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The Rage of Dragons The Omehi people have been fighting an unwinnable fight for almost two hundred years Their society has been built around war and only war The lucky ones are born gifted One in every two thousand women has the power to call down dragons One in every hundred men is able to magically transform himself into a bigger stronger faster killing machineEveryone else is fodder destined to fight and die in the endless war Young gift less Tau knows all this but he has a plan of escape He's going to get himself injured get out early and settle down to marriage children and land Only he doesn't get the chance Those closest to him are brutally murdered and his grief swiftly turns to anger Fixated on revenge Tau dedicates himself to an unthinkable path He'll become the greatest swordsman to ever live a man willing to die a hundred thousand times for the chance to kill the three who betrayed him This Review ✍️ Blog 📖 Twitter 🐦 Instagram 📷David's pick for my 10 readers 10 recommendations challengeActual Rating 425 stars “And like that there was no going back A Dragon had been called and someone would have to die” The Rage of Dragons was one of the most hyped fantasy releases of 2019 and I believe there are great reasons for that The story was originally self published before Orbit decided to traditionally publish it with a new cover and some edits I mean it is a story about revenge it has dragons a great cover I am even a fan of the self published cover and the author seems like a very cool person and it has African inspired settings so I had to buy a hardcover copy of this and read itLast year I read Priory of the Orange Tree and I was unfortunately very disappointed with it I thought that maybe this book will give me the dragons we deserve I ended up enjoying the story very much but for different reasons Although the title contains the word “Dragon” they don’t have a big role in the story so far this being a keyword but I believe they will and I believe the story itself was excellent without the Dragons partThe story is a revenge story it is also a military fantasy story so the story may not fit the taste of every reader The story is a bit dense starts with many terms and information The Glossary at the end of the book is very important in my opinion It made getting into the story a bit of a challenge but the prologue was certainly intriguing enough to capture my attention from the start so I knew I was going to finish the book “I’d rather live with a thing done poorly than do nothing and always wonder how things could have been” The writing is very good though there were many uotes worth highlighting The book did not feel like a debut at all and Winter definitely raised the bar for new fantasy authorsThe characters were great diverse and it is just refreshing to see POC characters written by an author of color in a fantasy setting with an African setting All of it is just a derail from the stereotypical themes we are used to The story has a wide cast of characters who were distinct and do grow through the story At the same time the story was very action packed with a nice not complex magic system that kept me on toes while reading the book I am used to slower books as I am reading adult fantasy but this was a mix of non stop action while still sustaining the focus on characters a perfect mix in my opinion “The days without difficulty are the days you do not improve” Summary Winter wrote an epic debut which was unusual for its settings action packed chapters and characters I think the revenge story is not something new but the author still managed to put his own twist on it and make it uniue which explains the success it has been finding I am very satisfied by this debut and I can’t wait for the second bookYou can get books from Book Depository It may be cliche to say a book was impossible to put down but well dang it this book was impossible to put down I was intrigued by the lovely cover art which seemed to promise a Zulu inspired fantasy world with dragons That's exactly what I got but there is so much much to the story We meet our hero Tau Solarin as a young man just training for his warrior trials which in the society of the Omehi is a reuirement for all commoner men If he passes Tau can join the ranks of the Ihashe the elite division of the rank and file army If he fails he has two choices serve as cannon fodder in the Omehi's endless war against the indigenous Hedeni who populate the continent or become a Drudge a servant with no rights and no honor Tau's people the Omehi have been in a constant state of war with the Hedeni for almost two hundred years even since they landed on their peninsula escaping from the fall of their old empire at the hands of a wicked force called the Cull To gain a foothold the Omehi had to use their 'nuclear option' on the hedeni invoking the aid of dragons which has terrible conseuences both for the caller and the enemy The Omehi's dragons and their militant society are the only things that allow them to hold on to their peninsula in the face of the Hedeni fierce fighters who outnumber them a hundred to one That's just the set up Tau's life journey would be intriguing enough if it followed its predicted course But fate has many twists turns and tragedies in store for him We watch Tau evolve from a commoner boy who just wants to skip his military service and marry his hometown sweetheart to a fierce fighter driven by revenge and haunted literally by demons He must achieve his personal goal vengeance upon certain nobles who destroyed his happiness and his family while dealing with the challenges of his whole nation After centuries of warfare things are changing for the worse The Hedeni attacks are intensifying The Omehi are struggling losing warriors and Gifted their all female mages than they can replace And there is a horrible secret behind the Omehi's use of dragons Is it possible the mighty Omehi are losing their eternal war? And if so can one young man Tau make a difference? Does he even want to save the caste driven society that has kept him down so long?The novel is rich and complex I would recommend giving it fifty pages or so before passing judgment because there is a lot of new terminology to take in all the different names for the castes the peoples the vocabulary of magic not to mention the characters who often carry multiple names and titles But once you get the hang of the world building you will be hooked The chapters are short and breathless and will carry you through a rip roaring good story This is one of those books where you find yourself thinking Okay just one chapter Then you look up and realize you read half the book I'm delighted to see that there will be a seuel Pre ordering now I think it's great but then I wrote it and my mother always said I should be proud of myself and the things I accomplish I'm very proud of this Maybe too proud You be the judge Though you're most likely to have a good time if you enjoy Robert Jordan's expansive worlds Brandon Sanderson's detailed magic systems Joe Abercrombie's gritty combat and Pierce Brown's page burning pace of action My goal was to write something that I would as a reader love The joke is that since I'm the one who wrote the book I've lost the distance needed to know if I'd actually like it But I am proud of it