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A Lady's Guide to Celestial Mechanics Ah this cover does so much for the book but mostly as a disservice Yep it gets the point across that this is a historical read with an ff relationshipBut I think it also may scare people away that aren't looking for a completely fluffy harleuin or overly dramatic romance for their read Basically it sells the uality of the story short because this is in fact a very high uality story with superb writing Don't pass it upWhere does the title come from? The romance is between an astronomer's apprentice Lucy and the widow of a scientist Catherine Astronomy plays a big part in the taleand to tell you is a spoilerWhat I really liked about the read was that we get the budding romance and lead up to the relationship but most of the book takes place AFTER the couple gets together and we see how they navigate some of the pitfalls of the past It also reads as a feminist text where we see our young scientist try to make her way into the male dominated scientific community and how the female characters are automatically discounted despite their talents and intelligence in just about every realm of society How they react is compellingThe unfolding romance is believable and the narrative includes a few steamy scenes with many fade to black scenes interspersedIn general the writing of the characters was great dialogue was excellent and the overall story was interesting and fun to follow So many passages were beautifully written I highlighted numerous onesUnless I know it's a sure thing I'm hesitant to dip my toe into the historical genre when it's an ff romance because so much can go wrong Without spoiling things do know this is a happy positive story and we get a satisfying ending Where the story fell down some was towards the ending There's a conflict created that easily can be cleared up by a conversationbut at least the author didn't make us agonize for than a day or two in the couple's world And the ending wrapped up a little too simply and easily But overall this was a really good and satisfying read Highly recommend 44 stars PS Back to the cover It's also misleading in another way The leads have a ten year age gap and one of them the one on the right is actually curvy and a little plump while I took the younger to be plain in looks One of the leads is also bisexual Those types of thing makes books and characters interesting to me but I guess it's not as appealing on a cover I was sent this book as an advanced copy by the publisher via Edelweiss for reviewing purposes but all opinions are my own I don't often read historical fiction but I've been trying to make exceptions for ueer histfic especially when they're ff And there's a special set of emotions I go through while reading the most unpleasant of which is the fear that something bad will happen that will make me recoil and make me want to put down the book not because it's not good but because of the unnecessary bad stuff read homophobia transphobia racism violence against women etc that traditionally has been associated with historical fiction It's realistic you say to which I say ✨fuck off✨This premise just so I can talk about what it did to me to go into this book and soon realize I needed to stop bracing myself for the stuff I mentioned above because amazingly it kept not coming And there's a lesson for histfic authors you don't have to pretend that historical times weren't a cesspool of misogyny homophobia and racism but it's entirely possible to write a book for the people who have historically been hurt and marginalized that focuses on the good stuff instead of on the awful This book is proof of thatIt's not that this book shies away from a lot of stuff including misogyny and the fact that the two women won't ever be able to live their relationship publicly But it's written so delicately and carefully that as long as you know the content warnings you don't have to be scared that things are going to get bad In fact things get so so goodThis is a romance that's certainly good and wholesome and that made me so happy But the romance is almost secondary to the beautiful messages this book sends about art science and the presence and importance of women in both fields and how this presence has always been there whether we care to know it or notAnd you know this is a book about two cis white women But it manages to be intersectional and acknowledge issues that wouldn't necessary touch the lives of the two main characters in a way that makes anybody feel welcome while reading I can't stress enough how books like this are so importantThe relationship itself was very cute and while the MCs got together a little soon for my liking with necessary later drama I still liked everything about it Catherine the widow had never explored her attraction to women and although she's older than Lucy she is kind of the inexperienced of the two I really liked that and it was so great to see them explore consent in every scene together There's also a little bit of an age gap I think it's about 10 years Catherine is 35 and Lucy 25 which is not something I usually love in romance but the fact that they're both relatively older and