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The Lost Letters of William Woolf SHORTLISTED FOR NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR IRISH BOOK AWARDS'If you liked Harold Fry and Me Before You you will love Cullen's nostalgic debut This life affirming book will draw you in and keep you there' Independent 'Delightful' Sunday Times'Deeply moving' Irish Times'I found myself totally transported into William's poignant and beguiling world of lost opportunities and love' A J Pearce author of Sunday Times bestseller Dear Mrs Bird Inside East London's Dead Letters Depot William Woolf unites lost mail with its intended recipient White mice a miniature grandfather clock and a full suit of armour are among the unusual items lost then found thanks to William's detective workBut when he discovers a series of letters addressed only to 'My Great Love' everything changes Written by Winter to a soulmate she hasn't yet met her heartfelt words stir William in ways he has long forgotten Could they be destined for him But what about his troubled marriageWilliam must follow the clues in Winter's letters to solve the mystery of his own heartAs heard on BBC Radio 2 The Steve Wright Show 'An enchanting contribution to the popular new trend of up lit such as Gail Honeyman's Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine' Irish Times'Captivates William has what seems to be the best job in the world Honest yet lyrical Cullen's characters are drawn with sympathy Lose yourself' The Scotsman 35⭐️Up until the last few chapters this was a solid 4 star read Then it became somewhat cheesy and annoyingly a bit too convenient I found the premise of this story to be fascinating and brilliant William Woolf works at the Dead Letters Depot as a letter detective His primary job is to try and get letters and packages to their final destinations when they namesaddresses have been worn off etc Can I just say how cool is that job? I feel like you would find some fascinating letters and parcels William is married to Claire and she is struggling with her marriage to William Claire's life has not turned out the way that she has wanted and is left wanting Their marriage is clearly having some difficulties One day at work William comes across a letter that is addressed to My great love from a mysterious woman named Winter William continues to find letters addressed from this Winter He soon takes a journey of his own trying to find out who this woman is So I feel like this book focused solely on the strained marriage of William and Claire I was a bit bummed out because I really wanted of the lost letter concept The author only had tiny bit of this in the beginning I wasn't particularly fond of any of the characters I found both women to be pretty annoying I also felt like the ending was a tad bit too rushed for my liking and felt like the author was trying to hard to fit everything into a nice bow My interest was swaying in and out throughout the entire novel and lacked substance to me I was bored in numerous spotsOverall 2 starsThank you to Netgalley and Harleuin for the advanced arc in exchange for an honest reviewPublished to GR 6118Publication date 10218 William works as a letter detective in the Dead Letters Depot in East London Each day he deals with letters with missing postcodes letters wrongly addressed writing that is illegible and various letters and parcels with no return address As a young man it is not what he saw himself doing When he first met Clare he had great plans Over the years things had changed When William discovers letters in dark blue envelopes with silver writing he is intrigued when they begin to ‘My Great Love’ The letters are written by a woman called Winter to a man she has never met but feels is the soulmate she is destined hopefully to meet one day Fascinated William cannot but help the letters were meant for him to find He resolves to find Winter Meanwhile in his marriage with Clare they are both aware that there is an increasing chasm between themIt’s a book that is not going to appeal to everyone but I think I was just in the mood for something a little bit whimsical It still manages though to deal in a realistic way with a love that started off so promisingly and has dwindled over the years of marriage into the mundane I enjoyed learning about William and Clare their past and the slow slide into something neither of them ever envisaged I liked reading the letters from Winter and some of the other letters that arrive at the Dead Letter Office I especially liked the story and package with the medal I enjoyed uirky secondary characters that pop up too Really the story is about communications and what happens when people fail to communicate Or when they put aside their dreams This is a book where the ending is not going to please everyone It might even annoy some people But I liked it I felt it fitted with the rest of the story I enjoyed this engaging read Yes you need to suspend disbelief but a good writer can convince me to do that This is a debut novel I’d be very keen to read another book by this author I loved the premise of this book The idea that there are people who are willing to take the time to get lost post back to the rightful owners is a lovely one and I do hope there is a Dead Letters depot somewhere  Some of the personal stories behind the post were beautiful to read about and uite emotional at times when you read about the intended recipient finally opening their post  There was a bit of a nostalgic uality to the book as letters are a bit of a rarity these days as is sending some of the items that are mentioned through the post  It made me a little wistful for the simple joy of a hand written letter addressed to youWilliam is an interesting character  He is a little bit of a loner a bit geeky and a bit of a dreamer  He loves the idea of happy endings which is what drew him to the job and motivates him to return the post to the right person  His little routines and idiosyncrasies were very sweet and heartwarming to read about  It definitely made me warm to himThe journey he undertakes to find the women who wrote the ”’ my great love’ letters was an interesting one  I did enjoy reading about his travels and the interesting people he meets on his way who all seem to have their own stories to tell which really added to the story I did feel a little cross with William for going on the journey as I felt he was being a little unfair on all involved chasing a dream whilst still married  Even if that marriage is going through a bit of a rough patchFor me this wasn’t a particularly fast paced book but that doesn’t