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Nope Never Not for Me This deceptively simple story guides sensitive kids through trying a new food with support and encouragement aplentyChildren are often picky eaters but for kids on the autism spectrum or with sensory issues trying new foods can be especially challenging In Nope Never Not for Me a young child refuses to try a bite of broccoli that is until her mom guides her through a careful exploration of the new food First she looks then she sniffs then touches and finally takes one tiny bite What do you know Broccoli isn't so overwhelming after allWith simple reassuring text and bold illustrations in a limited palette Nope Never Not For Me espouses a patient approach to picky eating and empowers kids to explore new experiences without stress or pressure

10 thoughts on “Nope Never Not for Me

  1. Hannah Greendale Hannah Greendale says:

    Can we please stop telling children that broccoli is yucky and terrible? Nope Never Not for Me is designed for picky eaters particularly children on the autism spectrum It aims to encourage children to experience new foods with other senses like touch and smell before moving on to taste The objective is great but the whole broccoli is gross angle is tired and aside from a small mention in the synopsis there's nothing in the book that indicates the protagonist is a child with autism

  2. Allie Allie says:

    Another amazing one This would be such a good addition to a story time about food I might read it alongside 1 Big Salad A Delicious Counting Book because it's not just neurodiverse kids that are picky eaters Kids need a lot of exposure to foods before they recognize them and this is a really cute way of encouraging trying new foods I also really love this new series because it's maybe the first book I've read aboutfor neurodiverse kids that is written by a neurodiverse person Own voices baby

  3. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Do not share unless your child is already a very fussy eater The message will backfire on most kids because most kids just need to have matter of fact role models who eat what's given them and say thank you and that's the end of itI think a Try ceratops will benefit from the book though So one star for most kids five stars for those who need it three is the average?

  4. David Corr David Corr says:

    This series is so needed and lovely These are accessible to all kids and the author does an incredible job illustrating the stresses many kids with sensitivities can have The humorous touches are perfect and I love that the parent in each book speaks in very calm and short worded sentences Brilliant

  5. Rebecca Ramey Rebecca Ramey says:

    Finally a book for kids with sensory issues Love the fact that it doesn’t actually label the child or mention autism My kid doesn’t need to keep hearing these labels and instead can feel like there are just books that he can totally relate too and enjoy written by someone who gets it Thank you

  6. Peacegal Peacegal says:

    25 stars A kid who's picky about food learns that trying something new is a good thing and maybe broccoli isn't so bad after all Parents are also given hints about ways to introduce an unsure kid to new foods As the child loves dinosaurs she proclaims herself a Try ceratopsHowever I do agree with the other reviewer who is tired of seeing vegetables depicted as yucky as a foregone conclusion Broccoli seems to bear the brunt of all of this And the final page shows the little girl's brother scarfing chicken legs with the uote that he must be a T Rex Ugh

  7. Val Val says:

    I loved how there wasn't very much spoken or illustrated gender in this picture book There were lots of other things I loved about it too but I wanted to make sure I remembered that point

  8. JenLovesBooks JenLovesBooks says:

    I see where this book was trying to go but I wasn't a fan of much of it I especially don't like when things are placed in a bad light that shouldn't be such as broccoli which in my mind is awesome So why make it constantly look like the bad guy? Makes no sense to me and can't see letting that slide Aside from that I can appreciate what this book was trying to do but only for a little bit of it

  9. Becky B Becky B says:

    A kid declares brocolli a Nope Never Not for me after looking at it smelling it and feeling it However when she hears they are trees her dino decides to maybe try a little And then the kid becomes a try ceratopsSome good strategies in here for parents with picky eaters I like that the child was allowed to not like the food once he tried it Not liking the taste of a food can be a clue to food allergies so it is important that kids are allowed to say no But it is also important to try or they can end up with a very unbalanced diet I think many kids could be convinced to become try ceratops dinos have a bit of power over the mind Read this to your picky eater

  10. Barbra Barbra says:

    In these two books of the Little Senses Series; “This Beach Is Loud” and “Nope Never Not for Me” we follow the experiences of two children with Autism as they try to tackle everyday life At first the beach seems like a great idea but it soon turns into a scary and too busy place With a coping mechanism from his dad the little boy begins to enjoy it The second book is about fussy eating and how a mom manages to convince her son to give new foods a try These would be a great addition to school and home libraries

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