both have experience in lovedating as well as their own interests and expertise made me enjoy it and not really care about the gap at all They both had things to teach each other and they helped one other out in so many ways not in a love fixes everything way but in a way where they both figured out who they want who they deserve to be and that was so beautiful to see I also loved the writing style so much I actually got mad that I was reading this with a read out loud app because I couldn't highlight the best uotes But that also means I definitely want to reread it sometime when time will allow me to because it was so atmospheric and at times poetic I just have to sit down and read it with my own two eyesSometimes the endings of romance books can seem a little weak but not this book's It was actually one of the most satisfying endings ever and I'm not only talking about the romance but the actual plot too Everything came together so nicely and I might or might not have started bawling my eyes out while I was finishing washing the dishes because it was just THAT goodSo if it's not obvious I think if you are uncertain whether to buy this book or not you should definitely go for it If you don't normally read historical romance let this one be your exception If you're a historical romance veteran go for it without a doubt If you're craving sapphic romance this is your fix You can thank me later and scream me about how good it isCW misogyny talks of homophobic mentality mention of past nonconsensual sexual acts mention of a dead parent“ff historical romance about a lady astronomer and an explorer’s widow” 👀👀👀👀👀👀Wake me up when this is on netgalley Y'ALL I GOT APPROVED BY EDELWEISS THIS NEVER HAPPENS I'M THE HAPPIEST PERSON IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE JANE AUSTEN WISHESthis was such a lovely historical romance truly the best i've ever read AND IT'S SAPPHIC? i know we're thriving in 2019such a perfect blend of plot astronomy fighting the patriarchy and romance what really stood out to me was how each woman was so thoughtfully written and given her own uniue set of characteristics interests ways of interacting romances are hit or miss with characters and olivia waite really went ALL THE FUCK OUT making these ladies uniue and interesting i also loved how supportive of each other they were in their career pursuits it was chefs kiss perfect 1010 recommend thisi will note though that this is not a campyfun historical but a slightly serious jane austen angsty kind so basically perfect This was such a thoughtful gift from Bethany “We thought we were separate satellites but we aren’t We’re stars and though we might burn separately we’ll always be in one another’s orbit” I really loved this a lot I especially loved all the different kinds of reclaiming in this story Maybe all it took for me to fall in love with a historical romance was sapphics in STEM and art Who would have guessed? This was so feminist so ueer so healing and so beautiful And I loved hearing these girls talk unapologetically about how so many other women's ideas have been taken all throughout history by men who then take the credit too Trigger and Content Warnings domestic abuse in the past sexism misogyny talk of colonization and talk of loss of a loved one in pastBlog | Instagram | Youtube | Ko fi | Spotify | Twitch Buddy read with Maëlys ❤❤ Reading Rush 2020 Maybe of a 35 I enjoyed this one but I wanted romance and less science If you're someone that really enjoys science and math and stuff and are looking for a ueer romance you will probably LOVE this 425 Stars This was lovely In a few weeks the second book in Waite’s Feminine Pursuits will be released While I wasn’t sure how connected the two books actually are I wanted to read this book one first since I’m very careful about reading books in order I’m glad I decided on this plan because this was a really enjoyable historic romance This is exactly the kind of historical fiction book that I love to read I prefer them to be feel good and less depressing but while still having a lot of depth and not just fluff That was the perfect way to describe this read and it was a real treat I loved the mix of science and art and how these women were pushing to be heard in a time when they were not taking seriously This was an uplifting read for sureI was happy with the romance Both characters are likeable and I enjoyed the slow burn build up I was also happy that the sex scenes were pretty steamy I thought that this might be Waite’s first WLW romance so I didn’t know what to expect I’m glad to say that they were well done and I think the character’s relationship grew stronger during those intimate scenes This book has been out for a while and there are plenty of reviews so I going to keep this short I do want to say that not only did I enjoy this but I flew through the pages too I was sucked into the world of old time England and I didn’t want the book to end I have been in a rut with reading so so books lately so this was a really nice change I’m keeping my fingers crossed that book 2 will be just as good The audiobook is finally out and narrated by Morag Sims Who is Morag Sims? Besides my favourite reader she read