I think it's good More important what do you think?Evan Winter 455 stars The Rage of Dragons is a blazing African inspired epic fantasy debut that was so possessive of my attention it simply wouldn’t allow me to read anything else until I finished itThis book was originally self published and released in September 2017 Honestly speaking I have seen and known about this book since then but the book wasn’t able to move up the monstrosity that is my TBR tower for some reason However its acuisition by Orbit which resulted in a brand new gorgeous cover art done by the ingenious Karla Ortiz is a total cover seller—look at the Zulu shield and the intricately apt mural in the cover—that practically screamed “Buy and read me now” to me and so that’s what I did “I'd rather live with a thing done poorly than do nothing and always wonder how things could have been” I believe that the ARC of the book is on its way to me at the moment Even with that information in mind knowing that the ebook was already available to purchase physical copies will be out in July I bought it to give my support to the author I was only going to read a few chapters but I ended up being completely hooked and read through it like Sonic the Hedgehog being lured by infinite golden coins; it was too addictive to stop Let me just say this again before I begin my review The euation is simple; a fantasy debut published by Orbit these days is for me eual to “I want it” I haven’t been disappointed at all by the adult fantasy debuts released by Orbit— Kings of the Wyld Age of Assassins Jade City Senlin Ascends and The Gutter Prayer—over the past few years and The Rage of Dragons once again continues that trend “That’s the price Life is nothing than moments in time To achieve greatness you have to give up those moments You have to give your life to your goal” The Rage of Dragons is an African Xhosa inspired epic fantasy debut by Evan Winter and it is the first installment in The Burning uartet The people of Omehi have been caught in an unwinnable war for almost two hundred years and the story revolves around our main character the young and gift less Tau Tau is determined to just settle down get married and live in peace However an unfortunate event causes his entire motivation to shift towards the path of vengeance I really suggest going into this book without knowing about the story but if you want to know the blurb on Goodreads and is there for you to check outAt its core the main theme of the novel is revenge The best comparison I can think of for this book is Pierce Brown’s sci fi debut Red Rising Don’t get me wrong the prose is totally different in style and there aren’t any sci fi elements in this book; but the story progression the injustice in a social hierarchy the explosive pacing and the main character truly made me feel like I was reading Red Rising which I highly loved As with Darrow—the main character from Red Rising I wouldn’t say that I love Tau as the main character but both Tau and Darrow have this crucial entertaining element for me; they are utterly compelling main characters Tau is a person with indomitable determination; guided by palpable fury and rage on his road to revenge his resolve was simply unbending and even though I didn’t really like some of his actions and certain elements of his personality I found his motivations to be realistically believable and worth reading “I can't imagine a world where the man holding a sword does not have the last say over the man without one If you’re not prepared to fight you place yourself and everything you love beneath the blades of others praying they choose not to cut I have felt the mercy of armed men and they will never find me helpless again Told mostly from Tau’s third person perspective narrative the accessible prose that never gets in the way of the story enhanced the engrossing flow of the book Although the storyline was a bit predictable I found the execution and pacing to be absolutely brilliant There was always something going on; it was fast paced incredibly engaging and brimming with tension If I have to choose the most outstanding aspect of the book it would definitely be the battle scenes It’s been so long since I’ve read a debut with close uarter battle scenes of the high caliber featured within this novel; it felt like reading Abercrombie’s gritty action seuences Every battle was easy to follow gripping and vivid The heart pounding actions never stop escalating until the climax seuences Believe me there was a barrage of awesome duels and I simply can’t get enough of them Winter combines cinematic scenes and economical characterizations wonderfully There was never any moment where the characters were just fighting emotionlessly like robots The brief respites between one danger and the next were very efficiently utilized for characterizations and emphasizing characters’ motivations clearly “It was the purity of it the honesty When Tau sparred it was just him and his opponent All that mattered was experience skill determination and will The rest of the world slipped away leaving only the next move the next counter the next attack the next victory The magic system and the demonic aspect of the book were both clever and felt refreshing I also loved reading every section that involved Isihogo; I’ll leave that for you to find out for yourself Admittedly I had one minor issue with the book that prevented me from giving it a full 5 stars rating I felt the book would’ve benefited from noteworthy female characters especially after considering how the female characters in this series have the potential to be extremely powerful and flawed in personality There were only two noteworthy female characters throughout the whole book and one of them appeared only near the end That being said seeing the way the story concluded in the first book there’s a huge chance the issue I had with the book will be redeemed in the next installment and I highly look forward to it In the grander scheme of things my rating speaks for itself and this con only slightly diminish my overall enjoyment of the book “The days without difficulty are the days you do not improve” This was my first experience with reading African inspired epic fantasy and I want Evan Winter is another new fantasy voice to watch out for; his voice deserves to be heard and his book deserves to be read If you’re still on the fence about this let the flame of the dragons burn that dilemma to ash The Rage of Dragons is a breathtaking fantasy debut that triggered tons of adrenaline rush in me I immensely enjoyed reading it and upon completion I’m seriously in pain over the fact that the seuel isn’t out yet The second book is now on my priority list of anticipated books I highly recommend The Rage of Dragons to anyone who loves reading a fast paced revenge story with great characterizations for the main character More importantly if you love reading fantasy with well written battle scenes there's a huge chance that this book is for youOfficial release date for the physical copies July 18 2019 UK and July 16 2019 USYou can order the book from UK | US | Book Depository Free shipping You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

  • Hardcover
  • 544 pages
  • The Rage of Dragons
  • Evan Winter
  • English
  • 24 January 2016
  • 9780316489768

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