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9 thoughts on “The uick Roasting Tin

  1. gem gem says:

    It’s such a simple concept for a book but the recipes in this book provide the basis for so many great meals Each recipe if full of flavour and texture and certainly offers something different than just shoving a few veg on a tray Perfect for experimenting with new foods and for making enough to keep some for lunch the next dayI love this book

  2. Vida Vida says:

    Amazing Straightforward lots of repeat ingredients unlike other cookbooks where you have to buy ten different ingredients per meal and it just isn't feasible if you are cooking for yourself after work Ready in no time at all and absolutely delicious plus lots of ways to customise to your liking Plus the author seems genuinely lovely and friendly and funny and like she just wants to make cooking as easy as possible for us which I appreciate

  3. Hannah Hannah says:

    This one is a little step up from Iyer's first book in terms of ingredients but don't stress you won't need an Ottolenghi level spice rack It also felt focused without losing any of the ease that makes her cookbooks so fantastic Driven by occassion rather than ingredient I did miss those infographics but that's what her other books are for it is a worthy companion to both The Roasting Tin Simple One Dish Dinners and The Green Roasting Tin Vegan and Vegetarian One Dish Dinners my personal favourite and the one that has found a home on my bookshelf

  4. Rob Rob says:

    Love the original Roasting Tin this in contrast isn't uite as good The recipes are just as simple but in order to get them into the 30 minute timeframe some of the uality and taste has been sacrificed Please don't start with this and then dismiss the original out of hand This just isn't as perfect

  5. Andi Is Awesome Andi Is Awesome says:

    I was a wee bit disappointed at the lack of meat dishes in this given there’s a vegetarian version available There’s definitely a few recipes I’ll try though and it will encourage me to buytry some different ingredients

  6. Umi Umi says:

    people really love gluten and dairy huh?

  7. Binniedot Binniedot says:

    This is a great book but I wish the rise of veganism and vegetarianism didn’t mean that nuts have to feature uite so prominently instead of meat

  8. Nick Pengelley Nick Pengelley says:


  9. Laura Laura says:

    Love this book but not as much as the original Roasting Tin which is still my go to I'd rather spend slightly longer not much to be fair to get a better result for my taste

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