The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley a ‘the butler didn’t do it’ murder mystery and A Little Light Mischief by Cat Sebastian FF Historical RomanceJane Austen said If a Book Is Well Written I Always Find It Too ShortMost of us said I dread finishing a great bookPartner said after hijacking the book from me and finishing it in a couple of hours Absolutely great let's get a copy for MumI said Be still my beating heart the butler's name is Brinkworth how fetchingI think there’s truly something magical about a book if you are planning to reread it multiple times and confident that you will still be enad with the story characters and writing for as long as you live The Lady's Guide To Celestial Mechanics is a captivating historical about two individuals striving to belong and how they discover a love that is found in the most unexpected of placestime As a closetedonly to my sister Fbi3 HR readerfan I am proud to say that this book claims the top spot of all the HR that I have ever read since I was 13 My favorite parts about this book the rich and beautifully described historical setting and the leads They go beyond the feistiness and gorgeous looks It’s a gem to discoverread about 18th century tale featuring strong resilient ladies who can match their wit and passion with the gents and aren’t doormats These women truly challenge the social decorum and hierarchy of their time making them all the refreshing and fun to read about Beautiful poetic dialogues endearingfeisty characters and high uality writing this book completely charmed me and evoked a wide range of emotions There’s a mix of everything in here science art sexism embroidery botanical book publishing friendship women power and romance that makes this an entertaining and thrilling read This is one phenomenally well crafted love and self discovery story has its own special place in my heart Btw I have the tailor's number on my speed dial for all sorts of clothing emergency so for me who still take an hour or to insert the thread in the needle to go cuckoo over embroidery does that tell you something?Attention hoity toity historical romance prude neither Catherine nor Lucy are virgins touched for the very 1st time and their intimate scenes will make MsAusten blush for daysThis story is exactly what I needed to get away from some of the terrible contemporary romance I've been reading I really don't want this book to end even though the ending leaves me on the 7th cloud I sincerely hope that MsWaite writes a seuel or a companion novel to follow this one I’ll even settle for an extra chapter This book hands down definitely make my list of best books of 2019 and I am looking forward to the audio next year I really don't know if I should praise or curse TereMsWaite's magnificent storytelling ability to die for characters and addictivecaptivating writing style only encourage and inspires me to check out books in such genre We ended our day with English Tea he started on Lisa Kleypas and I began rereading Catherine and Lucy's tale Highly recommended please picture 7 stars instead of the boring 5 and thank you Paradise Lost for this 💕 45 stars The Lady's Guide to Celestial Mechanics is an FF historical romance set in England in 1816 and it's currently my favorite adult romance novel It wasn't perfect as I did struggle with the pacing as I usually do with this genre but to read a novel like this one about unashamedly happy ueer women during the Regency era was such a refreshing experienceThe main characters of this novel are Lucy Muchelney an astronomer who runs away to London to translate a French astronomical text and Catherine St Day the widowed Countess of Moth who accompanied her scientist husband on travels around the world and now lives in London free of that emotionally abusive marriageI had never read about a romance with a ten year age gap before Lucy is in her mid twenties and the Countess is 35 I think so I was a bit hesitant but I ended up liking these characters' dynamic they were good at communicating and solving conflict; the moments of miscommunication never lasted long I also thought that the sex scenes were well written that one bad simile notwithstandingOne of the first things that stood out to me about this novel was the writing it's so detailed and atmospheric that I wanted to make an aesthetic board for this book and I would have were I able to do that kind of thing From star charts to libraries from embroidery to seashell art there was so much beauty in this book and I knew me and it were going to get along from the moment I knew that one of the heroines was a scientist and that the other was an artist who liked to embroider plants and the Tapeinochilos ananassae is objectively a good subject Catherine is rightMore than anything The Lady's Guide to Celestial Mechanics is a story about art and science their similarities and differences and the ways women were excluded from them through time It's not a book that tries to tell you which of the two is important it's a book that talks about the importance and beauty of science while talking about how men in this era did many unethical things in the name of it it's a book that talks about the complexities of art while