Becoming a Sommelier PDF ½ Becoming a PDF/EPUB or

  • Hardcover
  • 144 pages
  • Becoming a Sommelier
  • Rosie Schaap
  • 06 February 2014
  • 9781982120412

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Becoming a SommelierI have no interest in being a sommelier although I like wine but knowing the author I knew it would be a pleasure to read Indeed it is Schaap describes two sommeliers how they found their calling and their philosophy For me it helped me overcome my fear of sommeliers and encouraged me to ask about wine even in the liuor storeI am writing this while we are in uarantine so reading about wonderful meals and wine is torment However I believe we will get outThe perfect gift for someone who loves fine dining or good wines or both “If you are curious about life as a sommelier this charming book makes an easy nutritious appetizer” — The New York Times An illuminating guide to a career as a sommelier written by acclaimed food and drink writer Rosie Schaap and based on the real life experiences of experts in the field—essential reading for anyone considering a path to this professionWine is a pleasure and in its pursuit there should be no snobbery The sommelier is there to help to teach to guide Acclaimed food and drink writer Rosie Schaap profiles two renowned sommeliers to offer a candid portrait of this profession Learn the job from Amanda Smeltz a poet and wine director in New York and Roger Dagorn a James Beard Award–winning Master Sommelier From starting in the cellar grueling certification exams to tastings and dinner service Becoming a Sommelier is an invaluable introduction to this dream job Short and sweet little book that profiles two well known sommeliers how they got to where they are what their day to day typically looks like and what personality traits it takes to be successful in this field A book that made me hungry for good food and wine and want to learn about food pairings naturally made wines Fell a bit flat for me She interviews two sommeliers and dives into their career experiences I did get some notes about restaurants I want to try next time in NYC but nothing sustainable in terms of education A uick read that’s worth your time as it primarily profiles two very different but successful sommeliers but the book ends up lacking in areas related to wine and food and wine travel that have been upended by the digital age and the retrenchment of print Media Makes you want to learn I love reading about people with passion and this slim volume features two sommeliers who each took a different path to the career Greta read for an afternoon with a nice glass of wine just make sure to hold it by them stem What a wonderful little treasure Fun but nothing special Very fun At first I thought it was sort of fluff but as I read on I realized it’s useful and interesting than that Definitely recommend Useful reading list at the back too Amazing insights and great writing Highly recommend to anyone in the hospitality industry or anyone interested in some general facts about wine and having a career with it