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Wilder Girls Imagine how this cover would look in a hardcover copyliterally chills ARC given to me by my amazingly kind friend McKinlay at McKinlay's BookshelfI really enjoyed the atmosphere and characters so much in this but the ending really kind of ruined it all for me But I can't wait to see what the author does next Blog | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Youtube | TwitchBuddy read with McKinlay ❤ It's been eighteen months since the Raxter School for Girls was put under uarantine Since the Tox hit and pulled Hetty's life out from under herIt started slow First the teachers died one by one Then it began to infect the students turning their bodies strange and foreign Now cut off from the rest of the world and left to fend for themselves on their island home the girls don't dare wander outside the school's fence where the Tox has made the woods wild and dangerous They wait for the cure they were promised as the Tox seeps into everythingBut when Byatt goes missing Hetty will do anything to find her even if it means breaking uarantine and braving the horrors that lie beyond the fence And when she does Hetty learns that there's to their story to their life at Raxter than she could have ever thought true 3 35 STARS It's like that with all of us here Sick strange and we don't know why Things bursting out of us bits missing and pieces sloughing off and then we harden and smooth overI can see why Rory Power's debut novel Wilder Girls is getting serious buzz; it's not just a pretty cover as it contains an excellent writing style that wavers between flowery prose and captivating horror In terms of idea and compulsive page turning this book deserves all of the stars but I did find a few points worth mentioning in case your expectations are not in the right place as mine clearly were not All of my criticisms are purely personal preference so please do not put too much weight in them and instead use them to decide whether this might be the right book for youFriends I cannot express how much I love the idea behind this story The feminist YA dystopian theme is taking the world by storm right now and it's definitely my favorite genre at the moment We are being blessed with so many uniue inspiring allegories that my heart can hardly handle it and the author has clearly put her heart soul and bottomless well of love and emotion for all females into this novel I cannot applaud her highly enough for accomplishing such a feat as clearly and intelligently expressing her message in a way that is available to any reader to comprehend Insert standing ovationThe plot is relatively straight forward; we're dropped into the setting of Raxter School for Girls which is off the coast of Maine roughly 2 years after the Tox has set in The Tox is an infection that has swept over every living thing on the island and therefore all inhabitants of said island are uarantined while the CDC and US Navy are trying to figure out a cure This Tox manifests symptoms in a different way for each person and the flare ups typically come as the seasons change Sounds excellent right? It is but I think the execution of this story is what hindered my full enjoyment as I was expecting something entirely differentWhile I was expecting a brief intro followed by some action sleuthing and major revelations what I got was along the lines of a significant info dump in the first 35% of the novel followed by repetitive scenes of introspection and under developed sapphic plot lines Let me explain I was hoping for a sense of showing rather than telling when it came to the explanation and revelations involving the Tox but what we get is the first third of the book filling us in on what the characters know so far about the disease It's not necessarily a flaw but I did feel like I was reading a really long prologue waiting for the story to begin rather than being filled in with pieces throughout the story There are some really great action scenes terrifying revelations and creative plot devices used in this story but they were overshadowed by multiple scenes of teenage bickering and perhaps this is where I need to state that I am NOT the intended target audience and this may be the very type of thing that teens enjoy reading these days Also and again to my fault I somehow had gotten the impression that this book would be featuring a prominent lesbian relationship and there are a few it is an island full of only females after all but this also felt chalked up to untapped potential by focusing mostly on the we're dating today 12 hours later we're broken up instead of building a swoon worthy romance with relevant conflictThis sounds mostly negative and I truly don't mean for it to because I did overall enjoy this and count anything 3 stars and up as a positive reading experience but I just needed to take a moment to place all my thoughts here and sort through them over the next few days Other reviewers have touched on this so I feel that I should as well but the ending leaves much to be desired I'm not sure if this is a setup for a future series as there are many MANY major uestions left unanswered but perhaps what I failed to realize in my reading is that the point isn't about the whowhatwhenwherewhyhows surrounding the Tox and what comes next but simply around the allegories to female struggles today If so I highly respect and appreciate