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Widow's Walk One of Boston’s elite has been murdered The accused is his new wife She’s blonde beautiful and young The jury’s going to hate her With next to no alibi and multi million reasons to kill her husband she needs the best defense money can buy His name is Spenser and he’d give anything to believe her

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  1. Bobby Underwood Bobby Underwood says:

    “You like these turnovers?” — Hawk“Yes” — Spenser“Place in Mattapan makes the crust with lard way it’s supposed to be made” — Hawk“That would make them illegal in Cambridge” — SpenserOn the heels of Parker’s fun homage to The Magnificent Seven with Potshot he returned to plotting and mystery with Widow’s Walk a pretty good story which has a lot of Rita Fiore — always a plus — and some sparkling exchanges between Hawk and Spenser such as the above There is also this one as Spenser walks into his office to discover Hawk has his feet propped up on Spenser’s desk while he reads Simon Schama’s History of Britain“You interested in British History?” — Spenser“Naw Read this dude’s book on Rembrandt I like him” — Hawk“Lot of big words” — Spenser“Thought you could help me” — Hawk“White man’s burden Gimme my chair” — SpenserWidow’s Walk begins when Rita hires Spenser to help her with the defense of Mary Torricelli Smith She’s accused of murdering her sugar daddy Nathan Smith a much older — thirty years older — and extremely wealthy man Every piece of evidence points to her guilt so completely that the DA has what appears to be an open and shut case But of course there is Rita the best and sexiest attorney in the business and Spenser To give you an idea of why she is such a breath of fresh air when she’s around in this series consider one of her first comments to Spenser “You still with that prissy Jewess?”Before Spenser speaks with Mary however he is warned about her when Lieutenant uirk suggests that Spenser not allow her to attempt brain surgery It’s a well earned swipe because once Spenser meets the blonde he realizes she might well be the dumbest woman on the planet She has a PR consultant constantly by her side named Larson Graff who seems to do very little but pick up a check Then there’s a low life named Jack DeRosa who swears Mary hired him to bump off the old guy And there’s a bankerstock broker named Brinkman involved in the case And an insurance guy named Bannister who claims Mary won’t allow him to give Spenser information which Spenser later learns may not be true And someone is following Spenser around as he uestions people And then it gets really tangledThis one is a rather complicated little mystery for a Spenser from this period When Spenser gets a girl at the bank named Amy Peterson fired because she spoke to him she ends up dead when he misjudges a situation Soon everyone Spenser talks with ends up in the morgue The people following him make a run at him and people end up dead But Spenser still doesn’t have a clue why Something called Soldier’s Field Development seems to be at the heart of the case but Spenser appears to have a lot of pieces which don’t form a cohesive picture of anything much less point to anyone other than Rita’s empty headed client as the killerOkay this is where there are some minor ticks to this one Early on Spenser learns than Mary’s sugar daddy was a confirmed bachelor who liked “mentoring” young boys He also learns that Jack DeRosa’s attorney is the very uptown and very pretty Ann Kiley daughter of Bob Kiley which makes no sense And Nathan’s bank partner Marvin Conroy fires Amy Peterson simply for speaking with Spenser All of those separately should set Spenser sniffing around them like a dog in the park but he seems to take forever to do so as he lets a lot of other things take precedence The case is fairly complex and Spenser does eventually look into each but it was kind of glaring that it didn’t happen soonerMeanwhile there is a side story about Susan being in a funk because some politically incorrect therapy she has had some success with didn’t work with one of her patients and he took his own life It’s a subject Parker has tackled briefly before within the series — the controversial therapy — but it seems an excuse this time out to give Susan some space in a story which didn’t need her It does however limit her involvement for the most part allowing this one to delve into the mystery and plot so than usual especially at this point in the seriesThis one has a couple of well written action seuences especially the one near the end as Spenser uses a ruse to confront a killer in the rain A much satisfying mystery than readers usually got at this point in the series Most fans were continuing to gobble them up because of the swift pacing and snappy dialog which Parker did as well — and perhaps better — than just about anyone before or since Probably a 375 for me so I’ll round up to four as enjoyable entertainment

  2. Bill Kerwin Bill Kerwin says:

    In this adventure Rita Fiore—the sexy former DA now high priced lawyer who has had her eye on Spenser for years—hires our hero to find out whether her client Mary Smith is guilty of murdering her rich husband Usually Rita could get some idea from her client through interviews but from Mary? Well Mary is just too dumb—or too good at playing dumb—to tellI kept hoping that Widow’s Walk was just playing dumb but in the end it turned out to be just as dumb as I feared At one point I thought I’d guessed who the mastermind behind all those murders would be out to be but in the end my guess turned out to be better than Parker’sThere’s not anything about the book that irritated me so much I hated it Not too much Pearl or Susan or faux racist banter or super cutesy literary allusions No the mix here was just about right And even though the plot was typical cliché Spenser Spenser pokes his nose around Spenser gets threatens by serious bad guys bodies pile up Spenser brings in Hawk and Vinnie bodies continue to pile—it kept on moving uickly to the endThe worst thing about the book was that unlike most Spenser’s there wasn’t even one scene good enough to remember