also pointing out that the forms of it that were associated with women like embroidery weren't seen as art at allI loved this messageFor what didn't work for me as much well the characters get together before the 40% mark which is really early for a romance novel or any novel one could say And while I did appreciate how the conflict in this book wasn't internal to the relationship the book did seem kind of aimless around the halfway point The ending however made up for itAnother thing that I could have done without was the part in which they called an Italian character Contezza Will Americans ever not disappoint me like that? It's Contessa and even google translate can tell you that Contezza means knowledge or awareness and even then it's a word I've never seen anyone use The love story is a delightful ff romance set in Regency England 1816 The romance is slow burning passionate caring and intense The women are both scarred by failed relationships and their awkwardnesses and insecurities inform their behaviour which is very real if a bit frustrating at times for the reader but even when they don’t believe in their own relationship or the other’s love they still have one another’s backs It’s a glorious depiction of solidarity and female strength and kindness that I really enjoyed If you’re reading for the romance this is a very engaging and likeable story The astronomy plot is about the male bias and oppression that stands in the way of Lucy’s astronomy career Lucy's brother tells her nobody is going to employ a woman as an astronomer When she goes to the science society meeting men laugh at the idea of a woman astronomer and debate “firstly whether women are capable of astronomy secondly whether they would offer any particular benefit to astronomy” The plot arc peaks with Lucy’s discovery that women have been erased from the history of astronomy depriving them of credit and her of the role models she neededThe thing is at this time Caroline Herschel sister of William the discoverer of Uranus was a famous and respected astronomer in regular correspondence with the major names across Europe She discovered eight comets of which the first made the newspapers as “the first lady’s comet” Her paper on it was the first ever paper by a woman to be read to the Royal Society 1787 and she became Britain’s first professional woman scientist when George III paid her a meagre salary She was active as an astronomer in 1816 and would go on to be awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society a few years later A real Lucy would unuestionably know her work as would all the men of the astronomy society Caroline Herschel was not erased from astronomy in her lifetime She is erased in this story in which no such figure exists Does this matter? God knows I am used to historical romance treating my country as a fictional construct There’s plenty of space in romance for inserting MCs into history as main actors or playing with “suppose X happened not Y” And this isn’t presented as accurate history the science society is entirely fictional I get all that I wouldn’t care if a book made its hero Prime Minister in part because that’s obvious fictionalising and I would go suealing mad for a book that put a heroine into Herschel’s place and gave the poor woman a HEA But this does bug me because the counterfactual telling will leave readers who don’t already know about Herschel which is probably most readers under the impression that this landmark figure in the history of women in science never existed And I could not uite get around erasing a woman scientist in order to make a point about the erasure of women scientists Eh I loved everything else about this book the writing the romance the diverse cast the discussion of where craft meets art and art meets science For me the rewriting of history went a step too far in this specific area; others may very reasonably feel that Historical Romance Britain is generally so entirely dissimilar to Actual Historical Britain that it's hardly fair to uibble at this instance Up to the reader I guess As Lucy Muchelney watches her ex lover’s sham of a wedding she wishes herself anywhere else It isn’t until she finds a letter from the Countess of Moth looking for someone to translate a groundbreaking French astronomy text that she knows where to go Showing up at the Countess’ London home she hoped to find a challenge not a woman who takes her breath awayCatherine St Day looks forward to a uiet widowhood once her late husband’s scientific legacy is fulfilled She expected to hand off the translation and wash her hands of the project—instead she is intrigued by the young woman who turns up at her door begging to be allowed to do the work and she agrees to let Lucy stay But as Catherine finds herself longing for Lucy everything she believes about herself and her life is testedWhile Lucy spends her days interpreting the complicated French text she spends her nights falling in love with the alluring Catherine But sabotage and old wounds threaten to sever the threads that bind them Can Lucy and Catherine find the strength to stay together or are they doomed to be star crossed lovers

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