what Power has done here and based on her talented thoughtful and uniue debut I would be honored to read another book written by her Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy via NetGalley An interesting premise with a romance that surprised and intrigued me but unfortunately I couldn't find myself connecting to any of the characters oooh goodreads choice awards semifinalist for BEST YA FANTASY 2019 what will happen?Some days it’s fine Others it nearly breaks me The emptiness of the horizon and the hunger in my body and how will we ever survive this if we can’t survive each other? “We’re gonna make it Tell me we’re gonna make it”so much about this book is so good the synopsis the premise the chillsiness it delivers the characters the tantalizing dislocation of WHAT IS THIS THAT IS HAPPENING? the dread and unease the tension that goddamn coveri did not love it unconditionally but what i did love i loved HARDset on an island isolated girls’ school in maine the reader is dropped instantly into an atmosphere of extreme and horrific circumstances what was once a fully functioning fully populated school has been diminished by a mysterious affliction known as the tox wiping out all but two of the teachers and most of the students with terrible conseuences for the ones who managed to stay alivethe school is located off the coast of a naval base who have ordered the island uarantined and promised that the CDC is working on a cure meanwhile the navy has been providing supplies by way of boat drop offs collected by the few girls allowed to travel beyond the walled off school grounds but the uantity and uality of the supplies have worsened the longer the situation continues the packages themselves oddly composed Even when there’s no bread there’s always shampoo and the girls are all but starving as they cluster together in the school functioning in a mostly cooperative free for all setup awaiting the next outbreakand the outbreaks are intense They cycle in seasons each one worse than before until we can’t bear it any and if the girls survive they are left each time with a different physical reminder of their ordeal glowing hair silver scales or with monstrously disfiguring body horror manifestations; bones protruding through the skin eyes fused shut with “something” growing underneath It’s like that with all of us here Sick strange and we don’t know why Things bursting out of us bits missing and pieces sloughing off and then we harden and smooth overthe patterned timing of the flare ups the age of the victims the ceremonial rite of passage way they acknowledge a girl’s first episode gives it a very OUR CHANGING BODIES vibe and girls know all too well the bloody body horror transformations of puberty even without something like the tox but this goes beyond allegory the girls keep on dying and it’s unclear whether the root cause is illness toxin biological agent etc but it’s one that has also affected the local wildlife causing forest dwellers like foxen bears and bobcats to be a little bigger aggressive and desperately hungry as misshapen as the humans There used to be horses four of them but early in the first season we noticed how the Tox was starting to get inside them like it got inside us how it was pushing their bones through their skin how it was stretching their bodies until they screamed So we led them out to the water and shot themso far it is everything i love and all the best parts of Lord of the Flies The Village Pure survival in a dangerous landscape mysterious and terrifying illness giant freaking animals teen girls with guns and shifting loyalties and EXOSKELETONS and important decisions to make about trust and love and loyalty and how and when to play your cards and all of the seeeeeekrits that go with the us v them situation of limited resources and even limited information and not knowing what’s really going on ‘out there’ i love the characters the switching POVs the escalating tensions and the bold authorial moves but then that ending that’s no way to say good bye i assume it’s a case of where they’re interested in a follow up book but want to see how this debut sells before committing to a follow up but i’m not in love with where the book cuts off the final scene works as a final scene and an appropriate ending mood but there’s too much left unresolved before that sunlit water for credits to roll over ambiguous optimism i was expecting a standalone book and this feels unfinished i loved it until then but unfortunately that’s how books work the last thing you read feel is what looms largest in your mind and for me it was a uiet disappointment everything else though thumbs upnow gimmie a second bookthat ending review to come I DON'T KNOW IF YOU UNDERSTAND HOW BADLY I WANT THIScome to my blog 4 damn what did I get myself intoWe’re not in Kansas anyI’m sure this book takes place in earth this might be closest highway to hell say goodbye to your classical contagion post apocalyptic LGBT survival now or never themes this is so much mind blowing and earth shattering stars WHAT THE HELL THIS BOOK ABOUT Testing your survival skills CHECKTesting your friendship and your loyaltyhonesty CHECKTesting yourself how much you’re ready to lose from your humanity to stay alive DOUBLE CHECKIf you want some sunshine and rainbow book just skip this and stick with your rom coms This is one of the ugliest darkest nerve bending frustrating