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Flubby Is Not a Good Pet Meet Flubby the lovably lazy feline who prefers a purr fectly laid back lifestyleFlubby is a big sleepy cat who refuses to do the things that other pets do He won't sing catch or even jump But when a scary situation brings Flubby and his owner together they realize they really do need each other and that makes Flubby a good pet after all

10 thoughts on “Flubby Is Not a Good Pet

  1. Sarah Booth Sarah Booth says:

    CuteI would have added that Flubby purrs and gives love to make it 5 stars It's a cute premise that cats aren't the same as other animals in that they don't usually do tricks but they could have driven their message home about their being affectionate and comforting to pet when you're feeling insecure I think the story could have gone farther but it is sweet and it can work on this alone

  2. Lori Lori says:

    This children's book compares the cat to other pets who sing catch run and jump Since Flubby doesn't do those things the book concludes Flubby is not a good pet However there's a silver lining in a shared need between pet and human I think the book misleads about cats because cats can do all those things The singing may not be like that of a bird and they may only do the other things when not being asked to do them but cats are great pets I am happy to see the mutual need element The illustrations are okay This book is good for beginning readers

  3. Shaye Miller Shaye Miller says:

    Awwww Cat lovers everywhere will love Flubby even though he is NOT a good pet With repetitive text we learn that Flubby doesn't do any of the cool stuff other pets do like sing or play catch Still he needs his owner and she needs himFor children's literature middle grade literature and YA literature reviews feel free to visit my personal blog at The Miller Memo

  4. Rod Brown Rod Brown says:

    Perfectly fine for cat lovers I suppose but Flubby does not have enough personality to endear himself to this dog man

  5. Julia Julia says:

    This was a book that my sister chose from a group of books that were being given out to young readers As a result the audience is definitely geared towards younger readers or for those who are learning to read so isn't meant for a deep read Given the audience the book is composed of very easy to pronounce words and very simple sentences Although adults or older children may have to help the very young readers but once these words are owned then the story will be uite easy to learn What irritates me though about this book is its whole anti theme The book is given in the context where the cat's owner I can't tell whether this character is a boy or girl is talking about friends and their pets as well as the tricks these animals are known for species based But unfortunately this very lazy cat is a good for nothing who cannot do as the others in singing catching jumping and eventually running on command This partial message stinks for cats can actually do all these mentioned tricks but being cats they just don't do them on demand And of course the author at the same time doesn't decide to mention the fact of what cats can do for their humans so it is an unjust telling when taken as a whole The illustrations are rather on a neutral scale without the bright colors of most children's book while the cat seems to be based on a combination of the Pusheen character as well as Simon's Cat As a result the cat is adorably fat has the big expressive eyes like Simon's Cat and also acts like latter All in all it can be a cute children's book but this won't be one I would recommend even if they may be a cat fan

  6. Lynn Lynn says:

    Funny story for the very newest beginning reader Simple text and sentence structure repetition and lots of visual cues A Geisel Honor for 2019

  7. Jj Jj says:

    This is a low level reader for those who are just starting to read on their own not unlike the Hi Fly Guy series by Tedd Arnold The illustrations are cute and the text is simple enough but it is not particularly engaging It's certainly a serviceable book that will find some fans it would be hard to dislike Flubby unless one truly hates cats and definitely find some appeal among the young feline frenzy crowd but not one that I'd particularly recommend or even remember much after awhileThanks to Penguin Young Readers for the review copy

  8. Miss Ryoko Miss Ryoko says:

    I thought this would be a cute book but I actually took it very personally I know that wasn't the authors intent but it really did feel a bit anti cat even at the end when the kid realized they loved Flubby Lol call me a crazy cat lady who took a children's picture book too seriously at least I can admit to it Well the illustrations certainly are cute And Flubby is a great pet

  9. Brittany Brittany says:

    This book is all about how cats are not as good as dogs At the end it does say they are good companions but it is still kind of sad overall because it ends during a bad storm

  10. Aleah Johnson Aleah Johnson says:

    SummaryThis is a story about a cat named Flubby Flubby is a very sleepy and lazy cat with an ambitious owner His owner tries to get Flubby to do a lot of different things that other pets do but Flubby does not do any of them All he does is sleep In the end a scary storm approaches them and they realize that although it doesn't seem like it they both need one anotherEvaluationI loved Flubby Is Not a Good Pet because of the ending of the book and because it was about cats and I love cats The whole story goes on and on about how the owner thinks Flubby is awful and won't do anything that normal pets do but then in the end it comes to the sweet conclusion that although Flubby is not like other pets they still love and need one another I would recommend this book to students and teachers in the lower elementary grades It is a geisel award winner so it would be perfect for beginning readersTeaching ideaI would use this book in a kindergarten or first grade classroom The teacher could begin by taking the students through a picture walk of the book and practice making predictions about what they think is happening in the book Then the teacher could bring the students to the carpet and do a read aloud of the book to the class After finishing the read aloud the teacher could read through it one time making sure to emphasize the ending Lastly the teacher would have the students go back to their seats and draw a picture of a time when they felt scared and needed someone If the students are able to they can also write a short sentence to go with their drawings This would help students practice making connections to books

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