matter as the reader is soon absorbed in William’s story and his internal fight over which women his wife or the mysterious letter writer he’s going to choose  I felt that I wanted to keep reading to find out about William and to find out how the story endsThis is Helen’s debut novel and I will look forward to reading from her in the future  If you like The Pilgrimage Of Harold Fry you’ll like this story as I felt they were similarHuge thanks to Gaby Young for my copy of this book and to Katie Ashworth for inviting me onto the blog tour  If you like sweet nostalgic stories about someone finding themselves then you’ll love this book A great idea with sub par executionI honestly thought I was going to love this one But I don't think I've ever read another contemporary novel so slow And for such a slow pacing you'd think there's a full resolve at the end But no there's no concrete ending at all The writing was okay but it dragged on so much I had to skim some parts Otherwise I might have uit reading it altogetherWould not recommend it if you're looking for a uick and relaxing read The slowness was almost stressing me out Letter writing is a sadly a dying art nowadays and one that I have to admit to missing terribly although my dad still very much enjoys writing letters to his great grandchildren The look of excitement in their eyes when a letter addressed to them lands on the doormat is a joy to behold and always makes me wish there were handwritten letters sent to us So I was immediately attracted to the stunning cover of The Lost Letters of William Woolf and what a beautifully constructed story lies behind that sumptuous artworkThe characters of William and his wife Claire are exuisitely drawn and as their relationship is gradually unveiled we slowly become aware of the problems that lie between them A lack of communication has caused their marriage to become stale a union that fulfils neither of their dreams of desires When William reads letters addressed to My Great Love whilst working as a “letter detective” at the Dead Letter Depot he becomes fascinated by the mysterious Willow He wonders if he could be the soulmate she seeks and decides to use the clues in her letter to track her downOne of my favourite parts of the book was reading the letters written by other senders that arrived at the depot Their stories of love loss and hope gave an insight into the human desire to communicate emotions via the written word Even the short letters were perfectly pitched to achieve maximum impact And I loved the idea that there was someone as sensitive as William reading them taking ownership and desperately wanting them to be delivered to their rightful placeThis is a uniuely crafted and beautifully expressed tale of a couple who need to find themselves again before they can find each other and of a lost art that needs to be encouraged before it disappears forever I left a little piece of my heart in this book and possibly a tear stain or two on the final page The Lost Letters of William Woolf provides sanctuary to abandoned words and a voice so second chances might be heard I was swept along on its trail of serendipity while it healed hearts and broke others in its wake One of the ‘Post Office Poirots’ is as the title would suggest William Woolf He works at the Dead Letter Depot and it’s his job to care for all manner of stray mail that for one reason or another has failed to reach its destination He and his colleagues relish the opportunity to reunite an orphaned letter with its intended loved one But this is also an invitation for William to embrace all manner of mini uests as certain correspondence demands and deserves special attention Ironically while his determination dedication and compassion have the power to alter the course of a stranger’s life his own has lost all sense of direction Embarking on his extraordinary journey is a memorable and varied cast notably the folk William stumbles across on his travels whose charming self contained stories become an extension of his own These encounters were utterly delightful but I especially enjoyed my returns to the Dead Letter Depot to await the next piece of a postal puzzle that William is fiercely protective of The Lost Letters of William Woolf delivered everything I’d hoped for and perhaps a little Certainly an author I’ll be keeping an eye open for in future I’m incredibly grateful to have received an advanced copy of this title courtesy of the publisher which I have chosen to voluntarily read and review Inside the Dead Letters Depot in East London William Woolf is one of thirty letter detectives who spend their days solving mysteries missing postcodes illegible handwriting rain smudged ink lost address labels torn packages forgotten street names are just a few of the puzzles they have to try and solve so that the recipient gets the lettersparcels that were intended for themWhen William discovers letters addressed to my first love his work takes on new meaning William starts believing the letters are really meant for him Williams marriage is going through a rough patch We get both William and his wife Claire's point of view of their relationship problems My criticisms is that I would have liked to learn about the day to day dealings with and investigations into the lost letters parcels etc Also I found the ending a bit rushed and then there were far too many coincidences happening that made it unbelievableI would like to thank NetGalley Penguin UK Michael Joseph and the author Helen Cullen for my ARC in exchange for an honest review I read this in the bank holiday sunshine and whilst it's not a Booktrail book it's set in London but that's about it the real setting is the art of communication reuniting people with their memories lost letters words of love and reassurance that have become lost over time letters of rejection even letters giving bad news but all of them lost and not with their rightful ownerThere's a special Dead Letter Depot in East London looking after these lost letters and trying to find their true owners The premise of this was lovely and I enjoyed reading the letters found and opened reading for clues as to who they were for and if they would ever be sent to the right placeIts a novel about lost communication hope lost love and a great deal The parts about the letters were the best William Woolf less so but that's just me I wanted to follow the letters as I'm nosy that way It's very poignant and sad in parts but I'm still unsure about the ending I enjoyed the read however I hope there is a Dead Letters Depot somewhere

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