project You have to be sure before taking your few steps to the flaming corners of hell paved with so so bad intentions because you’re about to get burned by reading this thing If you are not ready enough to absorb harsh merciless details again skip this book It’s really hard to digest that makes you choked So the story starts at an isolated girls’ school located in Maine If this place gives Stephen King so much inspiration it might be one of the creepiest and chilling places on earth so the author made a great choice I normally not get scared so easily but the Tox’s effects on the girls and the unknown things moving inside them parts same theme used by Guillermo del Toro’s last horror movie “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” got on my nerves irritated me so much that I want to throw at this book as if my hands are being burned A few breathing exercise later I took my book back into my hands and started bleeding and reading Yes reading this book makes you feel like you’re stabbing too many times by the author’s harsh uirks At least I have high tolerance pain levelMost things I liked is the way of the story telling It was realistic valid raw harsh but giving the simple facts of truth direct capturing And the other thing is the characters I liked to see the progression of characters when they encounter with the hardest shittiest challenging situations how they change evolve fight against to survive what can they risk how to accomplish surviving without losing every piece of their humanities The two things bugged me about the book are1It was a little slow paced and short book for me I wanted to dive in the story faster with facts and I needed at least 100 or pages I didn’t want it finish so soon2I wanted to learn about the reason of illness When did it start? Why each girl reacted differently to the disease? Why it started in only this island? Too many answered uestions force the readers reuest a seuel sooner As a summary I got my angsty shocking cheek slapping shoulder shaking nail biter mind numbing story that I deserved But I need The readers need to a seuel or another longer book from same genrebloginstagramfacebooktwitter Well here's something I never thought I'd never say this book should have been at least another 100 pages longerThe premise for this book is really exciting and the cover is fabulous but the execution is sorely lacking The story picks up some year after a remote school for girls is ravaged with a devastating virus and subseuently uarantined Notice how I said picks up Very little backstory is ever given about the onset of the virus How it all started and progressed leading up to the uarantine and beyond For me the most compelling part of the story was omittedThis book features three best friends that have seemingly settled into this horrific existence as much as could be expected even going so far as finding some appreciation for their newly found strengths and Independence Again some history of the events that lead the girls to this point including a in depth storyline as to what brought them to the island in the first place would have been nice When one of the girls goes missing after a flare up in her illness the other two set on a course to find out what happened to her only to discover that all is not as it seems Shocker The reader is never enlightened as to what the cause of or how this illness started Why did it only occur on this island? Why does it manifest in such different ways from person to person? Basically nothing is ever revealed from the history to the present making it hard to connect with this story and it's charactersThe abrupt ending is perplexing Will there be a seuel? More importantly can we get a preuel? It seems the author forgot to include the entire backstory from this book I would be interested in reading a second book because the ending leads you to believe that the next chapter could be a thrilling one Additionally the author has a real flair for atmospheric world building and what I did learn of the characters was fascinatingAnd who knows maybe I'll get that history after all25 Stars rounded up ⭐⭐⭐ I received an ARC from Random House in exchange for an honest review brain add book to tbrme maybe we should read the synopsis firstbrain no pretty coverme touché sapphic horror is my new favorite genrethis is probably one of my favorite covers of the year and I am so happy to say that the inside is just as amazing this honestly ended up being a weird combination of everything i love in stories it is a feminist lord of the flies following 3 friends who are under uarantine at a boarding school when one of the friends goes missing it becomes a race to find her and figure out what the hell is happening on this island and uncover the secrets being kept from them this also has a really great ff relationship that I died over as for the horror elements this isn't jump scare horror but makes your skin crawl with some of the creepy elements which I personally loved I would say if you liked the movie Annihilation then you will love this if you would like to take a look at the content warnings the author has kindly shared them on her website this was one of the uniue YA books I've read recently and I loved how it didn't shy away from the brutality of what was happening there was also a cool stylistic choice with the writing that I think worked really well and added to the creepy vibe