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10 thoughts on “Too Many Tribbles

  1. Clay Davis Clay Davis says:

    Enjoyed the reading by Ethan Peck

  2. Aaron Aaron says:

    This was a fun retelling of the classing Star Trek episode The Trouble with Tribbles done in a picture book format Using simple language vibrant colors and retro style art even the youngest of readers can enjoy this story which introduced the cutest pets in the universe

  3. Christine Christine says:

    This a Little Golden Book version of the classic Trek episode It's actually uite cute and fun If you like Star Trek and Golden Books or want to introduce a child to Star Trek this is a good place to start

  4. Catherine Mason Catherine Mason says:

    The tribble story was one of the best Star Trek episodes and this is great fun for young and old alike probably fun for the old D

  5. Jess Jess says:

    This book is just about perfect I remember having lots of these Little Golden Books as kid often telling new stories of my favortie shows or adapting old ones Just as a man of my age is getting nostaligic for such things one of my favorite shows ever Star Trek is getting the Golden treatmentAt was dubious of the idea at first but reading it it was perefect it took a classic episode one of the simplistic and fun ones to begin with and just wrote it in language a child could understand If you want kid friendly Star Trek TOS Tribbles is the way to go I'm not sure it would work with say City on Edge of Forever The art looks like the original series while maintaining Little Golden Book cutenessIf you have a 3 7 year old in your life who loves Star Trek or just want to introduce to the series get them this book I can't vouch for the other two I am Captain Kirk and I am Mr Spock but this one is great

  6. Scott Williams Scott Williams says:

    This is an adaptation of David Gerrold’s original episode “The Trouble with Tribbles” It translates really well to this format and the fun and colourful artwork will appeal to kids of all ages

  7. Ashley Beery Ashley Beery says:

    The punsoooooh the puns Loved it but had to take a star off as Scotty didn’t look like Scotty and he wasn’t missing a finger like he should be

  8. Trinity Trinity says:

    An excellent introduction to Star Trek for the youngest future fan

  9. Becky B Becky B says:

    Rewrites the Tribbles Star Trek episode in picture book formatI had high hopes for this It is my favorite episode of the original Star Trek series But somehow they managed to convey the story and lost a lot of the humor So sad They also just summarized the episode without really adapting it for kids Scotty's fistfight was for some reason included Kinda disappointed I think this could've been done so much better

  10. Kieran McAndrew Kieran McAndrew says:

    No Tribble to ReadThis early years reader is actually a good and accurate synopsis of the Classic Series episode The Trouble with Tribbles Brightly illustrated this is a good children's book

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Too Many Tribbles Captain Kirk and the crew of the starship Enterprise come face to face with adorably fuzzy Tribbles in this exciting and fun filled Star TrekTM Little Golden Book