OTT possessive alpha who also has a big sweet side I usually have a hard time liking the heroines but I actually liked Sloan She hesitated slightly at first but ultimately she didn't fight what was happening between her and Harris Which was a breath of fresh air4 big stars

  6. Azet Azet says:

    How i love myself a smitten hero who takes it upon himself to claim his woman after their first meeting A true heroworthy the affection of his heroine Sloan Martinez The scene where they shop in a grocery store was so romantic that i simply swooned My favourite part of this novella

  7. Tijuana *Book Twins Reviews* Tijuana *Book Twins Reviews* says:

    I haven’t binged AR in a while but now I’m confused Where’s the smutty goodness? This was insta everything and full of OTT alpha shenanigans but I was expecting steam All in all a good uick read but not uite what I expected from the dynamic duo of smut

  8. Michelle Claypot_Reads Michelle Claypot_Reads says:

    I only enjoyed this insta love read Didn’t love it like I usually do with their books Plenty of alpha male sweet innocent in this one Throw in some action and it’s an okay read

  9. Coco.V Coco.V says:

    35 stars

  10. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    Lift is the story of Sloan and HarrisSo been away from GR for a month now due to career commitments and finally finished the exam to return back to NORMAL life Wanted to read something to end my drought found a new AR had been released and one clicked it Turned out to be a sweet sip of mango juiceIn this book we had A tiny adorable heroine who's been through hard times and now barely scrapes through by driving a borrowed car and ubering people A workaholic hero who finds himself entranced by his cute blonde driver Sweet courting hungry kisses and loads of dry humping Diabetic lovemaking Mild drama and then HEATypical AR trope with double V card and loads of positivity We need to find such worshiping men LOL However the secondary characters just seemed like fillers in this oneSafe3255

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