  3. Kemper Kemper says:

    Spenser gets hired by attorney and mini skirt aficionado Rita Fiore to help her defend her latest client Since the client is a young pretty woman with a much older and very rich husband who was murdered while she was alone in the house with him Spenser has his work cut out for him It doesn’t help his investigation that this woman is as dumb as a box of hairAs Spenser pokes around he finds shady connections to the wealthy victim and soon a whole lot of people he’s talked with turn up dead while he doesn’t seem to be getting any closer to figuring out what’s happeningThis is another pretty decent Spenser novel The whodunit piece is a cut above most of the later entries in the series There’s some good action plus some funny stuff with Hawk and Rita Fiore is always a welcome character in a Spenser novel We even have Spenser seeming engaged and angry after he makes a mistake that proves fatal to someone The Susan factor is only moderately bad this time because she’s got her own shit to deal with since one of her patients killed himself It’s completely understandable why someone would end their own life after having to talk to Susan and this poor bastard’s sacrifice keeps her from annoying the reader too muchNext up Spenser looks into a thirty year old bank robbery and gets paid in donuts in Back Story

  4. Blaire Blaire says:

    It goes without saying that Robert Parker writes the best dialogue ever but I'll say it again Robert Parker writes the best dialogue ever After you've read a bunch of his books you pretty much know what to expect but it doesn't matter; they're still fun to read This one has a fair amount of Hawk which is good It also has a well crafted plot as expected There are a couple of colorful supporting characters besides the usual cast that I enjoyed

  5. William William says:

    The word maroon appears only once in this novel45 starsThe best Spenser in a while Very complex plot interesting characters clever and funny dialogue especially the scene between uirk Hawk and SpenserWould have been 5 stars except that too many criminals are let off the hook partly or mostly This has been true in the last few books Not sure what's going on in Parker's mind to cause thisSusan's role in the story is balanced just about right Just enough input and ideas from her to boost the overall story a bit One or two very good conversations about Candy Sloan and how that has affected their lives I am not sure exactly who Candy Sloan was or might have been in real life between Parker and his wife Joan The inclusion of their real lives into the Spenser stories is a wonderful mystery in itselfBe sure to see the uotes below the review hereNotes 620% great fun dialogue throughout especially this between uirk Hawk and Spenser 190% usually Parker likes MAROON Hahahahaaaaha They were driving another black car an Explorer Everybody uses black cars for surveillance 130% awwwwww “I thought you were fearless” Susan said “I am but it’s embarrassing for a guy as fearless as I am to cry in the vet’s office”To understand Spenser and Susan you must understand Robert and Joanhttpwwwnytimescom20010823gar

  6. Steve Steve says:

    I'm getting up to some of the Spenser novels that I haven't read before and this was one of them Good story that kept the mystery going until the end Hawk and Vinny are in this one also which makes it even better

  7. Jen Jen says:

    Spenser is hired by Rita Fiore to find proof that Mary Smith did not kill her rich banker husband Nathan When Spenser begins investigating and people end up dead the plot thickens and the trail seems to be leading back to one of Boston's elite criminal lawyersThis is the first book I finished in 2008 I actually began it on audio book in 2007 but it's still my first read of '08 I laughed hysterically through the entire novel I did not realize this installment was so far into the series It is the first Spenser novel I have read so I'm going back to start at the beginning of the series I loved it There were a couple things that bothered me The first was the conversation throughout the novel The constant use of he said she said I said uirk said Hawk said Even if a character was asking a uestion it was he said I think listening to the book on audio brought that overuse acutely When physically reading you can simply read past those parts The other part that bothered me was Spenser significant other Susan who is a psychologist wanting to help a gay patient become straight I'm sure this is just a personal issue for me but the idea of a trained professional trying to help the boy change instead of be comfortable with who is is bothersome to me It's not like this book was published back in the 60s or 70s It was published in 2002 The knowledge we have in this day and age; I can't imagine a psychologist thinking that way but I could be entirely wrong That's just a very minimal part of the book so it didn't change my overall enjoyment

  8. Dale Dale says:

    Mr Spenser you are a little man in a big arena You simply don't matter Read by Joe Mantegna5 hours 41 minutesWith that comment fans of Spenser know that in Widow's Walk he's going to be digging in his heels and pull even harder at all of the loose ends until he finds something he can use That is both the beauty and the weakness of the Spenser novels they are formulaic Spenser has a routine and this one touches all pointsHelp from Hawk with a tail? Check Vinny Morris brought in to back up Hawk? Check Bounce his case off of Susan for a new perspective? Check Witty commentary? Check Both the cops and the bad guys irritated with Spenser? Check It's predictable but uite enjoyableThe case is interesting and goes all over the place The only real problem I had with this audiobook presentation is Joe Mantegna as the reader Mantegna does a solid job of reading his diction is impeccable he can deliver a smart alack comment pretty well but his range of different voices is limited and his Susan Silverman voice sounded like Carey Grant to me A four star book is reduced to a total of three stars by the narrationhttpdwdsreviewsblogspotcom2011

  9. James James says:

    I enjoyed the Spenser for Hire TV series and was excited to recently learn that it had been based on a book series This book was my first foray into the Robert B Parker version of the real Spenser It turns out that the TV series was pretty faithful to the spirit of the characters and Parker's writing is uite engaging I plan to read the rest of the books in the series as wellAs for the story I have to say that the client is a hoot I normally have a low tolerance for stupidity but Parker was able to keep you guessing as to whether she was genuinely stupid or just acting that way The interactions between the client and the other characters provided many moments of comic relief

  10. Coleen Coleen says:

    For those familiar with Author Parker and the Detective Spenser character this book is ideal for an short or lengthy airplane flight The reader jumps right in the dumb blond accused of murderthe fast pace of the action and the many interruptions by the flight attendants Pick up the interesting story right where you left off without blinking an eye Caution that if the flight is too long or there are multiple short flights the reader will finish this one uickly and need another I had been saving this book for just such an occasion and it worked well

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