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Up Up Up Down See my full review here UP UP DOWN is an enchanting picture book that follows a young toddler’s day with his father Told through the opposites found during the day including wanting up after waking up to being put down and from making sandcastles in the sandbox to breaking them this is reminiscent of just about every parent’s experience with toddlerhood What I loved Toddlers will enjoy the colorful pictures depicting each word which also show the love between parent and child as well as the simplicity of the text with only a few words on each page The pages turn uickly but there is plenty of detail in the images to explore each page deeply Introducing these opposites is also delightful and adds a fun educational component to the bookThe absolute best part of the book in my opinion is that the family shown features a dynamic where the father is staying home with the toddler and the mother is at work she comes home at the end with briefcase and then reads to the toddler This not only celebrates fatherhood but it also depicts families with different dynamics like mine than what is often seen I loved having this as part of the storyFinal verdict This simple picture book is sure to delight both parents and children in a celebration of fatherhood parenthood and toddlerhood The lovely and colorful images along with the simple text of opposites make this a delightful read from start to finish I would highly recommend for young infants through toddlers who will certainly enjoy reading this fun book with their parents An exhausting day in the life of an energetic toddler A cute story for children and their father's A day of fun in the story allows young ones to learn opposites A cute story that would make a great Father's Day gift Nice repetition of words perfect for toddlerbaby storytime Follow an energetic toddler's day with Dad that's full of opposites up and down make and break yum and yuck and From his first demand to be picked up and then immediately put down opposites pop up all day long for this energetic boy Breakfast is no no no yes At the sandbox it's make make make break And jumping into the pool goes from can't can't can't to canKimberly Gee's expressive illustrations emphasize the loving connection between a boy and his father in this clever concept book about everyday highs and lows that is sure to entertain little and big members of the family A toddler’s day is filled with opposites in this adorable picture book Being lifted up out of their crib and set down on the ground the play Saying no to all kinds of breakfast and then yes to blueberries Clothes go on and then come right back off again They hurry up and then slow down There is making and breaking things Balloons are “yay” and then “uh oh” Sadness becomes better again tooFilled with all kinds of little kid action this book will resonate with toddlers and their parents alike The concept of opposites is nicely woven into the activities of a normal day out and about The text has a rhythm to it as the words repeat The illustrations show an African American father and child who spend their day together The end of the day shows an exhausted father and a mother home from workA concept book ideal for toddlers this one is a joy Appropriate for ages 1 3 This fun book shows the interactions of father and baby as they go throughout the day having to deal with opposites from up to down and hurry to slow down There's a lot of subtle humor in this book delighting the reader as he or she shares this enjoyable book with a baby or toddler Because of the humor there will be a sense of joy and easy laughter while reading this book and looking at the really cutecolorful illustrations The pictures also tell a great story of the caring and sharing between father and childI highly recommend this book as one that will be suitable for anyone who wants to share the pleasure of reading with a toddler or child in his or her life Reviewer 1 Spanning a busy day of dad son activities this blend of simple text and lively images provides young audiences with a funfunny story Gee makes effective use of familiar words and interactions to demonstrate opposites The characters African American will be universally familiar and invite connection and empathy The role of Dad as caregiver is portrayed naturally and with a delightful twist at the end Both my 4 year old and 2 year old enjoy this book but it's especially a hit with the younger audience The words are simple enough to be remembered or read by the 2 year old and the illustrations are a delight and nicely colorful I also appreciate that gender doesn't enter this story at all which shouldn't be unusual but seems to be It might be a story of a dad taking care of a child while the mom is at work or it could be a story of any caregiver taking care of a child Super cute and simple book of opposites Things I love most 1 The simplicity makes for a great concept book and a fun storytime read aloud 2 That the dad is taking care of the baby and the mom comes home from work3 Adorable pictures Definitely adding it to the storytime cue for babies andor toddlers

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